Prisoner: Cell Block H

Season 1 Episode 70

Episode 70

Aired Unknown Oct 30, 1979 on Network Ten

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  • Chrissie makes a decision, Alice is reunited with her oblivious daughter, and Doreen becomes Sally Lee House's first customer.

    Erica decides not to take the Pat incident any further. Alice and Doreen bond, but she is hiding a secret death sentence, and decides it is best to remain the friend, rather than the mother, as Doreen is released into the newly opened Half Way House, named Sally Lee House after the inmate that died in episode 1. Meanwhile, the women are advised that Chrissie is pregnant, as she decides to keep the baby, as she bonds with Rosie, who is determined to celebrate her son's 1st birthday, unaware that this is the day that he will be taken away from her.