Prisoners of Gravity

TVO (ended 1994)





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  • Commander Rick grabs the airwaves and beams in with this week's news in science fiction and comics.

    The premise of this show is a little wacky, but it works: unhappy with the direction that life was taking, Rick decided to strap a rocket to his car and blast off into outer space. He collided with a communications satellite, and has been living there ever since. And every week, he hijacks the airwaves, interrupting Enrico Gruen's show "Second Nature" to beam into Canadian homes with his own show, "Prisoners of Gravity."

    Done in an interview format, Commander Rick would discuss various topics with guests from the science fiction and speculative fiction writing world as well as writers and illustrators of comic books, editors, and anyone related in the field for that week's topic.

    The show was always informative, and presented in a humorous fashion. It raised interesting points, and introduced me to more than one new writer that I'd never heard of, but upon reading their works, became a fan of; Neil Gaiman is a perfect example of that. I began reading his "The Sandman" comics because of a review that Commander Rick did.

    It was unfortunate that the show was moved around the schedule time-wise, but the viewers who watched it were loyal. If you like science fiction, fantasy, speculative fiction and/or comic books, this show is a must-see! If you can find any reruns on your local stations, I suggest watching it...I think you'll enjoy it!