Prison Break

Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 31, 2005 on FOX

Episode Recap

Michael's in the shower all drip, drip, drippy wet (mmm...) when Cherry Prison Bitch shows up and pulls him (and millions of viewers) out of his (their) reverie by asking Michael for help. They're interrupted by T-Bag who shoos CPB away. When Michael tells T-Bag that he should give the kid a break, T-Bag warns Michael to stay out of his "affairs." Being in the presence of a naked T-Bag is too much for Michael, so he leaves. CPB corners Michael and again asks for help, but Michael ignores him and walks away.

Linc's also asking for assistance, from the Pope. Linc wants out on a supervised leave to help find L.J. Shockingly, Pope refuses.

The NSB. The Great Escapees congregate for a little hole diggin'. Bellick's there and gets in Sucre's face for slacking off. Seems Bellick's not only a raging jackhole, but a racist as well. Or maybe he only applies racist stereotypes to those incarcerated. Anyhoo, he leaves so the guys resume whacking. Sucre points out the pieces of cement floor scattered about and says the guards could notice them. Michael says they have to get rid of them "one piece at a time."

So we head to the yard where the Great Escapees are busy doing just that. Dropping teeny tiny pieces of floor on the ground and grinding them into the dirt with their feet. In the background the arrival of new prisoners is announced over a loud speaker. Why don't they just get on the horn and yell, "Hey rapists-fresh meat!" T-Bag's rather excited (my point exactly). As he disembarks, a rather annoying Newbie talks tough to a fellow new arrival, who's looking like he's about to shit his pants.

As Michael heads inside, C-Note (where've you been? Oh yeah, hanging out with Adam Goldberg and Chris O'Donnell) wanders over and picks up a teeny (but not teeny tiny) piece of floor. Hmmm...

Sucre and Michael re-enter GenPop and see CPB climb over the second floor railing with a sheet tied around his neck. He jumps off and everyone just stands there, watching him die. I can understand the apathy of most of the prisoners, but you'd think someone would've tried to help. Anyway, Michael looks horrified and has to turn away.

Michael does what any God-fearing man who's riddled with guilt does--he goes to church. While there he laments his decision to ignore CPB's pleas for help. Linc tries to get Michael to focus on L.J., who is still among the living and in danger.

Veronica's focused on finding some coffee. Her search through the cabin's cupboards does not yield caffeinated beverages, but she does find some firearms. Nick tells her they belonged to his dad. Veronica is obviously skeptical and Nick is plenty ticked. He nearly got blown up trying to help her and her "ex-boyfriend scumbag criminal who just happens to be in prison for the one crime he didn't commit." Dude, don't hold it in, tell us how you really feel.

C-Note watches as Michael deposits some more floor bits in the yard (that sounds rather unsavory, doesn't it?). Newbie approaches C-Note and asks to hang out with him. Actually he uses some stereotypical slang that I don't quite get, but that's the gist. C-Note tells Newbie, "Roll, Snowflake." Newbie doesn't understand why he and C-Note can't just get along. He's just "lookin' for some homies." Oh, Lord. Punch him C-Note! He tries to follow after C-Note, but C's crew tell him to get.

T-Bag watches the exchange with interest. He thinks Newbie is "a bit confused about his pigmentation, but he sure does have spunk." Nice to see T-Bag's all torn up about CPB's suicide.

Abruzzi's busy with the hiding of floor bits when Bellick calls him over. Seems Abruzzi missed his monthly payment. This is news to Abruzzi who insists it must be an accounting error. Bellick warns him that if he doesn't get his money, Abruzzi can say goodbye to all his privileges, including the running of PI. Uh-oh!

Back to Nick and Veronica. She apologizes and says she has to get back. Nick agrees and figures they should chat up Steadman's widow to find out who his real enemies were.

The NSB. Linc's really serious about breaking the floor. Whack, whack, whack! Sucre hurries in and warns them about an approaching guard. The guys hastily cover the hole with a tarp and table. Horny Guard appears and orders the guys outside and tells them to wait for him. The guys pace as Horny Guard nails the secretary.

The guys spy Horny Guard and Becky leaving The NSB and Sucre ponders, "Do you think he found the hole?" Ha ha ha ha! I know it's juvenile, but tee hee hee. Sucre is completely oblivious to the double-entendre and Michael's facial response is freakin' hilarious. Cut to The NSB where Michael says they need to find something to cover the hole.

Abruzzi's getting some bad news from his accountant. Seems Philly liquidated all of Abruzzi's funds and now Abruzzi's broke. As he leaves visitation, he's brushed off by Abruzzi Thug. He spies Former Abruzzi Thug warmly greet Philly.

Doc's on the phone with Michael's insurance company. She discovers Michael previously met the psych deductible on his policy.

Abruzzi approaches Former Abruzzi Thug and wants to know what's up. FAT says he's "the man in here now" since Abruzzi failed to deliver Fib. Abruzzi shoves his former henchman, but FAT's got thugs of his own now.

And we're back with Newbie, who I'd find much more sympathetic if he wasn't so damn annoying. He smart mouths another inmate, who's white. This time I have no idea what the hell he said, but Other Inmate didn't like it because he tells Newbie he's "a disgrace to your skin." He knocks Newbie down and T-Bag rushes forward to help the kid up. Michael watches this from the second floor.

