Prison Break

Season 2 Episode 18


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 26, 2007 on FOX

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show prison break kellerman is tring to find the president he is mad at what she did to him and lincon and the others are close to finding hte evidence they need to prove that his not guilty. and t bag finds a psycolgist that looks just like him and so he disposes of him . and he finds his nice side this was a good ep.i thought it had some really exciting parts in it and that is why i gave the show what i gave it a 9.0 and the story seems to be going somewhere .
  • Review

    I thought this was the worst episode of the entire season, hardly advancing the plot and basically giving Michael and Lincoln a fake plotline for the entire episode. We didn't get to hear the recording, which was a big letdown from the end of last week. Hearing the recording was something we all expected the episode to start off with and when that didn't happen I think we all had a negitive feeling towards the episode.

    The fake helper was a nice twists, but I hate one episode stand alone plots that don't result in them moving the plot forward. I thought it was the weakest Michael / Lincoln episode to date.

    C-Notes storyline is still bad. It never has been good, never will be good. I really do hope that he just killed himself. Though Im sure a guard will see him and be like "Hey that guys trying to kill himself now"

    T-Bag / Brads storyline wasnt even that good. T-Bag randomly killed some doctor, though the four minute scene with the docotr before he killed him was kind of uncalled for. Overall - bad episode.
  • The writers decided to deliver another filler, to gain some time and get to the point only in the end.

    Details/Progress (To point A to B) -» (7/10). Ok, point A in Michal´s case is the recording that he have that implicate the President but he need someone in the government to help him, so the writers create a filler to buy time until the next episode. C-Note situation come to a supposed end. T-bag was just a distraction, he could get what he wanted in a easy way. Sucre scenes appears here to make everyone happy, but he will have more problems because Bellick somehow will find him.

    Plot Details/Holes- » (7/10). The doctor doesn´t recognize T-bag, no one does in Prison Break. The phone call for Mr. Green was very strange.

    Drama - » (8/10). Sara and her drama. C-Note too have his ultimate problem. Even Kellerman have the rights too. It seems that Sucre happiness will end soon.

    Suspense/Tension - » (6/10). Don´t expect good material here.

    Surprises/Shocks - » (7/10). T-bag brings a surprise, also the situation with the tape brings another surprise.

    Time and Scene Management - » (7/10). Michael scenes was most of the part filler scenes, only when the real Mr. Green appears you have what it is real important to know. T-bag also have is filler scenes, but that was entertaining and that scene in the airport will be important. Sucre and Maricruz are happy, but only one scene would be enough to explain that. C-Note escape this time.

    Beginning - » (7/10). Good presentation, full of mystery.

    Complication Phase - » (7/10). Meeting Mr. Green is the complication here.

    Climax - » (6/10). When you discover the problem with the tape.

    Ending - » (7/10). The usual ending, trouble for everyone, only C-Note ended up in the worse situation.

    What I liked -» Finally some happiness for Sucre. The T-bag scenes with the doctor was nice.

    What I Didn´t Liked -» Mr. Green filler scenes.

    The writers decided to deliver another filler, to gain some time and get to the point only in the end.
  • Amazing.

    Lincoln, Michael and Sara find the evidence they need to expose the conspiracy. Mahone uses C-Note to locate Michael. Bellick goes to Mexico to find Sucre while T-Bag steals the identity of a psychiatrist. Kellerman prepares to assassinate the President. What can I say about this episode, it is awesome! I loved it. I felt so sorry for C-Note, I was crying again, even though I know what is going to happen. I loved the way Lincoln and Michael made the fake Cooper Green do everything, it was awesome and very exctiing to watch. I love this episode. Not as good as some episode in the season but still very good.
  • Awesome.

