Prison Break

Season 4 Episode 8

The Price

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 20, 2008 on FOX

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  • Overall another great episode!!!!

    After so many setups, was time to move things forward. This is not the first time that Michael is forced to cooperate with someone that is an enemy and will not be the last. Gretchen wanting to Settle things with Sara was a nice move, Sara adds the necessary drama for this episode and her fast flashbacks explain the real reason for her trauma.

    Now the General is the last cardholder, so he was a direct target. This is where Roland came in, because as we know, when the writers want to dismiss an character they just kill him. This is why Roland betrayal was essential, not only to make Michael plan to obtain the last card invalid, but to kill him in the process. This was very well done, because things are more difficult with the General knowing that he has to protect his card and Wyatt was well connected to the situation because Mahone can get his revenge soon.

    I am satisfied how things ended, Roland deserved and the long waited moment between Mahone and Wyatt will happen, but things are worse, because it seems that Scylla will be moved. Hard to say what was filler in this episode and at least, unrealistic things were kept at minimum. The tension was good as usual and we have nice drama too and a small twist.

    Presentation Phase - » (7/10). The Old formula, cooperation with the enemy.

    Complication Phase - » (9/10). Catch the remaining card, but things go to other direction because Roland treason.

    Climax Phase - » (9/10),
    Ending - » (10/10),
    Details/Progress (To point A to B) -» (10/10),
    Time and Scene Management - » (9/10),
    Plot Details/Holes- » (10/10),
    Suspense/Tension - » (8/10),
    Drama - » (8/10),
    Surprises/Shocks/Twists - » (7/10). Overall another great episode!!!!
  • Truly, I find myself overwhelmed at the quality of material that the Prison Break crew have been putting out, week after week, since the sub-par season premiere.

    Truly, I find myself overwhelmed at the quality of material that the Prison Break crew have been putting out, week after week, since the sub-par season premiere. Midway through last year's lacklustre third season, I was ready to write the show off. It was good for two years, I thought, until the writers tripped over their own limited format and began scrambling for ideas in an effort to keep things interesting. And yeah, when we were treated to the somewhat transparent 'Scylla', I was sure we were about to be subjected to another year of the same. Not so. Oh, how I'm eating my words now. Prison Break has really turned around since its effective reboot at the start of September; once the pieces were shunted into place, albeit in a somewhat clunky fashion, the exploits of Michael Schofield and co. have once again become must see TV. And 'The Price' continues this new found tradition. Structurally, the episode is quite a straightforward one. The narrative is divided into two principle storylines – the retrieval of the General's card and Roland's betrayal – and is padded out with some additional sequences involving the fantastically deranged Gretchen. The interweaving of these strands is executed with finite precision, with each building toward an eminently satisfying crescendo at the ¾ hour mark, following which the aftermath is played out in all its delicious glory. Keeping the story simple, not jumping between snippets of narrative here and there, gives 'The Price' a cohesive feel and ensures that the weight of each plot's ultimate outcome is delivered with significant force. The failure of Lincoln's plan to acquire the General's card, for example, while telegraphed, is highly satisfying because it comes encased in the frankly superb execution of Roland's downfall, discovery and (part) redemption. This is by far the episode's highlight, in every possible dimension: the sequence in which he confronts Wyatt is expertly written, with each beat more callous and shocking than the last. It is also wonderfully executed; Bobby Roth's direction is calculated and methodical, drawing the tragic horror of the moment out for maximum effect. And let's not forget the actors involved. This is surely James Liao's finest hour; for a character that most Prison Break fans have either loathed or felt utterly indifferent about over the last seven weeks to receive the level of concern that is now being bandied about in fan forums is testament to the skill of the actor playing him. In the space of one or two small scenes, Roland becomes hugely empathetic, and not only because he is faced with death, but because he is truly redemptive. The closing sequence, in which Michael quietly clings to him until he passes away, successfully conveys this notion and is satisfyingly poignant… something that perhaps we wouldn't always be quick to associate with a show as fast-paced and unforgiving as this. It certainly left a sinking feeling in my gut and that's got to be a sign of greatness, no matter how you look at it. Elsewhere, Sarah's flashbacks are wonderfully depicted, and thrillingly sick, and her all-too-brief encounter with psychob***h is yet another home run: brilliantly warped, yet equally rather moving, stuff. It is certainly refreshing to see a show that so many had sent packing from their weekly schedules, shake itself down, pick up the pieces and resolve to return to what made it so God damn addictive in the first place. Here's hoping it continues.
  • Sucre gets shot

