Prison Break

Season 4 Episode 24

The Old Ball and Chain / Free

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Unknown on FOX

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  • Love Prison Brake

    I am looking forward for seeing Prison Break again.

    Please go on and good luck.

  • high itch lol Ovid Murdoch o'clock

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  • prison break

    I love prison break so very much

    but I would like to see more episodes of prison break because I'm seeing the same episodes repeating over and over.
  • Kuwait

  • A lot of twists are stupid

    It is reasonable to have those twists for a series to survive, but not reasonable for a thoughtful people.

    So many stupid of them, often come from the carelessness of the characters and not supposedly happen, that make it frustrated to watch the series.

    Love very much the first season. Love very much the main characters too. I gave them 10/10.

    Overall, the series is quite good though. Nevertheless, for the stupid twists, I gave an overall score of 6/10 to the series.

  • loved the ending

    It was sad and exciting just like the whole series didn't know what to expect and when you think you got it you don't ! Loved every minute of it. Beginning til the end was a breath taker but why did Michael have to go that way it was the best way but it was sad. The video should have been longer when he is talking to them at the end when he dies but other than that it was amazing 10 stars