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Post-fire changes at Wentworth

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    It's my first time posting here, although I've loved the show "PRISONER" for decades!

    Saw it back during the early 1980's onlocal TV, but they never did finish airing the entire series here (southern Ontario, Canada). But thanks to the internet, I've been able to watch it all from the beginning. I'm currently watching Season 5 (I'm at episode 334).

    The big Wentworth Fire "Cliffhanger" was awesome! First time I'm experiencing this era of the show. Barbara's---and especially Mouse's---deaths were so tragic. This was what I'd consider the first "real" cliffhanger between seasons, with so many things left hanging.

    But now, after the women had to stay at the men's prison (Woodridge) for a while, they're back at Wentworth. New office for Erica.....renovated recreation reception area...

    ....but worst of all (for the women, at least) Joan Ferguson is back with them again!! I love to hate her, but her sadistic character sure adds spice!

    I'm watching more episodes day to day, and love seeing it unfold!

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