Prisoner: Cell Block H

Network Ten (ended 1986)


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  • Loved it!

    This show was maligned for bad acting & wobbly sets, but hey thats what made it enduring. The characters were hilariously good with tragic undertones e.g.Frankie Doyle or Vera Bennett. Inmate Bea Smith was too matriarchal as the original top dog, her well intentioned anti-drugs stance didn't ring true in place where drugs or the effects of drugs are a reality. Those in authority at Wentworth were ineffectual types such as Meg Jackson(annoyingly upbeat) & Erica Davidson(someone who should be doing coffee mornings or charity work), until the arrival of Joan Ferguson. Joan was a corrupt lesbian officer who terrorised the inmates & undermined her superiors wherever possible, when most if the original characters left this uniformed monster carried the show til the end of it's run.