    Lincoln, Michael and Sara find the evidence they need to expose the conspiracy. Mahone uses C-Note to locate Michael. Bellick goes to Mexico to find Sucre while T-Bag steals the identity of a psychiatrist. Kellerman prepares to assassinate the President. What can I say about this episode, it is awesome! I loved it. I felt so sorry for C-Note, I was crying again, even though I know what is going to happen. I loved the way Lincoln and Michael made the fake Cooper Green do everything, it was awesome and very exctiing to watch. I love this episode. Not as good as some episode in the season but still very good.
  • Mahone's getting closer, Kellerman wants the president dead

    In their bid to make the evidence public, Michael and Lincoln seek out Cooper Green, former Deputy Attorney General and an ally of Aldo's. But a meeting arranged through his receptionist takes a dramatic turn when the man sent to see them turns out to be an imposter from 'The Company'. It's only through Sara's chance encounter with one of her father's associates that they are led to the real Green, who agrees to study the recording. Although a problem with the file's timestamp will make it inadmissible in a court of law, the content's enough to prove Reynolds guilty of more than just her involvement in the conspiracy. Could blackmail be the route to a Presidential pardon? Meanwhile, Kellerman invests in a sniper rifle before finding himself a rooftop position for Reynolds' public appearance at a Chicago hotel; Sucre makes it to his aunt's with Maricruz; and T-Bag spills his troubles to a therapist, only to murder him and steal his identity before boarding a plane to Bangkok via Mexico – also the flight of choice for an unwitting Bellick, who's on the hunt for Sucre. 'The Company' having closed in on Michael and Lincoln, C-Note finds himself expendable when Mahone, following Kim's orders, instructs him to use the contents of a parcel soon to be delivered to him. Following an emotional visit from Kacee, C-Note returns to his cell, where he opens a box containing a rope and slips its noose over his head. "I love you," he whispers, as he jumps from his bed…
  • They have the tape but there is much disappointment

    First - we never hear what is on this tape. To be honest it did not let me sleep as I wanted to know it and in next episode it came out - we cannot hear it.

    Also there is disappointment for the chars as they found out this is only the copy the get - there is no original date and they can not prove it is conspiracy against them.

    And Mahone. He is after them as fugitives have just come under their nose. And he finds the place where they were watching when they let the wrong person do a little running.

    And C-Note... I hoped he can be the first one to survive it back inside but no.. :S one more down?
  • Love love love love L O V E that show!!

    I guess I've never seen a single episode of Prison Break that I didn't like. You just gotta love that show, right? It's awesome!
    It was cleverly plotted how they didn't let us hear the tape yet, it was soo exciting! And then they're trying to get someone to help them, but that damn company seems to be everywhere. It's awful how they're always waiting. Hopefully Michael gets ahead again soon, because that's how I love his character. Always on top of it ;-)
    Sucre and Maricruz finally reunite which was soo sweet! I was really hoping for this to happen, was about time :-) Let's hope they're not screwing it up again now.
    This show is so amazing, it's great how it always evolves around love and family. Best show ever!
  • Awesome episode.

    This episode was so good it had everything you would want. The only part I didn't like is when they where listening to the tape they all got angry after it but me I was angry before because they didn't let us here it. We finally see Michael beat up some guy without his brother's help finally. Sara wasn't much ion the episode but she helped find he real Mr Green which I can't believe he said this tape or whatever isn't going to hold up in court but thank it seems like they have another plan blackmailing the president. Also I feel so sorry for C-note I hope he survives somehow and Sucre finally catches up with his girl which was nice. Thios episod was awesome I hope the rest are as good as this or better.
  • So full of surprises!! and hot characters.

    Can't get over Wentworth Miller. So hot. moving on...
    I accidentally missed last's weeks ep so was semi confused. but i just have to say, i hate how they can just kill anyone on this show. I know thats the whole basis of the series; murders and killings and framings and stuff, but i hate it. I love that guy with the daughter and wife, and he's forced to kill himself. just hope the other end of the deal is kept! and that ex-agent just goes around and kills anyone; gun dealers and other agent ppl. where is his conscious!! and guilt?? is he still a good guy or is he a bad guy? i hope he doesn't kill the president b4 any resolutions are made. but its highly possible (please don't tell me what happens!!)
    I had my suspicions about the green guy (so bad with names, sorry.) heaps glad micheal is so smart (and also incredibly sexy lol!!) to figure it out! How would have thought that tape would be useless. spose it had to be, otherwise the show can't really go on much longer. Also i saw the preview for nex week. is the holly girl from brothers and sisters the president? or some other random character??
    HEAPS ANNOYED!! i have 2 wait 2 weeks until the next ep anyway!!! grrrr.
  • Another Fabulous episodes!!

