Prisoner: Cell Block H

Season 8 Episode 104

Episode 692

Aired Unknown Dec 11, 1986 on Network Ten

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  • The \\\"Freak\\\" get\\\'s what\\\'s coming to her.

    I loved this episode. After what seemed like an ongiong decline in quality, the creators pulled this gem out of the bag. As a series finale it worked perfectly. The passing of the Baton to a new \\\"top dog\\\" The capture and punishment of the series most evil character, all of the plot points were covered, and covered well. As resolutions go, it did seem a little contrived, but hey, it was soap. The best of the Australian wave of soaps (IMHO) and it ended as it began, with a bang.
    It would have been nice to see Bea in the finale somewhere, (Yeah, I know the character died but it\\\'s never stopped them before LOL)
    But all in all, a great finale.