Prisoners of Gravity

Season 5 Episode 12


Aired Monday 7:30 PM Jan 12, 1994 on TVO

Episode Recap

This week, Commander Rick investigates science fiction's undying interest in the Post-Apocalypse story. He discusses the end of the world (as we know it) with guests: David Brin (The Postman), Roger Zelazny (Damnation Alley), Suzy McKee Charnas (Walk To The End Of The World), Howard V. Hendrix ("In The Smoke") and James Morrow (This Is The Way The World Ends), who have all used bombs to end their worlds; as well he talks with P.D. James (The Children Of Men), Pat Murphy (The City Not Long After) and Connie Willis (Doomsday Book), who have all preferred the plague to the bomb. Plus, Rick talks with editor Martin H. Greenberg and author Robert Sheckley about their contributions to the anthology Beyond Armageddon.