    Prison break..oh prison break.>the best ever show !!! Another great great episode!!! Well written..simply fabulous!! Well C-Note is surely not dead!! The twists in that episode(like others)are great!!! The episode was also fun!! I`m really addicted to that show! How can it be soooo great?? It doesn`t matter..just sit down and enjoy!!! God bless the day I started watching Prison break!!! I love this show!
  • A lot of unexpected things are happening in this episode...

    Michael , Sara and Linc listen to the tape and they discover that that tape is the proof that they needed to set Linc free. They call Cooper Green, a knowledge of their father, in order to help them out and they set a meeting with him. After Michael and Cooper Green meet, Michael catches him with a lie and he realises that he is working with the Company. Sara talks with Bruce and she meets the real Cooper Green, who she takes at the hotel to meet Michael and Linc. Cooper Green suggests to the brothers to blackmail the president because that's the only way which could help Linc prove his innocence. T-Bag murders a doctor and takes his identity and after that he takes the plane to Mexico, without knowing that in the same plane there is Bellick, who was sent by Mahone to catch Sucre. Sucre passes a lot of beautiful moments together with Maricruz and with their unborn child.. C-Note hangs himself in his cell after whispering "i love you"...
  • good episode!

    Another great episode!!!! It was soo exciting!!! :D :D :D Mike, sara, and linc, listen to the audio file and are shocked by what they hear! Here is al the proof they need to exonerate Lincoln!!!! They decide they need to get it into the right hands so they can expose the conspiracy they decide to get a man name cooper green involved..what they don’t know yet is they are working with a fake cooper green who’s actually working with kim and Mahone!!! They test him in different ways but Michaels is too smart and outsmarts the fake one! Sara visits her father’s grave and is crying emotionally when Bruce walks up to her she is pissed off that he was the one to kill her dada and attempted to kill her in the drive by shooting! He insists that his phones were tapped and that he would never do anything to hurt her or her family…he takes her to the really cooper green who sara brings to mike and linc at the hotel! Cooper tells them they should blackmail the president and get a presidential pardon because they cannot exactly use the tape cuz it has no date on it and its not an original so the woman who set up linc is gonna be the one to set him free!!!!!
    Lincoln talks to lj and tells him they have a way of getting out of this mess but he tells his dad hes happy where he is for now hes in school under an alias and it’s the most normal life hes had and needed in a long time they both say they love and miss each other as linc hangs up a little disappointed!
    Sucre and Maricruz share an intimate moment they have needed for a long time and look at a bright future together with their baby!
    c-note visits with kacee and tells her to let dede know hes sorry and that he loves them both…Mahone tells c-note hes doesn’t need him anymore cuz they have information on mike and lincs whereabouts and says that if he was in c-notes place he would have done the same things for his family he tells c-note hes a good man and a good father then he says he’ll get a package which he needs to use in order for his family safety and well being…later c-note gets a the package :a rope with a noose at tone end…we see c-note whispering “I love you” and then hanging himself in his cell!
    Mahone finally figures out where mike , linc, and sara are and in which hotel room and rushes over to catch them!
    t-bag goes to a psychiatrist who ironically looks a lot like him and kills him and takes over his identity and gets on a plane to Mexico with the 5 million! What he doesn’t know is that Mahone has sent bellick in that same plane also to Mexico to catch Sucre!!!!!
    Kellerman visits his sister Kristine after a long time and tells her that hes gonna do something bad but that she needs to remember the good old brother she always had and loved…he sets his sights on assassinating the president!!!!
  • Excellent episode with some huge flaws!!!

