Prison Break

Season 4 Episode 18


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 24, 2009 on FOX

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  • Another episode filled with distractions that only super fans can love.

    The previous episode was boring and I had no doubt that the writers didn´t have the ability to create something interesting or they were saving the best material for the final episodes. Anyway, we continue to focus on Michael mother, which is a bad thing, that is nothing interesting about her and we already could guess what her intentions was. This is way the episode isn´t so strong, this episode played the tension a little better from the previous episode, still, they used another person instead of tracking Michael mother and as you can guess, they created another filler, this was filled with dialogues and distractions.

    Presentation Phase - » (6/10),
    Complication Phase - » (7/10),
    Climax Phase - » (7/10),
    Ending - » (5/10),
    Details/Progress (To point A to B) -» (6/10),
    Time and Scene Management - » (6/10),
    Plot Details/Holes- » (7/10),
    Suspense/Tension - » (7/10),
    Drama - » (5/10),
    Surprises/Shocks/Twists - » (5/10).

    Another episode filled with distractions that only super fans can love.
  • Michael and Lincoln come to blows over Scylla as Christina sets the wheels in motion for her plan. Meanwhile, Sara recieves life-changing news. The General becomes increasingly paranoid.

    Michael and Lincoln come to blows over Scylla as Christina sets the wheels in motion for her plan. Meanwhile, Sara recieves life-changing news.The General becomes increasingly paranoid.

    The beginning part of the episode with Lincoln, Self, and Mahone breaking into the Embassy was vintage Prison Break - great action followed up by something illogical. I understand the plan the whole time was to just make sure that Kristina got out without making everything into a big production, but no one is going to man the door? Not one person is going to stay behind to make sure that they don't get out? Followed up by T-Bag getting the crap kicked out of him, but then being let go. Apparently that was good enough punishment. I liked the action portion of the epsiode, but from a logic standpoint prison break usually does it a little bit better. A little bit. Michael and Sara being the only two in that storyline is a little average. Sara is pregnant, which is cool, but I think that was needed to mainly spice up that storyline a little bit. Hopefully Michael finds out here sometime soon so he can make the decision on how often hes going to put Sara into danger. Overall, an improvement over the last episode but work to do with only 4 hours of show to go.
  • Sara is pregnant!!! and what's the thing with Micheal's mother!!!

    the most twisted thing in this episode that Sara turned to be pregnant. for sure from Micheal, which is a good thing, it will give a good ending in the final episode.
    Now it seems that Micheal''s mom is more evil than the general himself, which gives the show a good touch. I mean the mom don't care about her own 2 sons, and shes whiling to kill them both!!!!
    But i like the scene when they bombed the general car, that was twisted, which is expected that now it seems that Micheal's mom want to take over the company.
    but whats gonna happen between the two brothers?? are they gonna go back together and work with each over??
  • The show's got a long way to go yet before it wrestles itself from the jaws of mediocrity.

    Well, at least this is a bit of an improvement on last week's episode but problems remain. Firstly, the decision to split the central narrative into two threads that lead to the same goal fails to make the ultimate basis of the plot particularly interesting; by having both Linc and Michael in pursuit of their mother but along differing routes, it weakens the narrative's substance, making it seem thinner than it actually is, and furthermore, it makes the end resolution utterly, utterly transparent. Prison Break cannot keep its favourite twosome, the brothers Sco, apart for long before both the wants of fandom and the needs of the story demand that they unite. The mother can only be in one place at any given time so inevitably, Linc and Michael are going to bump into each other. What are they gonna do then, keep whining about the motives of the other so that she has time to scarper in the opposite direction? No, they're going to 'put aside their differences', hug and get on with bringing down the Company or whatever nonsense they're driven by these days (really, does anyone know any more?) In fact, they almost do that in this episode with that little scene by the pier but sadly, Michael won't have any of it. And what more can they do with this sort of narrative structure? It doesn't seem like Christina's plot strand is convoluted or involved enough to keep Michael and Lincoln apart for very long so, inevitably, they're going to cross paths again. So in episode 19, will we have a retread of the Mahone scene? And in episode 20? 21? 'til the end of the season? It's just frustrating because the viewer knows that it will be resolved and so the whole altercation comes across as depressingly pointless. Then there's the presence of T-Bag and Self which remains a complete mystery, other than the fact, I suppose, that the Company have threatened the lives of their loved ones but still, when the writers can think of nothing better to do but than to have T-Bag chain himself to a gate and whine about elephants, you know something's up. Oh and of course he wouldn't actually be incarcerated! That would be too much of an inconvenience to the plot. No, the police beat him up a bit and let him go! Well there's a prolific law enforcement agency for ya! Entirely implausible and frustratingly idiotic. Why not simply have Bagwell uncuff himself and leave before anything happens to him? Would that have been such a difficult thing to write? And while we're on the subject of lunatic plot developments: Sara's pregnancy. As is illustrated in another review on this site, the two have actually kissed on the show around two or three times and now she's having a sprog? When did this happen? When, in fact, did they have time to fornicate and where? Haven't they been a bit busy trying to save their own asses and working for the government? Oh wait, maybe they did it on the table in their base of operations when Brad and Sucre weren't looking. Euck. Well, at least it's not another lapse into drug addiction, which is exactly what I thought we're were going to be treated to when she walked into a bathroom, stared in the mirror and that bloody irritating female falsetto began wailing in the background. Thank Heavens for small miracles. So, erm, what wasn't so bad about 'Vs'? Elements of Christina's storyline actually show promise: the scene with the Indian ambassador was at least mildly interesting and the notion that she's in cahoots with the scientist giving the speech does at least make things a little more complex and a tad more intriguing. The show's got a long way to go yet before it wrestles itself from the jaws of mediocrity though.
  • Brother against brother against mother

