Prisoner: Cell Block H

Season 8 Episode 104

Episode 692

Aired Unknown Dec 11, 1986 on Network Ten

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  • Disappointing

    Meg was in the show from episode one to the very end (though she did miss some episodes), however she had little to do in with the finale episode. Very disappointing. Dennis should have returned and him and Meg should have got married or at the very least got back together.

    Chrissie Latham should have returned to Wentworth as a prisoner. Marty Jackson's dad was murdered by her so wuld have been great for him to have got closure by forgiving her when he realised she was a changed person.

    Bea Smith's return would have been easy, subect to the actress who played her agreeing to return (unless another actresss had played her). She could have helped the police expose a drug ring in return for a pardon. During the prison fire in which she supposingly died, Witness Protection Officers saw this as an opportunity to fake her death.
  • help

    new to how do i watch cell block h i picked an episode and clicked watch this . then what
  • Cell Block H Finale

    I was actually disappointed, the storyline was good but Bea needed to come back and take over, they could have mentioned her death was a cover up, Sons and Daughters is the best finale ever, it ended where it started,
  • The \\\"Freak\\\" get\\\'s what\\\'s coming to her.

    I loved this episode. After what seemed like an ongiong decline in quality, the creators pulled this gem out of the bag. As a series finale it worked perfectly. The passing of the Baton to a new \\\"top dog\\\" The capture and punishment of the series most evil character, all of the plot points were covered, and covered well. As resolutions go, it did seem a little contrived, but hey, it was soap. The best of the Australian wave of soaps (IMHO) and it ended as it began, with a bang.
    It would have been nice to see Bea in the finale somewhere, (Yeah, I know the character died but it\\\'s never stopped them before LOL)
    But all in all, a great finale.
  • The End... Sick be buggered, I'm gonna be the oldest Biker in The world Lurch, the oldest Biker in the world.... "It heals to give me roses.... I wish he could again"

    This is the episode that we were waiting for. The Freak gets her comeuppance and it's all an ellaborate set up. Previously, Joan had helped Rita to escape so that she could steal the money from the finance company. After hiding the money in the toilet, Rita gets arrested and returns to Wentworth, where she collapses, and Joan chickens out of collecting the money. It is also Rita's birthday where she celebrates with her friends, only when Joan returns, Anne informs the police that Rita had died. She siezes this as the opportunity to get the money, and lies about a dental appointment, to get out of work. She gets the money and leaves, but is arrested in the process. She panics, as she is questioned, and is eventually taken to Wentworth on remand where she panics more as she realises that the officers knew that she was going to arrive. The prisoners are in mourning Rita's passing, but then they that Joan is now in solitary. Their sadness turns into happiness as they start chanting out FERGUSON, which Joan relishes as she boasts that she was always powerful, but then................

    she turns her back to the door, praising herself for being the hard officer................

    Rita serves her her meal. WOW. and Joan mutters her final words in the show.... "I trusted you"

    The next morning, Joan is transferred, and the prisoners are outside watching the transfer, Rita ends the show by saying, "Sick be buggered, I'm gonna be the oldest biker in the world Lurch, the oldest Biker in the world...."

    Cue Lynne Hamiltons Song, On The Inside. And the end of an era.
  • The End

    The end of one of the best series ever shown on regional TV in the UK. For a series shunted around the schedules and dropped by my local station YTV as and when they wished, it was a sad day on the final episode\'s transmission. Nothing will ever compare. THE BEST!!!