    I liked this episode a lot...Not only it was unpredictable, adventurous , but it also increased my respect for Michael...I mean the phase with the false Cooper Green, when Scofield realized he was lying, was great...So this episode continues with Michael, Lincoln and Sarah trying to hear the message...This is the first flaw...In the last episode i saw Pope borrowing a laptop from a member of the club in his attempt to her what was on that memory and to convince himself that Michael was telling the truth...I don't believed that he just left the club...After they are very close to being mislead by a man claiming to be Michael and Lincoln Father's friend, with the help of Sarah and an unexpected person, they make the acquaintance of the real Cooper Green who tells them clearly that the proof is not substantial but it can still be of some service to them...Kellerman buys a Sniper Rifle and he goes to see his sister as a last act before killing President Reynolds...T-Bag goes to a psychiatrist office and kills the Doctor, a man who resembles very much to him...After that he goes with the doctor's passport in order to purchase a ticket to Bangkok...This is the second flaw...I mean the phase when he simply leaves the bag where all his money where to the airport to be stored on the plane is unbelievable...This guy has been shown in this show as being very intelligent and resourceful...How could he have done that...Bellicks tries to blackmail Mahone but it backfires...Kim tells Mahone that they no longer need C-Note and Mahone comes up with an interesting idea to get rid of him...C-Note has no option but to sacrifice himself so that his family may live.
    Last but not least, another flaw was when Scofield calls to Green's office and ask to speak to him...The secretary says she's gonna try and track him...But what one sees is putting through a fake Cooper Green, and then when Sarah goes to his office and realizes that Michael is going to meet with the false Green, the secretary isn't even suspected...How did Kim knew they would going to try and contact this man?...I think the writers have made some mistakes, and they should do better and be more careful in the next episodes because flaws like the ones I presented here, could destroy an episode such as this one.
  • All of actors were great)

    I think after this ep Prison Break has become real classical drama. And its quality is getting higher in the sense that actors acts better than before. May be i'm wrong. Just remember that strong scene with goodbuying C-Note and his wife. I was crying. That's all i can say.
  • exciting

    T-Bag brings his kidnapped family to his old home. We get to see flashbacks of his life when he was just a boy. Michael, Lincoln and Sara get to listen to the recording that her dad left for her. Kellerman plots to hunt down the president. Things happen in this episode, we get to see so much stuff in a 42 minute period, but it's exciting, the plot is engaging. the characters are well written. it's really exciting, i had a good time watching this, i can't wait for the next episode, the writers did a good episode, they keep coming with the goods.
  • If justice can't help...

    Well it wasn't an exciting episode but I enjoyed it. The brothers make this smart scheme to meet the guy who supposedly is going to help them but while the meeting is happening Sara finds out the guy is fake, not that Michael needed this information 'cause he's so smart he figures out by himself. Mahone finally figures out the truth: Lincoln is innocent. He is really smart too. T-Bag kills again, the guy is unstoppable. Kellerman is about to kill the president or so it seems and C-Note is about to commit suicide or so it seems too. Since this show has so many twists and turns we never know what will happen and what will not. The brothers only hope now (this show has many "only hopes") is blackmailing the president, let's see how they will handle it.
  • great episode

    i saw this episode a little later cause i was on vacation i saw it on sunday, but this episode was really good and worth the wait. i hope c-note is gonna be ok and i hope he does not die, but he probably will. i hope mahone doesn`t catch michael, lincoln and sarah, cause he is really close now. i hope they will find a way to get rid of him. and t-bag and bellick on the same plane. i wonder what is gonna happen if they notic that i cant wait to see sweet caroline when its done downloading.
  • 5. Hoe is in grote lijn de werkwijze van de instelling ? Je bent zwanger je bent opzoek na een opvang voor je baby in de toekomst je belt en vraagt een informatie pakket . Je maakt een afspraakt voor een intake en je vult de inhet leuk

    5. Hoe is in grote lijn de werkwijze van de instelling ?
    Je bent zwanger je bent opzoek na een opvang voor je baby in de toekomst je belt en vraagt een informatie pakket .
    Je maakt een afspraakt voor een intake en je vult de inschrijf formulier in en krijgt een rond leiding door het pand .
    Denkt je daarna van nou toch maar niet geen probleem want alsl is vrijblijvend na de geborten van u kindje kan hij/zij teregt denkt u na de eerstedag van u kindje nou toch maar niet moet u dan wel 2 maande vooraf betalen ook alls u niet komt.
  • I actually thought this episode was pretty good!