    In this episode of Prison break, the following happens. Gretchen and Michael met up at a church where they agree to become partners, in bring down the company. When Michael goes back to the hideout he tells Sara about Gretchen being alive, and her eyes freeze over with terror. The team are in search of the last and finale card. Gretchen calls and asks to meet Sara, to clear the air, but Sara says no. Glenn makes contact with Wyatt and offers him both Lincoln and Michael. As the team go after the last card, it goes wrong and Sucre ends up getting shot. After a hard day of flash backs, Sara goes to met Gretchen. When she goes in Gretchen hands her a whip, and tells her to put as many scars on her back as possible, in 5 minutes. We learn that a guard helped Sara escape, but not before Gretchen put a bullet in the guards head. Glenn meets with Wyatt and he tells them where the team are and then Wyatt shots him. Luckily the boys turn up, thanks to a tracking device which Michael planted. Wyatt is then knocked out by Lincoln. We then see a meeting between the card holders taking place, and the General tells them that he wants Syilla moved.
  • There`s always a price to pay.

    There`s always a price to pay. That`s what Roland learned as he tries to sell the crew out. I`m happy they got rid of him, with the last card in sight and his gadget lost, he was useless. His death serves for 2 purposes. 1; establishing Wyatt as a top villain (I mean even more) and 2; well the capture of the top villain which means the big Mahone revenge is coming.
    The crew tries to get the last card the Linc way but no doubt this last card will be much more difficult to get as it is the General`s card. Roland dies, plan fails, an amazing episode.
  • This season in my opinion is just as good as the first and it just keeps getting better and better.

    This season in my opinion is just as good as the first and it just keeps getting better and better. This episode is amazingly well done. We get to see a lot more happening within the character's stories such as Sarah finally asking Michael about his nose bleeds. This causes Michael to get more frustrated and he is more than sure he does not have a problem, or at least that's what he keeps saying. Roland, being the jerk he is, attempts to give the location of the brothers to Wyatt and is successful in doing so BUT!!!.....not going to spoil it for people who haven't seen it yet. But if you've been having sympathy for Mahone then you will get a GUARANTEED adrenaline rush in this episode. You'll see what I mean. This episode just keeps you on the edge of your seat and your be in suspense the whole time.
  • wow wow wow......exactly why i watch this series........

    it was certainly the best episode of the SEASON 4 so gotta love our ladies..i mean superb acting by SARA and GRETCHEN.....they stole the episode.....oh POOR SUCRE but thank GOD he is alive............BALLACK getting sad and sad.....and rightly soo......look for the spoilers of the next episode......any ways......10/10 to this episode..everybody here is concerned about Michael's health but i really think that nothing is gonna happen to he is the hero of this series and they have enough wrong by killing Sara in season 3.....MICHAEL can die as you know it is prison break but that i think will happen in the absolutely last episode of the series...
  • Good character and story development.

    WOW!!! What a great episode. S we saw a lot of character development here then didn't we. Starts with the ultimate plan to take down the general and his card. Bit of a brave plan that didn't get pulled off and ends with Sucre getting shot. Find out a bit more friction between the characters of Sarah and Gretchen (what she did to Sarah in prison IE. Horse whipped). Then we find that Roland is a traitor after all and try's to deliver the bros to Wyatt. Ends up with him dying and Wyatt standing over him, then finally we see justice, as in Mahone taking out his frustration with a tyre iron. Roland dies and we hear that the general wants to move Scylla, whatever it is?
  • things get critical, and the show is just getting better and better every week.

    this season is wow!! i mean the drama and the action happening is amazing and exciting .
    i just cant wait for every episode to see whats going to happened.
    this episode was touching, especially in two scenes, when Mahone hits Wyatt, and when Sarah scratch Gretchen.
    i liked the way Micheal dealt with Glen, and i really wanted him dead hehe, i really didn't like him.
    like i said i liked how Mahone had the time to hit Wyatt, i really want to see Mahone killing him.
    now things will get really tense, so now the general knows that they are after him, and i cant see who's the next guy that the general will use.
  • This was a pivotal episode of Prison Break, because it involved the death of a major character, and it also has Mahone taking one step closer to revenge.

