Private Practice

Season 3 Episode 19

Eyes Wide Open

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 01, 2010 on ABC

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  • Duh-Rama!

    Dear Private Practice,

    As a fan of your show since the beginning I have endeared many things. Some that do not warrant repeating, and others that were actually interesting. This was an average episode, not too bad, but not great either. So why am I writing this letter to you now?

    Because I want P Squared to just have one normal relationship. There is no need to have every single couple have these insurmountable problems. What is the point of watching the show if there is never going to be any happiness? Pete and Addison were planned to be together since Season 1 and they were finally now, so you bring back Violet? That's not a smart move, that's just unnecessary.

    Anybody have a stamp so I can mail this?
  • Loved the ending!

    Violet is back! I loved that ending. Even though it's incredibly stupid since they are only just happy with each other...Pete, Addison and Lucas that is. You could see in Violets face that she wanted to be with Pete but she was crushed when she saw Addison...I can't wait to see what happens here. Bring on the drama!

    I'm really glad Cooper finally admitted to being wrong about Charlotte. The sex thing was funny. So Derek's sister has arrived - new character? I hope so actually, she could be a good addition to the show. I'm really looking forward to the next one now!
  • 'Eyes Wide Open', what do you see, Cooper reveals why he and Charlotte did not agree.

    Okay that sums up the big question that's been dangling over Cooper and Charlotte as to why exactly did they break up, before the fighting and constant quarreling. It's had to imagine that Cooper lost his 'Mojo' in the midst of all their physicality in the relationship. There was a time where it was only sex between Cooper and Charlotte. So this leaves me wondering, Charlotte's the sexual therapist, it must have been a huge embarrassment on Cooper's part to have Charlotte wave the 'I can solve all your problems in bed' card in his face. That still doesn't excuse his pathetic actions of insecurity in himself around her.

    That aside, Violet's back! Is she ready for a relationship? Where was she all this time that gave her this sudden epiphany? So this episode leaves us with a cliffhanger. Doesn't Addison know, you just don't enter a serious relationship with someone with unresolved feelings and loose ends. It's funny when you think about it, who would have predicted that Pete would be a father and in a serious relationship two years down the road. Violet was the one to get Pete out of his depressed state with regards to his wife and now they have a history that cannot truly be ignored. I believe Addison would further be jealous of Violet's connection with Pete through Lucas, especially since she probably decided to move on from her fears.

    Since Sam and his girlfriend went their separate ways, I wonder if the writers would use that as an opportunity for Addison and Sam to get together? It is an interesting thought that they chose the very same moment to bring Violet in the picture. Things are just too complicated between Addison and Sam when Naomi comes to mind and I wonder if they would ever cross that line. Naomi seems to be occupied with other means regarding White. It was nice of Fife to wait around for Naomi, not expecting anything more or less from her. I believe that he loves her in the sense of it, since he showed her the most intimate part of his life. There is more to the situation that we are just not seeing.

    I understood Fife when he mentioned that Pete should have kept his mouth shut with regards to White, so much that he wouldn't feel obligated to say anything to Naomi. It was blunt of him to confess that he and Naomi had sex, as though that information would stay limited to Pete alone. This was also an hour without Naomi in the picture. The writers are playing a clever game by tossing characters in and out of plots and building suspense. Good job on the other hand. As for the cases, well the old man was a sensitive touch and the others with regard to the premature babies, was rendering, but the outside drama seems to reflect the craziness of each character and their dilemmas with regard to life. Let's see what turn they would spin unto next.

    Lexa Reviews


    Four Stars

    Grade B-
  • All hail the new king of Medical Dramas! Best Episode this season!

    This review contains spoilers for this episode, so avoid if you havent watched :)

    I am a BIG fan of both Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice and YES I do realise the two shows are different but in all fairness, Private Practice this year has been kicking Grey's behind every single episode.

    I have really enjoyed this episode so much. The relationships struggles of all main characters have been done so well and I am so glad to see Addie settling for something - The ending though spices things quite nicely!

    Cooper and Charlotte, simply, my favourite two characters in the show right now and I am so glad to see things looking a little bit brighter for the two.

    Addie's sister in law was a very nice addition in this episode. Could we be seeing her added to the main cast soon as a regular? I certainly hope so! I think she fits quite nicely as a close friend to Addie given Naomi's abscence. She can stir things up in addie and Naomi's friendship!

    All in all, the best episode this season and clearly the crown of best medical drama on tv should be handed to the show right now!