Prisoner: Cell Block H

Network Ten (ended 1986)


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  • One of the best shows ever made in Australia.

    I think I was about 7 or 8 when I first watched Prisoner. Then never again until 10 years later. Gee I loved this show.. My favourites would have to be Lizzie, Bea, Rita and Meg Morris although I sometimes couldn't stand her whiny voice. "Are you satisfied? Have you got what you wanted" became a catch phrase with me and my mate Dougie. Although I know the series off by heart, I still miss it being on Tele on a regualar basis. Just one question though what did ever happen to Sandy Edwards. Did she die or was she killed by Kate Peterson. I know there are theories, but was there any actual proof she was murdered? And another thing did Rita die in the last episode or was everyone crying for nothing.