Prison Break

Season 4 Episode 16

The Sunshine State

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 22, 2008 on FOX

Episode Recap

Woo! Linc's suited up, open collar, but still. Nice. Let the Chest come out to play. He calls Doc to fill her in. He's tracked the buyer to Miami and says Sucre's split and he's left messages for Runaway Ruthless Mahone. Doc says the Co. has put her up in a hotel, but They've taken Michael to Who-Knows-Where. She questions if They will let them live once They have Scylla. He tells her to hang in there; he's trying and asks her to call if she hears from Michael. After the call ends, JLOK informs Linc that they got a hit on BSG's phone. He called a club downtown. Linc stares daggers at Self who whines that this won't work with them all trying to work together. JLOK tells them to focus.

Michael awakens to find himself in a lovely abode in the woods. Quite picturesque, aside from the fact that he's locked in and the place is patrolled by armed Co. men. He searches the building and locates some possible MacGyver ingredients beneath the bathroom sink. A bald Co. man enters and warns Michael from taking a hike through the forest, there're mountain lions about. An older man, a psychiatrist, also enters and dismisses Bald Man. He says SOG was worried about Michael's state of mind and wanted Dr. Psych to aid in his recovery. Michael's not interested in playing and flatly states he knows MamaSco worked for the Co. He's dealt with it, by not discussing it, period. Dr. Psych amends that to present tense. MamaSco works for Them. She's alive! Ah, meh. Saw it coming.

New new credits.

We head south again. Lose the suit jacket, Linc. I'll help you out of it. And your pants, too. Did I say that out loud? Linc hulks into the club (I don't know what the suit's supposed to say, but I'm guessing Linc was aiming higher than "mid-level thug"-though it's not the suit itself, it's how Linc carries himself). Three employees are present and Linc rattles off BSG's description. The two guys in a completely nonsuspicious way tell Linc they don't know BSG. Linc's response: Whap! After taking care of the dudes, Linc questions the blond chick. Blondie says BSG dates another chick from the club.

Abode in the woods. Dr. Psych informs Michael that MamaSco left to protect the boys. Michael wonders where the hell she was when her oldest was being strapped to an electric chair. Well, she was in Madagascar, with no satellite access so she didn't know. Convenient. Not the whole being unable to communicate with the outside world thing, 'cuz that would be pretty damn inconvenient, but it's convenient for Dr. Psych's story. Michael demands to speak with his mother since she's alive, but Dr. Psych says he's not ready. Ready for what? To join the Co. To quote one of the catch phrases from one of the awesomest shows currently on prime time (that'd be Pushing Daisies), "Aw, hell no!"

Miami. Blondie points out a chick and id's her as BSG's girlfriend. Linc approaches said chick. Cue the arrival of armed men and shooting! Cue the escape of Blondie with BSG. Oh, Linc survives, but has a total D'oh! moment.

Hey, Tom Cruise plays a pirate!

Blondie's wigging as she describes Linc for BSG. She's upset even further upon discovering her wallet is missing.

Linc tasks Self and T-Bag with searching Blondie's apartment.

Doc arrives at SOG's office and offers her services. Not those services! Get your minds outta the gutter! Sheesh. She wants to offer her professional medical services in Michael's recovery. SOG's all, "Thanks, but no thanks." He wants Michael to realize his maximum potential and it's best if he's away from Doc for the time being. SOG dismisses Doc.

Dr. Psych discusses Michael's thesis and then compares it to MamaSco's own thesis. What great minds the two of them have! Michael is so not listening, he might as well be stuffing his fingers in his ears and singing, "Lalalala, I'm not listening!" That'd be pretty damn amusing. Dr. Psych continues, saying the Scylla project needs two people to run it and wouldn't it be awesome if Michael teamed up with his abandoning mama? Michael calls bullshit on this whole thing so Dr. Psych pulls out an old Scofield/Burrows family album.

Doc's pacing her suite when she receives a text to meet.

As Self and T-Bag search Blondie's apartment, Self bitches that this is a waste of time. He thinks the team would be better served if he was in charge. T-Bag agrees, though he's only half listening.

Back at the Miami suite of one good guy and three baddies, JLOK's telling Linc she thinks this was an inside job. She says BSG was able to read Scylla at their meeting and that would've required Co. hardware. Then she totally changes the subject and pretty much asks Linc to nail her, 'cuz she's horny. I love Linc's reaction. He basically tells her to go to hell, but you can tell that on a purely physical level he'd like to, 'cuz Jodi Lyn O'Keefe's hot. And when was the last time he got any? Three years in prison. Maybe Sofia, but she'd been shot, though in the Prison Break universe a gunshot wound is more like a scratch. It should also be noted that O'Keefe plays this scene completely differently from when she came onto Self. Linc is saved by the arrival of Self and T-Bag. Self informs Linc that they took a vote and he's in charge now. All their asses are on the line and Self doesn't think Linc's got what it takes to lead this caper. They ask for JLOK's input and she dismissively says to let Self play chief. She so doesn't give a shit, she's gonna do what she wants to do no matter who's in charge. The door opens and the boys all draw their weapons. Enter Mahone. Yay. "Uh-oh, looks like there's been a recount," JLOK smirks. Heh. "Bad time?" queries Mahone. God, I love William Fichtner.

