Prisoner: Cell Block H

Network Ten (ended 1986)


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  • One for the history books.

    Prisoner made quite a few mistakes, some of the actors weren't great, and the sets could have been better. Yet what it got right was all that any shows needs to get right and thats good stories with memorable charecters.

    Bea, Lizzie, Vinegar Vera, The Freak amongsts others are for those who watched it, if only casually, are charecters that you never forget. PCBH has some of the best charecters ever made, and are largly unique. DIspite its obvious flaws this shows stongest point, is the compelling chrecters it creates.

    Prisoner remains a very controversial show, the issues its delt with over 20 years ago have often not been delt with as poiniantly as in this show. Furthermore new controveries arise. It dealing of homosexuality, is bound to be seen as politically incorect in todays world. Gay watchdogs if you believe the cynics would want it censored. Nevertheless homosexuality was delt with excellently, and from a historical viewpoint is now fascinating to watch.

    Prisoner will proabably be always remember for its flaws and cheap look, fast is forgotton is its huge international success and longevity, as well as how new and different it was for the time.

    Theres more to this show than meets the eye, its suprising how easy it is to enjoy.