    This episode had many great things in it! T-Bag is back as the brutal killer... when he killed the doctor, that blood was everywhere! C-Note recieves a hang rope in the mail, and proceeds to try to hang himself! I don't know wiether he is dead, but I'm pretty sure that he is. Michael and Lincoln find a man who used to work for their father... until they find out that he is a fake! Sarah finds the real Cooper Green, who is glad to help them. Sucre and Maricruz arrive at his aunts house, where they'll be safe. And Paul Kellerman, by the looks of things, is going after the president! The scene where he visited his sister was so well done. I loved when T-Bag transformed into the doctor... he looked so swave and charming. I was heartbroken when C-Note got the hang rope... I was pratically crying! The start of this episode was just a little slow, but it picked up, and by the end, it was smashing! Hopefully next week is just as great!
  • Weak beginning great ending....loved the stuff with C-note, don't care about the government conspiracy anymore its too confusing, goot to see t-bag is back to his old tricks, whats up w/Paul, did I miss something?(small spoiler in review)

    This episode sort of dragged for me, I was really glad to see T-Bag back at his old tricks again though, I thought it was so odd last week when I kind of had that crying spell although I'm not complaining about the writers dumping that whole storyline. I loved the stuff with Rockmond Dunbar's character, "C-note" it seemed really genuine and decently acted, I don't like the cliffhanger though, I think Dunbar is too central of a character to kill off, although I can understand why they would want to, his storyline does seem kind of stretched. The stuff with the tape is really bugging me, its one thing to have a cliffhanger of it, its another thing to go the whole episode talking about the tape's content and not playing it. Honestly I think the show is still strong, but I'm not sure how much longer it can last at this rate, I don't know if I can take another season of this whole conspiracy with the president, its gotten to be too confusing and to complicated and its just kind of like, "whatever". Overall this was a good episode, I think the end saved it, I'm still trying to figure out what Paul is doing, I feel like its one of those things that I missed, or didn't pay attention to while watching the episode and I should already know what he's doing, so if anyone has some insight into that I'd loved to hear it.
  • Good but the ending was annoying, too much of a cliffhanger. Also they could've shortened the Cooper Green thing but still a good episode as usual. (Spoilers)

    T-Bag digs deep and finds his 'nice-side' with the help of a psychiatrist. Michael, Lincoln, and Sarah get their hands on evidence needed to bring down The Company, while Kellerman is close to finding the President.
    The real Cooper Green said that Link, Michael and Sarah could blackmail the President but Kellerman was about to gun her down. I can't wait for the next episode to find out what happened. That psychiatrist thing was really funny, T-Bag opening himself up then whacking him over the head with taht statue - priceless. But the C-Note storyline took a turn for the worse. Sucre used to be such a good character, but his story is so boring now, it looks like it gets more exciting next episode though.
  • I was wondering a lot why the most breathtaking scenes of the latest episodes are their very last one's.

