Prisoner: Cell Block H

Season 8 Episode 104

Episode 692

Aired Unknown Dec 11, 1986 on Network Ten



  • Notes

    • Originally aired Thursday 11 December 1986 at 20:30 on ATV Channel 10 Melbourne in Australia. Aired on Channel 5 (UK) in a double-bill with episode 691 in the early hours of Sunday 11 February 2001 at 04:40. Joan finally gets her comeuppance in the final episode of Prisoner. After so long we were expecting something outstanding from the final episode. What we get is merely another great episode rather than an exceptional one. Most of the regulars get very little to do in this last installment, aside from Joan, Rita and Ann. But maybe that's the point - Joan became the central figure round which the show pivoted for so long it would have been unthinkable not to have her at the centre of the show's final episode. Just wanted to say, that scene in the Laundry where the women are all crying about Rita being dead and Merle tells Lurch "she's with Gentle Jesus now" makes me blub like a big girl. That's Ian Smith, aka Ted Douglas and the writer of this episode, doing a Hitchcock in a non-speaking cameo as the cop who hustles Joan into the police car.

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