Prison Break

Season 2 Episode 18


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 26, 2007 on FOX

Episode Recap

The Beatles are still listening to the recording and Doc sums up everyone's opinion with an, "Oh my God!" Posse Central. Ranger Rabid Mahone's giving a rundown on the Escapees. Lang brings up Sucre and says he was spotted in Mexico. Bellick shows up, which pleases Mahone about as well as you'd expect. They head to Mahone's office where Bellick bitches that he hasn't gotten the reward for Haywire yet and Mahone reminds Bellick that he's suppossed to be operating "under the radar." Bellick is his usual ass self and doesn't care. So Mahone awesomely lays down the law and says Bellick will get the reward money, but if he ever sets foot in Mahone's office again, he'll be pushing up daisies. Bellick backs down. Mahone brings up Mexico. Back to the Beatles. Linc thinks the government will try to discredit the recording if they go public with it. Michael says they need to give it to someone within the government whom they trust. Yeah, that's a giant list right there. Linc immediately suggests Jane (the blonde chick who's looking after L.J.). "This is our last shot," Michael says. Really? Haven't you guys had, like, a hundred last shots? Cut to Owen, purchasing a huge-ass rifle and scope. He pays the seller with a bullet to the chest. Bad Owen! Credits. Mahone and C-Note are checking the europeangoldfinch message board and Michael hasn't checked in, despite C-Note leaving him three messages. Mahone thinks C's yanking his chain (dirty!), but C assures him that Michael will eventually respond. Wisconsin. L.J. answers a call from his (hot, hot) old man and they catch up. L.J. reports that he's back in school (under a false name, of course) and he's happy. Linc takes this in and asks to speak with Jane. Alabama. T-Bag visits a shrink. More Beatles love. Linc gets off the phone and says Jane gave him the name of an old Silver Fox ally: Cooper Green, former Deputy Attorney General. So they call Green's office and say they're the sons of Aldo Burrows. The secretary transfers their call to some dude in a spendy suit. Green already knows about the recording, so Michael tells him to meet him in a park in an hour. He instructs Green to wear a blue suit with red tie. The brothers head out as Doc heads to... The cemetery, to visit her dad's grave. Bruce (remember him?) shows up and proclaims his innocence regarding the whole trying-to-kill-Doc-ordeal. Doc is one cold (but awesome) bitch to him. He says his line was tapped and he had nothing to do with GJH's murder. Doc begins to soften. Fox River (woo!). Bellick visits HIC and offers him a transfer to a cushy minimum security facility if HIC spills about Mexico. So we head to Mexico. Sucre and Maricruz make it to his aunt's farm. T-Bag's chatting with the shrink and brings up the fact that they resemble one another a bit. The shrink agrees and is "So...?" T-Bag answers by braining the poor guy with a statue. Green's at the park when a pay phone rings. It's Linc. He instructs Green to put his spendy suit jacket in the trash. Green complies. Then Linc tells him to go to the fountain on the other side of the park. Green hustles. As he runs, Linc spots a couple of dudes tailing him. Linc calls Michael and reports this. Green makes it to the fountain (barely) and answers another phone. This time Linc tells him to get in the fountain. Heh. Green, once again, complies. One of the tails exposits that this is to drown any mics they may have planted on Green. Once the sopping wet Green exits the fountain, a kid hands him a cell phone. Linc calls and tells him to go into the museum. The always smug SAM phones Mahone and informs him that the brothers are in Chicago. He brings up C-Note and says he's no longer needed. Mahone is to bring about "a death with no questions." So Mahone meets with C-Note and says they're closing in on Michael. He also says he'll keep his end of the deal (ie dropping charges against Kacie and getting Dede medical attention) as long as C-Note does something for him. He'll be sending C a package and he wants him to "use it." Museum. Linc directs Green to the basement as Bruce and a now thawed Doc arrive at Green's office and gasp! it's a totally different guy! Doc asks the real Green where the brothers are, but he is rightly confused. Doc frantically tries to reach Linc. She gets through and