    First, I must mention that I'm a little annoyed with the way that FOX is confusing the issue with the number of episodes still left for the season. I was under the impression that it would be the full 22 episodes. FOX keeps saying that there are two episodes left until the series finale. Needless to say, most of the usual sources of information are contradictory on what that means. I hope that FOX didn't cut the number of episodes, given how much still needs to be resolved. (And I don't count the direct-to-DVD "Prison Break: Final Break" towards that amount.)

    This episode continues with the growing tension between Michael and Lincoln over how to resolve the conflict with the Company. Michael is still dedicated to taking the Company down by taking control of Scylla, and Lincoln and his gang have decided that the only viable way to get Scylla is to "give the Company what they want". Considering that this is Michael's story, and has been from the beginning, there's little doubt who will end up on top.

    That doesn't mean that the road has to be easy, and it doesn't mean that Michael and Lincoln are at each other's throats. The two brothers are just using different methods to achieve the same goal, so it's not about both sides shooting it out. It keeps the tension semi-logical without taking away from the dramatic benefits of having the brothers at odds.

    I'm also still convinced that Christina is preparing a takeover of the Company, and that knowing this will give both Michael and Lincoln exactly what they need to take control themselves. I don't see any other solution at this point. I say that it will be both brothers, because T-Bag's betrayal looks to end Lincoln's tactic as the General's man and force him back on the run. Naturally, the survivors would (and should) end up back with Michael. This series needs to end with the surviving members of the Escape Squad working together.

    I don't expect everyone to survive, but I do think that the story will come to a good end. Sara's pregnancy points to the possibility that Michael and Sara will have the kind of happy future that they should have had after the second season. I would expect a final showdown between Michael and T-Bag and the death of Self, but I'm not sure about anyone else. I would love to see a happy ending for Mahone, but I have the feeling that his number may come up before the end.

    The story is no less complicated than the plot for the previous episode, but it seemed to flow a bit better and motivations were a little more straightforward. It's probably just the effect of getting back into the rhythm of the series again; the long hiatus hurt the previous episode a lot more. It also helps that the story is clearly coming to a grand finale, and thanks to the strengths of this surprising fourth season, it has the potential to meet expectations.
  • Scofield versus Scofield

    When the previous episode had a few cons this one succeeded in rubberizing most of them, if not all. First the Scofield brothers relationship has never been so tense. Moreover it's not pictured as only black and white like in so many other productions. The characters have grown on us so much in the past seasons that watching them collide against each other is nearly fascinating. Lincoln's flashbacks were particularly interesting and revealed how much he loves Michael. He really thinks working for the Company is the right think to do but now it's obvious he would never hurt Michael. He helped him to break out so now it's his turn to save him, again. They're nearly like twins, the sides of the same coin. We also learned more about Christina and her ambiguous intentions. But like if it wasn't enough character development already the writers even managed to dedicate a few emotional scenes with Sara. She brings so much to the show and I'm glad the production took the fans seriously. So I can't wait to learn more about their relationship. This time I was also gladly surprised by the editing because it didn't feel as boring as last time. Every scenes were interesting and I enjoyed every single seconds of it. Last but not least Lincoln's team was back and that story arc was just perfect entertainment. It was like playing one of the titles of the Hitman video game series : Guards to distract or kill, cameras to avoid or shoot, a door to unlock or explode… I let you guess if they chose the stealth or berserker way. Moreover they made good use of their skills and their profiles are quite original. I mean even if T-Tab is dangerous, how can you hate him ? Also thanks to him we learned something important to anticipate the upcoming episode…

    Only a few episodes remain but I have never been so excited about a show. In fact I think Prison Break will be remembered as one as the most rock solid action show ever aired. Of course it had a few missteps but overall I think you couldn't dream for better last episodes. The Scylla arc also manages to link the fiction to the reality so it's hard not to believe in the story and like its characters. I mean its events could be happenning right now… But in which city Michael would probably ask ?
  • The battle for Scylla continues

