Private Practice

Season 4 Episode 7

Did You Hear What Happened to Charlotte King?

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 04, 2010 on ABC
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Pete discovers Charlotte at the hospital after she's brutally attacked but she only tells Addison that she was also sexually assaulted.

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  • nah

    Private Practice had an attempt at a dark episode, but unfortunately it was only dark for the opening scene where Charlotte crawled to the closet. The rest of the episode was the usual drivel we get from this show and to be honest, all of the hype behind this episode resulted in me being severely let down. This is a show that could be so good at times, but more often than not it really is not and just gives us this poorly-written attempt at edgy drama.

    Not anything to write home about for this episode, I am sorry so many others enjoyed it.moreless
  • soooo good!!!!

    It is Definitely 10. it was one of the best episodes of the series.

    i think the actors in this episode did a great job, you can almost believe them that it it was truly happened.

    i was shock and so intense all of the 45 minutes.

    the writers choice that the character of Charlotte will be rapped is brilliant, and you can observe how a strong women like her also falls in that horrible world. and with all her Strength she also have to find a way to handle this. it a brilliant idea.

    I am Excited to see what will happen next, will Charlotte king change?moreless
  • Absolutely incredible

    I've seen other reviews talking of how this is the best episode to date. I have to agree. It was shocking and moving. Watching everyone struggle with what happened was saddening. The acting was superb and the fact Sheldon was with the rapist the entire time, without realising was annoying yet brilliant. I thought it was the husband from the previous episode so I was surprised to find he was a complete stranger. I have never really noticed how fantastic Kadee Strickland is, as she has never been at the forefront of the action before, however after watching this episode she amazed me. 'He took my wallet, he did not take anything else from me'. I found myself close to tears, and constantly having to remind myself it wasnt real! It was acted and directly perfectly.moreless
  • Charlotte King is sexually abused and assaulted and this episode deals with how her and the other characters cope with the aftermath.

    This was the most moving episode of television i have seen in such a long time... in fact i think since Violet had her baby so violently removed in the last season. The acting was so poignant and real. It was scary, frustrating and so terribly sad. Charlotte hides her rape from everyone except Addison, so we are not only dealing with everyone dealing with her mugging but also Addison who knows different and also cannot share this burden with anyone due to the patient confidentiality that Charlotte has promised Addison stick with.

    Watching Charlotte, who is tough (most of the time) deal with this is absolutely amazing. My hat (well its not a real hat) is off to Kadee for her amazing acting.moreless
  • Speechless...

    Since last season, I keep saying that Private Practice is at its best (contrary to Grey's Anatomy, as Shonda Rhimes couldn't handle both shows at the same time, quality wise) but last Thursday was really the icing on the cake.

    Everything was great about it. The opening and closing scenes with Bach's music.

    The whole cast's acting. Kudos on Charlotte (she was already my favourite, anyway).

    Even Cooper who usually pisses me off, was awesome.

    The writers did an excellent job. Everything was done in subtlety, but you could easily guess the hell Charlotte has been through.

    The next episodes can only be promising wiht Charlotte dealing with her trauma.

    Looking forward to it!moreless
Kate Walsh

Kate Walsh

Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery

Timothy Daly

Timothy Daly

Dr. Pete Wilder

Audra McDonald

Audra McDonald

Dr. Naomi Bennett

Paul Adelstein

Paul Adelstein

Dr. Cooper Freedman

Kadee Strickland

Kadee Strickland

Dr. Charlotte King

Brian Benben

Brian Benben

Dr. Sheldon Wallace

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Local anesthetic, which is not classed as a narcotic, is used when being given stitches and there are also several non-narcotic based pain killers making the scene where Amelia stitches Charlotte's wounds highly improbable, although it was mentioned during the scene that Charlotte is allergic to local anesthetic.

  • QUOTES (1)

    • Charlotte: You ever been violated? Anybody rape you lately? Let me tell you what its like. You know those made for TV movies where some woman's always crouched down naked in a shower holding her knees and sobbing because when she closes her eyes she can still feel the guys hands on her? How when they show the attack the woman's eyes go all blank and still and she goes to some other place in her mind just to deal with the horror of what's happening to her while some Lillith Fair song plays. It is nothing like that. It's dirty and sweaty and he licks your face and he wipes himself off in your hair and when you try to scream he punches you so hard you see God. And then he goes at you again ripping stuff you didn't even know you had because he enjoyed it so much the first time. I know you're trying to help but if helping me means that everyone, that Cooper is gonna be looking at me the way you're looking at me now, please do not help me.

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