tells him that Little Brother is in big trouble. Linc Runs! while Michael chats with Not Green. Michael asks a series of questions, which Not Green answers. Then Not Green says they need to go back to his car. Michael refuses, but Not Green says he's asthmatic and his inhaler is in his jacket, which Linc made him throw away. Duh! If someone who normally carries their inhaler in their jacket was told to put down said jacket, they would most likely remove the inhaler and put it in their pants or something. Michael's a smart boy, I'm sure he'll figure it out. Anyhoo, he agrees to accompany Not Green to his car. Once outside Michael asks Not Green what kind of medicine he uses in his inhaler. Not Green is sick of all the questions, but relents and answers. It must've been the wrong answer, 'cuz Michael takes Not Green out (hot!). Alabama airport. T-Bag's booking a flight to Bangkok. The ticket agent informs him that there'll be connecting flights, including one in Chicago. T-Bag's fine with that as long as he can leave right away. He's unhappy to learn that his bag 'o cash is over the weight limit for a carry-on so he has to check it. Owen's in his car listening to Pres Patricia's appearance schedule on the radio. He then visits his sister. Seems it's been a while since they last saw one another. She'd hoped he would've shown up for their dad's funeral. She asks if he wants to know how their mother's doing and Owen responds, "Just because someone spits you out of their crotch doesn't make them your mother." Lovely. Clearly Owen has mommy issues. Why, oh why, is it always the mother's fault? Why can't someone grow up to be a murdering bastard just because? Anyhoodle, Owen tells OweSis that he's going to do a horrible thing and he wants her to remember the brother he was while they were growing up. Mahone's at the park and calls SAM to let him know that the brothers got away. Again. Mahone asks why they wanted to contact someone from the Attorney General's office and correctly guesses that Linc's innocent. SAM's all, "Yeah?" Back at the hotel, Michael and Linc regroup. Michael figures it was the secretary who's working for Them. A knock at the door is answered by Michael. It's Doc, along with the real Green. C-Note receives the package and reluctantly opens it to reveal a...noose. Dun! Sucre and Maricruz plan for the future. Bellick hops on a plane and gripes that they have no food. Guess who's having a fine time in first? Yep, T-Bag. This should be fun. Kacie visits C-Note and says Dede's responding to the treatment. What C says in this scene isn't really important, it's the fact that he's trying to say goodbye that's making me tear up. Man, Rockmond Dunbar acts the hell out of this. Sniff. At a rally for Pres Patricia, Owen takes out an agent on a rooftop. Mahone's still at the park when he figures out that the brothers are in the hotel across the way. Inside said hotel the Beatles get some bad news: Green says the date stamp on the recording is from when the recording was made, not when the actual conversation was recorded. It can't be authenticated, therefore it's legally useless. Linc's pissed. Mahone enters the hotel and flashes (dirty!) pics of the brothers. The receptionist hasn't seen them. Then he shows her a pic of Doc, whom the receptionist recognizes. She gives him the room number. Michael's returned to Denialand and says, "It's not over." Linc doesn't want to hear it, but Green pipes up that the recording may not help in a courtroom, but "outside the law"... Seems the recording (which we have yet to hear) isn't just a conversation between siblings. Pres Patricia did something and she's up to her ass in guilt. I'm assuming it's something besides faking her brother's murder and framing an innocent man for it. "So we blackmail her," Michael says, catching on. Green: "I'm an officer of the court, I didnt' say that." Heh. But he's totally, "Hell yeah!" Doc asks what they'd blackmail Pres Patricia for. "A presidential pardon," Michael answers. Linc finds this rather twisted and vaguely amusing: "The woman that set me up is gonna set me free." Owen's still on that roof, prepping his big gun (dirty!) Sob. C-Note's in his cell, prepping his noose. Sniffle. Aw man, it looks like he's really gonna do it. "I love you," he says before he steps off his bunk... And we gotta wait to see what happens. Again with no Prison Break theme at the end of the episode.