    This was yet another superb episode of Prison Break, and exactly what I expect from this show. I liked the little moment where Michael and Sara talked about what was wrong with him. I also liked the moment where Mahone took out his son's picture, and said "Hey buddy." I just thought it was great for character development. Roland acted like an idiot in this episode by betraying the group, but it was still sad in the end when Wyatt shot and killed him. I loved that Mahone got to beat Wyatt up a little bit, but I was disappointed that Lincoln didn't let Mahone kill him. Overall though, I give this episode a 9.5 out of 10.
  • A great seaoson so far..

    It's getting more and more interesting every episode. The partnership between the team and Gretchen is worth watching.
    Wonder which side we'll get its goal full filled. Anyways.. It was kind of obvious that Rolland would get himself killed. He should've known it better. He trusted a hitman to pay up for the info he had.. well, of couse he wouldn't. Torture is what we see the most on this show.
    Too bad, he got what he deserved after all.

    Poor Sucre, he got shot.. but he'll survive. I thought they were gonna kill him there.. I was wrong, gadly.. :D
    How will they get the final card? Hmm, we'll have to keep watching!
  • This season keeps getting better

    Against all odds, "Prison Break" has found redemption in its fourth and potentially final season. After the disappointing third season failed to live up to the promise of a more harsh prison environment, there was little expectation that the writers could mine the concept for more gold. This season has been a pleasant surprise all around, and this episode continues the hot streak.

    I've never liked Roland. He served a narrative purpose by giving the Escape Squad a simple means of copying five out of the six parts of the Scylla database, but it never felt like betrayal was far from his mind. Sure enough, in this episode, he turns his back on the rest of the team and attempts to cash in with Wyatt the Company Assassin. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to understand what the Company is willing to do. Maybe he should have listened to Michael and the others a little more closely.

    His absence will not be missed, and his betrayal will be better remembered for giving Mahone a chance to beat Wyatt to a pulp. The writers do toss out a plot convenience in the end; Wyatt's survival only makes sense if the writers need him around for some plot twist down the road. Michael retains his compassion, but the others generally don't. I'm sure Agent Self would have happily massaged the situation to cover up Wyatt's demise at Mahone's hands.

    The most important element, however, is how the game has changed in the space of a single episode. Now the Company is aware that the Escape Squad is after Scylla. That means Michael can't simply think on offense and let defense attend to itself. The Company is going to fight harder and make getting that last piece of the puzzle nearly impossible. A great challenge to Michael and his genius, but more so to his limited ability to adapt.

    The fact that there are now casualties raises the stakes. Frankly, I think there should have been more leading up to this, and Bellick remains on my short list. (The character needs to do something to justify his existence.) Sucre doesn't die, but Roland does, and there's plenty of potential for consequences when working with T-Bag and Gretchen. This Asian connection is certainly going to be a problem.

    I also found the Sara/Gretchen confrontation to be a great moment for the season. Gretchen has been living in a world where it's always "just business", but Sara has only been on the receiving end. It should be interesting to see if Sara's surprising show of force continues, and what Michael thinks of the change.
  • An unexpected death, an unlikely alliance, Wyatt's capture, and a plan gone horribly wrong

    With the final piece of Scylla in the General's hands, the team seems close to finally accomplishing their mission. Lincoln comes up with a daring plan to crash into the General's car one his way home from work and take the card by force. The plan could have worked, except for one problem Roland; he decides to turn on the team and tells Wyatt about the brothers' plan, in exchange for money. Roland is killed at the end of the episode by Wyatt. Sucre ends up getting shot; Sara used her medical skills and stitches him up. Michael cleverly planted his GPS device inside Roland's laptop which allowed them to capture Wyatt. Gretchen and Sara meet up where Gretchen (Shirtless) gives her a chance at taking a few whip cracks at her; Sara's confronts Michael about his nose bleed. Seems like Scylla is more than what we've been led to believe so far.
  • Really exciting episode

    So, there is one last card out there and they have crazy plan how to do it and it first looks like it is going to work but then, from the most unexpected point, comes something I think we never thought - one of them is going to betray them and oh.. what happens next - it is just a magnificent. We have some blood, some fights, a lot of danger and Sucre gets shot. I think little off the story was Sara's flashbacks but they added some more meaning and made it more clear on her point of view why and what she is doing.

