Private Practice

Season 2 Episode 15


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 05, 2009 on ABC

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  • Solid episode with character development

    Pretty good episode with things going on. Addison's brother Archer is having seizers and it is initially diagnosed as a brain tumor but turns out to be some parasites. He wants to take meds only with no surgery to remove them, but Addison want do call Derek Sheppard to fix the problem but Archer says no. Later on Archer goes into a permanent state of seizers and is put into a medically induced coma until he can be transferred for surgery by Derek Sheppard.

    Violet is pregnant with either Sheldon's or Pete's baby but is afraid to confront them. Cooper moves in with her help her cope. She finally tells Pete and Sheldon that she is pregnant and Pete is "pissed" and Sheldon does not know how he feels.

    A little girl is dropped of at the clinic and abandoned by her parents. Cooper tracks them down and they will not take her back. The little girl needs surgery to reconstruct her knee but without the parents it can't happen. Cooper talks Charlotte into bypassing a few rules so the girl can have the surgery before child protective services takes care of her.

    Dell is delivering a baby and has to extract it with a machine and is afraid that he hurt the baby. All of his worries are put to rest when the baby finally starts feeding.

    Overall good episode with a lot of character development.
  • Leading into the Private Practice I grew to admire.

    Another sex scene opener with Naomi and Archer deep in sweat.

    This was a good installment, I might not be entirely happy about Naomi and Archer's intimate relationship, but I hope the following installment would make up for any character flaws.

    I really didn't admire Charlotte's continuous outbursts towards Cooper, I think these two need a break from each other. I really miss the old obnoxious, *itchy Charlotte, she really gave the show the flavor it needed.

    Addison calling Derek at the end was a bit cheesy, but it really didn't harm the show in anyway. This episode was leading into the crossover episode which is eagerly anticipated.


    Three out of Five Stars
  • Everything comes to a head with Archer and Violet.

    Although this was not a real crossover episode it set things up for the real thing yet to come. This was a beautifully written and acted episode with both the Archer and the Violet story lines brilliantly done. Archer is now off to Seattle Grace with Addison and Naomi to see Derek Shepherd. Violet revealed her pregnancy to Pete and Sheldon and told them she wants to keep the baby. Their reactions were frequently unexpected to both Violet and us, the viewers. Dell had a bigger role than usual this week and that was really nice to see. Roll on next week for both Grey's and PP.
  • Not a crossover, but has set the stage for a crossover

    I loved the way the entire story had been paced, with a cold open where Addison is calling Derek, and then they rewind back 14 hours to start with Archer's seizure. We also get to see the performance of a lifetime by some members in the cast, especially Kate Walsh and Paul Adelstein. When Addison battles to save Archer's life, Dell convinces Violet to reveal her pregnancy to Pete and Sheldon. It was also good to see these two being dealt as independent plot, and they would have made a mess if all cast members were involved in the Archer storyline. Cooper has had a dream role this time, and he had made good use of the opportunity by delivering a rather powerful performance. I cant wait to see the next episode of both show.
  • Incredible episode.

    Well, it was not much of a crossover, but this was still one of the best episodes of Private Practice this season. It took me back to 2007 when the show was so fresh, until the writer's strike and sophomore slump killed some of its momentum.

    We had two very powerful storylines and there really was not a dull moment throughout the program. Paul Adelstein gave his best performance yet as Cooper and we saw the line between medicine and love crossed (okay, we get that on every episode, but still).

    I do not like that Sheldon character, but that's about one of the few flaws I can find with this episode.
  • Archer is put into a coma and rushed of to Seattle to the "Grey's Anatomy" hospital. Violet finally tells her men and she wants to keep the baby.

    This gets your blood flowing!
    Not only the hart breaking illness of Archer and the coma he is in but also the revealing of Violet to her two lovers that she is pregnant and is keeping the baby, gives this series the punch it needs. There are some very fine and continue story lines in there such as Cooper in his quest for Charlotte's love and her almost inhuman way of rejecting him. If this odd couple ever come together I would suggest and spin-off and give these two there own show. Dell getting more confident in what he is doing is a great site but on the edge of getting corny. Sam and Pete are more in a supporting role in the episode and that is not disturbing. It is a nice gesture of Addison to ask Naomi to join her to go to Seattle to help Archer and see Dr. McDreamy. Getting the series to run parallel with Grey's Anatomy for a week is not new but is nice.
    All in all a good episode.
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