Prisoner: Cell Block H

Season 8 Episode 103

Episode 691

Aired Unknown Dec 09, 1986 on Network Ten

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  • The end of an era.

    Spike is released into the care of her mother after an ardious row with Marty and her friends about second chances, meanwhile, Rita backs down as top dog, and names Kath as her predecessor, and later, Rita escapes with the help of new found 'Friend' Joan Ferguson, she breaks into a finance office and hides the cash for Joan to take later, before she is arrested and returned to Wentworth, where she later dies. Joan lies to get time off work and visits the finance office, where she is eventually caught, and detained at Wentworth where her former colleagues were waiting for her arrival. Believing the prisoners feared her throughout a chanting of "FERGUSON" Joan is horrified to see her meal being served by Rita. Rita was successful in the set up of the Freak. Later, Joan is transferred out of Wentworth and Rita declares she will be the oldest biker in the world.