    And now they know - they are after the card.. it is really getting exciting.
  • I knew that this would happen!

    I knew that this would happen and I'm so glad it did. After been missing Prison Break for some time now, it's back with Michael and Gretchen as partners. Yes, I know, I knew this would eventually happen. They team up to bring down the general and the company, but that's easier said then done. Poor Sara I must say, Gretchen did some nasty things to her. But still she goes to meet her in an apartment.
    And that stupid little computer geek wants to sell our guys out, I hate him for that! Getting Fernando shot and all. At least he got what he deserved from Wyatt.
    I also hate T-Bag, have never liked him nor ever will, and his fake hand is just plain creepy.
    And Scylla isn't just the black book, what else is it? Who knows when Gretchen will tell us that.
  • After being absent for a week Prison Break returns with one of the best episodes of the series.

    After being absent for a week Prison Break returns with one of the best episodes of the series. I can't believe how many twist and turns they managed to put into this episode. Sucre gets shot, Wyatt is captured by the team, Roland betrays the team and is killed by Wyatt. If you had told me before hand, that all of these things will happen in this episode, I wouldn't have believed you.

    One thing I didn't like was the flash back scenes with Sarah and Gretchen. We already know the horrors that Sarah was put through by Gretchen. We don't need to be told over and over. We get it. I thought the scenes were unimportant, didn't fit with the rest of the episode and served no other purpose that to show specifically how Sarah escaped. Other than that this was a classic episode with all the twists and turns we've come to expect from this series. This episode just made this season 10 times more intense and interesting. There is so much to speculate about. I am so stoked for next week's episode.
  • Most definitly belongs to the show`s top 10

    Woooo. Prison Break does it again, absolutely awesome episodes.
    I was hating Sara some weeks ago cause I thought her return was unnecessarily (still does) But hell, You don't mess with Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies). Yeah, she's hot and sweet for the most part. But you kill someone in front of her, you torture her and keep her confined in a small room … you better look out. She'll almost give you a papercut on your throat then put a bloody thumb fingerprint on your wall. How ironic, I was hatin That's hardcore. Actually, I wasn't hoping that Sara would assassinate Gretchen (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe), but I was hoping for at least a little payback. A little something other than a papercut on the throat. I guess they are saving that for later and it is a long season. But I'm really hoping they move Gretchen to the PRISON BREAK spin-off that has been talked about over and over again. That would be great and she would be an awesome lead in the show as the mean, do whatever it takes, hates everyone **** we know her to be. Again, whoever did the casting of O'Keefe needs a gold star because her prior work would have never indicated she could act so damn ruthless. It was obvious that Roland was going to stab them in the back at some point. That became even more a reality when he found big black assassin dude's phone number in the trash. Course, I didn't think he'd pay the ultimate price for it but he did by getting two in the knees and one in the gut dying in the arms of Scofield (Wentworth Miller), who just can't seem to leave anyone to die on their own. This Scylla business is getting complicated. No doubt that with the big boss man knowing that the brothers and the Fox River gang are after the Scylla isn't going to do them any favors. That means it looks as if the MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE is still on. There was speculation that there wasn't any way they could have continued the show just based on six key cards – and the fact they had five of them copied already. The interesting thing here is that Gretchen alluded to the fact that Scylla is more than just a black book for The Company but something more. And with the money the Asian gangster is offering up – a cool $125 million – it has got to be damn juicy. But what exactly is it? That's something we will have to find out along the way. Meanwhile, big black assassin dude that killed Mahone's (William Fichtner) son is now in the grasp of the Fox River gang. If one things for sure in the show, the fact that they have caught him doesn't mean a damn thing. T-Bag and Gretchen are still around and kicking after being the enemies in two other seasons. This show makes a habit of making the bad guys stick around. Course, that's the fun.
  • Review