Michael's dealing. Dr. Psych tells him that MamaSco watched Michael bring flowers to her grave every year on the anniversary of her funeral. Wow, she sounds like a swell gal.

Miami. The New Unusual Suspects deduce that the buyer's trying to get Scylla out by boat. Linc thanks Mahone for coming.

Doc's waiting for the mystery texter.

The New Unusual Suspects arrive at the marina. Self and Mahone flash (dirty!) Blondie's pic to the clerk. He says he hasn't seen her. So Self flashes (dirty!) his badge and introduces himself and his partner, "Bruce Liberace." Mahone does a tiny double-take and deadpans, "No relation." Hah! Self blah blah's about a smuggling operation and shutting the place down. The clerk admits he recognizes Blondie and says she was in with a guy. Said guy has arranged to leave for the Bahamas. Oh, and the ship is about to depart. Outside NUS announces that they are Homeland and need to search the luggage before the travelers can board. One guy with a backpack takes off and they give chase. They tackle him and Mahone demands Scylla. Turns out he's just some dweeb with three joints.

Michael is still dealing. Dr. Psych reports to SOG and says Michael has all the characteristics of a cabandoned child. If he can get Michael to choose the Co. on his own, They will have him for life.

Doc is still waiting. A payphone rings and she rushes to answer it. She doesn't even get to say hi because she's grabbed by masked men and tossed into a van. They speed off into commercials.

After commercials, Doc's in a vehicle with Lisa (!), who gives her Michael's location. She tells her time is running out for him.

Miami marina. Mahone and Self ask to see the surveillance tape, but the clerk gets snippy, saying he spoke with his attorney and blah blah. Self sets his gun on the counter. I do believe the clerk will cooperate.

Back at the suite of the New Unusual Suspects, T-Bag's brainstorming and, boy, does he suck at it. Murder, mayhem, he's got that down. JLOK gets a hit on BSG's image, but doesn't share her find. Mahone asks Linc how Michael's doing and the two look forward to finding Scylla and moving on with their lives. Yeah, good luck with that. Doc calls and tells Linc what Lisa said. She's afraid of what They might be doing to "recruit" Michael. Linc says that Michael's a big boy and he can't deal with this right now. Nice. T-Bag eavesdrops and reports back to SOG. He then blathers on about them having a deal, but SOG just hangs up on him. Heh.

Abode. SOG orders Dr. Psych to shoot up Michael since Doc's on her way. Dr. Psych's sure they can handle her, but SOG doesn't care. Dr. Psych warns that Michael could end up chemically lobotomized. SOG doesn't give a shit and orders him to do it. And if they can't revive him? "C'est la vie!" SOG snaps. Heh.

NUS is going over the surveillance tape. They want JLOK to send BSG's image to the Co., but they wonder where she's gotten to.

Well, she's meeting with BSG. She tells him she'll get rid of the team who's after him and throw the Co. off his trail, but her aid doesn't come cheap. She wants BSG to chat with his boss and get back to her with a number. BSG says he's cleared to negotiate on his boss's behalf. They settle on ten million and, considering he was supposed to pay a hundred and twenty five for Scylla and got it for nothing, ten's a deal.

Abode. Co. men grab Michael and hold him as Dr. Psych prepares to shoot him up. Cue the strange noises. Oh, look! Michael's MacGyvered the water heater. And Boom! Splash! The water takes care of two guys, Michael gets a gun and orders Bald Man to inject Dr. Psych then cuff himself to the bed. Michael skedaddles. Outside other Co. men arrive and upon hearing Bald Man's hollering, hurry into the house and uncuff him.

JLOK informs the boys that she's id'd the buyer, some guy who's worked for the Co. for ten years. She says the facial recognition from the tape will take all day to id BSG, whereas she's got the location of the buyer. They head out.

Michael's running! Co. men are chasing (on fancy red golf carts-tee hee)! Co. men are shooting! Enter Doc, who rams the fancy red golf cart with her jeep. She and Michael make haste.

And back to Miami. NUS is scoping out a building where the (non)buyer is. BSG and two guys arrive, guns drawn. He asks JLOK, who's also drawn her weapon, if this is the whole team. Self lets loose by calling her a whore and saying her mother was a whore and her father was a whore. I know Self's not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but you'd think he'd know not to piss of the woman who's holding a gun on him. That's like the first grade of survival training. JLOK turns and shoots BSG's two guys and says she wants her life back. Mahone and BSG fire nearly simultaneously. Mahone succeeds in killing BSG, who's wounded JLOK. Mahone tends to her as Linc levels his gun at her. Self tells him to shoot, but T-Bag pipes up that she's got a kid. "A kid who doesn't even know she's her mother," Self points out. T-Bag counters, "Her name's Emily. She's eight years old." Perhaps T-Bag is wishing his father was a ruthless mercenary instead of a disgusting pedophile. Mahone quietly tells Linc, "We're not them." Linc warns JLOK to keep her mouth shut and maybe Emily can visit her in prison. The boys hustle away as sirens can be heard in the distance.

Michael drops the mom bomb on Doc.

Miami, SOTNUS. BSG's phone rings and Linc answers it. Silence. He informs the caller that their boy is dead and swears that he's coming for them. Kathleen Quinlan hangs up and tells someone that it was her son, Lincoln. Dun!

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