    I was wondering a lot why the most breathtaking scenes of the latest episodes are their very last one's.
    Back in the first season, in prison, everything seemed to be packed a little closer and the cliffhangers were sort of in the middle of the episode! I really miss those shocking turning points within one episode.
    The fact that the tape becomes useless was pretty obvious because everyone was soooo excited about it. Sure that they won't let that show end up this fast and -compared to other things they went through- easy, but time stamp? hello, that's rather lame. I'm pretty sure that some computer-freak could find the real date of that file. Just like the problem with Steadman who -like so many said before- could easily be identified by comparing his DNA with his sister's... Finally Sucre arrives in his private paradise and I somehow can't get rid of that feeling that there's gonna be some trouble. Knowing the way the writers do their job makes it pretty easy to find more and more of these "surprising" turning points in advance.
    What makes me rate this episode high anyway is the fact that there remain some open strings:
    C-Note, of course, is in one of them. Though I can't believe they will take him out yet. Somehow the writers had a way to approach the death of a character and this time I can't see that... at least not yet.
    I love Mahone in this episode. There is always something in the character that makes u hope he'll turn against his slimy boss once more and helps the good guys. Kellerman seems to shoot down everything that walks his way, which isn't as clever as the stuff Mahone comes up with. What I totally don't get is the plot with Paul's sister. I just hope this wasn't her only appearance just to rush through his background story!

    Still that episode has its thrills, its up and downs. And I still love that show!
  • I agree with that clever reviewer- why the hell didn't they take steadman's blood sample?? What is this ridiculous 'twist' about a time stamp?!! desperate times for the PB writers (again...)

    Well i can't deny i really enjoyed the episode, as per no backlash please! I like the way Paul k is getting more craven now, just so angry that he kills without a thought, that is good character development.

    Also T Bag is still carrying the show, i loved that whole conversation, ''when i got here i wasn't planning to talk...''!! hhahah that was fab. And he did look like him in the get up. Now why he couldn't offer lots of money to the airline staff to be able to take his bag with him i can't understand(??) but it is a stroke of genius to put him on with bellick. Let's hope he kills bellick! But obviously what will happen is that they have to join forces somehow.. yawn.

    I also agree with what several reviewers have said- the show's new habit of ending on a cliffhanger, and leaving half stories strewn about without getting anywhere, is becoming a little tiring. Season 1 never did it to this extent! The plot with sucre has been dragging and looks set to be a by-numbers plot sequence, disappointing. Mahone is a rat, no one normal could behave that way- there's no such thing as feeling guilty yet handing a man a rope...this sort of villain is what cheapens PB. At least kellerman is credible. Mahone is ugly and a crap actor, get rid!! (i was so excited when i thought he was dead, damn it)

    I am heartbroken about this whole hanging thing, i got to like c-note, even if it was all getting a bit sickly sweet i think the actor is engaging and it would be a shame to lose him too. Let's hope PB does one of its turnaround 'just in time' moves by next ep.

    I'm praying PB doesn't drag this out, cliffhanger by cliffhanger untl it's all so farcical the show gets cancelled and no one rememebers it was ever something great.
  • This episode was great...Michael and Lincoln working together and Sara saving the day.

    Each and every episode keeps me entertained and I am never disappointed. I'm mostly interesting in the storyline regarding both brothers and the relationship between Sara and Michael. This episode was great...Michael and Lincoln working together and Sara saving the day.
    I knew it was a setup but the way the episode played out still surprised me. Also did C-note really commit suicide??
    Now that Michael needs to talk to Carolyn I hope Kellerman doesn't succeed in her attept at killing her. Also I still don't understand why they didn't save some of Steadman's actual DNA (like a blood sample) They could have compared that blood sample to one of Carolyn's and it would have proven they were related. So I never bought the John Doe theory. Oh well....still
    I can't wait for next week's episode.
  • Change something.

    Although the storylines of the show continue to be interesting and suspenceful, i'm amazed at how the two brother-characters (+ Sarah) continue to become more boring and bland with each new episode, and that's saying something.

    Never mind the fact that the Dominic Purcell (Lincoln) gets first title credit over Wentworth Miller (Michael), even though his "performances" seem to consist mostly of standing around like a silent, thick-skulled oaf with the same annoyed expression on his face, and acting like the dull older brother that would be totally lost without Michael.