    Mama Burrows had a hit sent out on Lincoln and the gun man was about to take him until we discovered that it a set-up with Mahone and Self serving as spotters. They see the sniper Mahone chases him, the sniper doesn't get too far as he's hit by a car. The gang snatch the phone from him and speed off. They use the phone follow Mama Burrows to the Indian Embassy, where she hopes to make a deal. She makes the deal and it's successful. The gang need a way to get in and use T-Bag as a distraction so they can sneak in, while sneaking around in the embassy they get caught by Christina's goons, they threatened to shoot them if they move. Alex knows better after all their not gonna kill them so the guys try to casually waltz out after the goons. They're interrupted by a guard who hands them a note that Mama Burrows dropped, indicating one Vincent Sandinsky will be arriving at 4:30 p.m.

    Michael's and Sara have made their way to Miami and Michael wants to meet with Linc, Alex comes instead. Michael wants nothing to do with helping them recover Scylla and hand it back to the General. Michael pieces a code together that he got from the guy that tried to kill him back in Arizona to a parking garage which contains a car, which contains a briefcase, which contains a map, a phone. Michael and Sara follow the map to a small airport and figure out they're looking for Vincent Sandinsky but so are Christina's goons. Micheal gets the plane to land on the far side of the runway so Sara can get her hands on him. They get him and speed off where they are chased down by the goons, just as they prepare to kill Michael and Sara, Mahone shoots them with a sniper rifle they grab him and go. Lincoln questions Sandinsky and his story checks out, he defiantly has something to do with Scylla judging by smirk of a smile at the end. T-Bag tells the General that Christina holds the possession of Scylla oh Sara discovered that she' pregnant.
  • Slight improvement.

    So this week was an improvement from motherlode, not a huge one but still it was better.
    First of all Michael-Sara. Now last week their storyline was really weak. Here it is better but remains the weakest storyline of show right now. However Sara being pregnant was completely unnecessary at this stage of the show and brought the only boring moments of the episodes with Sara weeping and testing and all.
    Again, things were much better with Linc. Mahone, himself, Self and Bagwell broght the best moments of the episode. Anyway, I really want to see that frontal attack, as soon as possible. The show badly needs this cause it looked like another set-up episode. I guess business is about to pick up with the general coming to miami.
    Overall improvement but still one of the weaker episode of the season.
  • I think Micheal and Sarah have the worst TV relationship ever.

    lol I think Micheal and Sarah have the worst TV relationship in the history of tv. I've seen them kiss maybe twice and now she's pregnant, it was just thrown in there awkwardly and came out of left field. I really wish her character would've stayed dead to be honest, she brings nothing to the show anymore but "brb going to the bathroom to cry and breathe deep."

    T-Bag took this episode by far, he was hilarious, I laughed out loud at a few things he said.

    Lincoln and Micheal's quarrel doesn't make much sense to me, it seems so petty, Micheal could still take down the company and work with Link. Micheal broke his brother out of prison, they've been through so much together and now he's all pissy because Link wants to protect his family and get on with his life? Yea ok.

    I'm glad they're moving the story along and I enjoyed last week's episode but didn't really enjoy VS that much, it was a little boring.
  • Another fast paced episode of "Prison Break"

    The one place where Prison Break never goes wrong is with the pace of the story and this is what keeps us coming for more.

    The story is moving forward. We are still not sure of what Christina's motives are. But I know that I don't like her. I hope that there is no "happy family" ending here because Christina does not deserve that. Her actions and motives need to be explained and they just can't be explained.

    The General is now coming to Miami and he knows who has Scylla.

    One thing I don't understand is why Lincoln and Micheal don't see eye to eye. From my understanding they both pretty much hate Christina and want there lives back. Of course Micheal in addition to that wants to bring down the company and Lincoln at this stage does not care. They can still work together I think.

    Sarah has some good news and that did make me happy. Perhaps for Micheal and Sarah it could be a "happy family" ending.

    You just have to love Theodore. I loved the scene at the gate of the Consulate and his reaction when the "three Musketeers" came with only a post it was priceless.

    Overall, the episode has a lot of positives and I can't think of any negatives at present.

    Looking forward to the next episode.
  • Good episode but not very exciting

    Vs. is a good episode of prison break but since it came back from the 3 month hiatus it just seems almost flavorless. The storyline of link vs. michael is hard to enjoy just because it makes link, a person we have known as a good guy who cares a great deal about those that he loves, look like a bad guy. The good things about this episode is that t-bag is hysterical, Michael and Link finally meet up again and also michael has a few clever tricks up his sleeve. The cons of this show are that its slow, self is still alive and Sarah is pregnant in which really bothers me because its a soap opera like move. Vs. is a good episode of prison break but does not live up to the standards of classic prison break episodes.