    The beginning of the episode kind of dragged on alittle bit as they set up the plan to try and capture the general. I liked the flashback at the very beginning of the epsiode to show how cold Lincoln used to be. The differences between who he was and who he is now are remarkable. Sara had a lot of flashbacks in this episode as well and her meeting with Gretchen was awesome, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. I didn't think she would kill Gretchen, but at the same time when she stook her in the neck with the knife I didn't know what was going to happen. I enjoyed seeing the breif flashbacks of how Sara finnaly escaped from her captivity in Panama. I liked the hints that were dropped that Scylla is something far bigger then just a simple black book. The General has now ordered everyone involved to "move" it, which is going to start all kids of theories on the web I'm sure. This episode is somewhere around a 9.3 or 9.4 for me, I didn't think it was the best of the season or a perfect episode. It was still a solid hour but it did have its slower moments. Rolands death was forseeable, you have to kill of him before any of the other big guys in the warehouse. Next episode should be amazing with Wyatt in captivity. We should get a healthy dose of Mahone next week.
  • I feel sad about Roland...

    It was a great episode as all the others in season 4 and maybe the best. At first Gretchen meets with Agent Self and Micheal and they team up together to bring down the company. I don't think they are really allies because Micheal wants to kill her for what she did to Sara. I loved that we learned that Scylla is not just the Company's little black book. It's time for us to learn actually what is Scylla. We see how Sara escaped from Gretchen as Michelle helps her. Sara will take revenge from Gretchen not only for what she did to her, but for also killing Michelle. And Mahone.. I love to see him punching that black guy for killing his son.. Looking forward to watch the next episode!
    I think it's in two weeks again and I dunno why... again!
  • Sometimes, a rat is not just a rat...

    Extreme episode. Basically, this episode very well defines the show. Loved it. Easily the best of the season. Now, the beginning- flashback of Linc. Interesting. You might think - what a cold blooded murderer. True. That's who he is-- or was? This is what is so wonderful about this show... there's no black and white.

    This is exactly why Mahone is the best character. But let's not jump that far ahead.

    Roland might have been an annoying rat, but what he did was a very rational decision from his part. He just wanted out... he just did. But he paid the price.

    Now I was worried the writers might play the wildcard and actually completetly ignore him, so even Michael turns his back on him, but I glad that wasn't the case.

    Michael holding Roland's hand just until he died was... emotional, to say at least. A very moving ending.

    Also loved the boys capturing Wyatt, and Mahone "finally" going to get his "shot" at the black Teddy Bear. Should be interesting.

    What I liked even more was the hint that Scylla is something much bigger. A weapon? Probably. This is kind of what I was hoping for... I wasn't really a fan of the whole card thingy, but now, this has just gotten 50 times more suspensful.

    Bring on next week.
  • The rat has been found!

    Great episode today. While they try to get the last card from the general, the rat inside the team tried to sell them out ruining the plan. Although the attitude costed him his life in the end of the episode, which was clever, since his role was finished. Doing so, the show is now in a different shift thanks to the lack of the technology and a major change: the capture of the "killer".
    I can't wait to see what's next in this exciting show. How are they going to get the last card? How is Gretchen and T-Bag work out in the middle of this?
    All questions to see answered in the next weeks!!!
  • Flashbacks anyone?

    This was quite the episode for flashbacks. The episode starts with a flashback from Lincoln's criminal days that leads to an idea to get The General's card. The team continues to work with Agent Self but what's this? Gretchen is now working with the good guys, although she clearly has her own agenda. Sara has flashbacks of being tortured by Gretchen and they have an encounter that was pretty intense. I thought for a moment that Sara was going to kill her. There is also a great scene where Agent Self threatens Gretchen and puts her in her place (and calls T-Bag a hick). With Roland's mistake in the last episode, the team continues to give him a hard time. So much so that he decides to betray them. This is a big mistake as Wyatt finds him and makes him another casualty. The highlight of this exciting episode would have to be Mahone finally getting his hands on Wyatt. The rage over his son's death was written on his face and had the guys not stopped him, he would have killed him. I can't wait to see what they do with Wyatt now that they have him. Stay tuned...
  • Micheal and company try to take down the last card holder, while there is a rat in their midst.......