    Michael seems to be the polar opposite. Wentworth Miller usually channels Clint Eastwood both with his voice and squints, but doesn't have one iota of Clint's charisma.
    The character, unlike Lincoln, is a genius perpetually blessed with the greatest run of luck alternated with the superhuman ability of knowing every single move every single human being will make.
    The most impressive of all of his superpowers, however, is that whenever painted into a corner, the only thing that is ever needed to calm down his...ahem...panicking cohorts, is to say "do you trust me?", and Kazaam, problem solved.

    Sara Tencredi was more interesting when she was shooting dope and tending inmate injuries.

    The show is pretty damn good, but by God, i sure hope making the supporting characters about 1000 times more fleshed out, more human and more interesting was accidental.

    Then again, how could they not be?
  • This just seems like a transition to the series finale. The previous episode already looked empty, I just hope we get an actual plot in the next one. The writers were unoriginal, they went the easy way for the cliffhangers.

    I'm disappointed with this episode, the plot was absolutely unoriginal, I mean, what a stupid way to make an evidence not work, that's just dumb... a timestamp? I have always felt like the whole thing about Prison Break is the action and the suspense at the end of the episodes, but they are just going the easy way. Will he pull the trigger? Will he kill himself? That's just cutting a story in half, pushing the end of the episode to the beginning of the next one. That's not a real cliffhanger.

    Sucre's story was really boring, if it's going to be so empty, they can move it all to the next episode and make it more solid.

    The show is looking very repetitive: the guys from the Company are always able to track the escapees and trick them somehow, but at the last minute, they are always able to get away. How many times have they done that? If the show is going to stay this way through season 3, I'm sorry to say that is very likely that Prison Break will be canceled. The audience will eventually get bored.
  • Not bad at all. (spoilers)

    After getting really frustrated by not getting to know immediately what the conversation on the stick is about, we finally get to know it's just a conversation between Caroline and her brother. I did expected it to be a bit more than just that. However a nice set-up by the Company gives us some action in this episode, but not something I haven't seen before in this series. My main problem with the series lately was that the different characters aren't related any more. What's the point of seeing Fernando if he has noting to do with the brothers any more? Just mix the story lines again! That's what makes it fun to watch. So one thing I did quite like was the fact that T-Bag is heading for Chicago on the same plane as Mr. Bellick. This could be the start of something good, as two story lines seem to get together again.
    Furthermore I really hated to see C-note going to hang himself, just like with haywire, it's really hard to see him do that. Anyway, all with all it wasn't so bad to watch, but I expect something better from this series.
  • Having watched every episode to date,I am getting rather bored with the Brothers and quite frankly I couldnt give a toss if they get killed or get pardoned because the writers have squeezed every last inch out this storyline.

    For me T-Bag is the real star of the show and he should be given his own spin off series.I think having watched the likes of "Dexter" there is a new breed of tv anti hero instead of the "pretty boy" heroes at the moment (I can tell you that my wife really enjoys watching the brothers and my guess is its not really for the storyline shes interested in) So, to summarise, lets get the brothers storyline stitched up-either kill them or vindicate so we can concentrate on the real star of the show "Theodore T Bagwell" Give him a big hand everyone HA HA
  • Totally mind blowing. T-Bag is a psycho and a half, and Linc, Michael and Sarah almost fall apart.

    T-Bag is truly one for the mental wards. I just know he's in great need of therapy. He finally seeks abit in this epi. I personally keep loving the way people just get killed/maimed/executed/bashed/tortured in this series. I'd have to say Kellerman is my fav and you'll get to see him whack afew ppl in this epi. I count atleast 3 deaths in this episode hahaha. The cold heart of a trained agent mostly, but when he pays a trip to his sister its really quite insightful as is the entire episode. Sarah and Michael getting slightly more touchy feely again after their falling out. Linc has a small but meaningful telephone conversation with L.J that sheds alot of light on LJ's situation and feelings. Agent Mahone draws closer to catching Michael with the help of his agents as Franklin worries about his daughter and Wife. Theres a sour deal in the wings, and afew ppl make their way across the border into Mexico as Sucre lives it up with Maricruse.
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