Linc really really wants to call L.J., so he wheedles a guard with the old standby, "what if it were your son?"

And we catch up with a still barefoot L.J. as he sends his photo of Kellerman to his e-mail address. He gets a call from his dad who tells him to call Veronica. L.J. says her number's been disconnected, so Linc gives him Nick's name. The call is cut short as Demonic Kellerman and Condemned Hale show up. L.J. freaks and Runs! as Kellerman gives chase on foot and Hale drives. After commercials, L.J. gives his poor feet a rest by playing Hide and Seek. He's hiding under a car when his phone vibrates, quite loudly. Kellerman cocks his gun and taunts L.J. about his mother's death. L.J. doesn't take the bait and he rolls away from his pursuers.

Nick and Veronica have traded in the cabin for an upscale, outdoor restaurant. Nick pockets a cell phone--they'll toss you out for that! They approach the Widow Steadman and say they're from the National Victims Rights Association and blah blah. WS is actually quite forthcoming as she informs the duo that her husband was about to be indicted for fraud and several people (shareholders in his Co.) would've lost millions. The plot, she doth thicken.

Aww, poor Newbie. He's shoved first by a couple of black inmates and then by a white inmate out in the yard. All he wanted was to make a few friends. He's looking pretty dejected as he sits down on the bleachers. And here comes T-Bag, who comments on Newbie's racial woes. He figures he and Newbie have a lot in common. They're both, and I quote, "Couple of dogs with runny noses that nobody loves." But T-Bag's feelin' the love. When Newbie flips out over T-Bag's advances, T-Bag tries to assure him he's just a friend. "Yeah, a fruity friend!" (Hee!) Newbie calls T-Bag a "homo" and says if he comes near him again, he'll kill him. T-Bag doesn't take rejection well. He taunts Newbie all the way inside. Michael warns T-Bag away from the kid, but T-Bag blows him off.

And we head outside, where Doc's meeting with Michael's shrink. Surprisingly Doc (whose hair looks quite lovely here, I must say) doesn't lie about why she's there. She tells the truth, she believes she can "get through to him." So Shrink tells her Michael suffered from Low Latent Inhibition, a condition where the person's brain is so open to incoming stimuli it can't shut out information. The LLI combined with Michael's high IQ resulted in creative genius. Michael also suffered from feelings of low self-worth and was very attuned to the suffering of others. He was a "rescuer" who was often more concerned with other people's welfare than his own.

Nighttime at Fox River. Michael listens as T-Bag's busy taunting Newbie, who's sobbing in his cell. Scene!

Nick and Veronica return to the cabin. Nick checks his voice mail and says L.J. left him a message. So Veronica calls L.J. who sees Kellerman and Hale pull up. He whines that they keep finding him. How do they always know where he is? Kellerman and Hale are actually employing some sort of super-technology, they're tracing AND bugging L.J.'s phone. They listen in as Veronica tells the kid to buy a bus ticket (with what? His allowance?) to Lake Mercer. She repeats the destination in case L.J., the viewers, or Kellerman and Hale missed it the first time. She also tells him to leave his cell on so she can stay in touch with him. Kellerman tells Hale to leave L.J., he figures they'll catch all three at once.

And we're back at Fox River. Abruzzi's climbing in bed with FAT, but he ain't interested in gettin' some, no he puts a broken lightbulb into FAT's eyeball. Is this his idea of foreplay?

L.J. purchases a bus ticket and steals a pair of shoes from a fellow traveler.

It's the next day as a bus pulls into Lake Mercer (not the lake, but the town). Kellerman and Hale climb aboard and announce that they're Secret Service (not so secret, guys). They check the bus and find L.J.'s phone in the bathroom. The pic of Kellerman lights up as the man himself picks up the phone. Did L.J. do that on purpose? ("I not only know what you look like, I can prove you were there!"). Kellerman lets out an evil half-chuckle as if to say, "why that crafty little bastard!"

We get a shot of another bus, dropping off L.J. Nick and Veronica are waiting for him and we get a flashback of Veronica texting, "Dump the phone. They're tracking you. We're in New Glarus." Crafty.

Linc's gonna wear a hole in his cell floor if he doesn't knock off the pacing. Does he have to potty real bad? A guard brings him documents from his (non-dead) attorney. On one page Linc reads the last word in each line: "It's L.J. I'm with Veronica I'm okay I love you."

NSB. Michael picks up a metal (pipe-?) something and whacks T-Bag's leg. T-Bag calls for a guard, but Michael warns him that if he squeals there'll be no Great Escape. A guard shows up, but T-Bag covers for Michael. After said guard departs, Michael lays down the law: he calls the shots, T-Bag follows the rules and he leaves Newbie alone. It really kills T-Bag to agree to Michael's terms, but he does. Bellick appears and calls Abruzzi out. Abruzzi's reign is over.

Out in the yard, Sucre and Michael are watching T-Bag's limp-a-thon. Newbie verbally hassles T-Bag a little (God, he's not just annoying, he's a moron). T-Bag glances over at Michael and lets it go. Sucre takes great pleasure in the temporary neutering of T-Bag. Then he points out a PI crew heading to The NSB, led by FAT. Wow, loses an eye and is back on the job the very next day. The man's got one helluva work ethic. Abruzzi asks Bellick what's up and Bellick says Abruzzi no longer runs PI.

Dun dun dun!