    This was a great 42 minutes of television. The episode was just awesome. There is a ton of spoilers through out this just to warn any and all ahead of time. We start off with Micheal and company come up with this awesome plan based entirely off a flashback we see that involves Lincoln and they go to try and implement it. In the meantime Roland stays behind and he decides enough is enough and he sells the brothers out by calling Wyatt (still the dullest bad guy of all time even after he took at Roland). The brothers' plan goes to hell in a basket and poor Sucre gets shot! Luckily they patch him up and everything is fine till Micheal confronts Roland about it and Roland denies it and eventually escapes only to be shot and killed by Wyatt. AND FINALLY! at the end of the episode Mahone gets a little measure of revenge and they capture Wyatt.

    While all of this is going on we have Gretchen and T-Bag scheming on how to get one over the brothers after they have what they what, Scylla. This episode just sets up everything for the rest of the season, which is turning out to be awesome.
  • Holy crap! Now THIS is why I watch this show!

    Holy crap! That was my response after I finished watching this episode. Just holy freaking crap! It was amazingly well written, and acted. There was so much crammed into this episode it was mind boggling, and by the time the 42 minutes were up, I was desperate for more.

    *Spoilers below*

    Roland paid the ultimate price for his stupidity in Las Vegas, and for his betrayal of the brothers. But what touched me the most was Michael's reaction. The line from T-Bag kept going around in my head 'just how far gone is Michael Schofield?' To me, his attitude towards Roland at the end is a perfect example of what makes Michael special. Like we learned in season one, he is attuned to the suffering around him, and he can't just shut it out. Michael once said, when Sara confronted him with the fact that he had done some wonderful charity works etc, that the person he had been no longer existed. For a while there it seemed as if Michael had learned how to block it out. But he proved it with Mahone (breaking him out of the courthouse) and he definitely proved it with roland...Michael Schofield still exists. The kind, caring, unable-to-turn-away-from-human-suffering Michael Scofield still exists. Roland had betrayed them, literally intended to send them to their deaths, but Michael held his hand while he died, and even shed a tear or two. Yes folks, Michael Schofield still exists.

    Another particularly stunning part of the episode was Sara. Could she have rocked it more?! Her decision to face Gretchen was huge, and then her parting shot.....'We're a long way from even. And when this is over, you'll pay for Michelle'.....priceless! I have to say my respect for Sara shot up even higher than it has been. You go girl! Plus, it's always good to see a little more 'doctor Sara.'

    Self's speech to Gretchen - I have a feeling he'll pay for that in some way. She was one pissed off woman, but Self finally showed that he had spine.

    And another huge part of the episode...the team now has Wyatt! What they intend to do with him remains a mystery, but it will be so fun to watch.

    My beloved Sucre is alright. He will heal, he will live to see another day. All I can say is, thank goodness!

    This episode is the best of season four so far, in my opinion. We saw more of the company, we saw the general realise that the brother's are after his card, and now he's ordering Scylla moved to another location. That seems to put a damper on the current plan, but I'm sure we'll see another brilliant plan grow.

    Kudos to the writer's for this episode, they deserve it!

    Can't wait for the next one.
  • Michael teams up with Gretchen and Lincoin and the gang go after the final card.Meanwhile Roland tries to give the brothers up to Wyatt and pays a fatal price.

    This had everything in 42 minutes. I really don't know a better show that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Anyway in this episode the brothers are trying to get the other card from the general. Where the stage a hit and run on his limo. The plan is well thought out but fails because of Roland who ends up turning on the brothers. Roland calls Wyatt with the number he got out of the trash.Remember when Alex called Wyatt well it took a couple of episodes to come in play but this set up an exciting but fatal finish which I will tell about in a second. This episode had some other great scenes: Sara finally met up with Gretchen and told her after holding a knife to her throat that they will settle up after they get Sycila, also Self threating Sara and T-Bag if they set foot in the US after they get Sycila.Finally in the end Roland meets up with Wyatt but Michael and the guys track him through his computer. Wyatt shoots Roland in the kneecaps and the chest but they guys get Wyatt in the end and take him prisoner. After all Roland has done to the brothers, Michael stays with him and hold his hand while he dies in the alley.Great Episode!