Private Practice

Season 2 Episode 18


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 12, 2009 on ABC

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  • The slightly different format showing everyone's stories at monthly intervals was interesting and unusual for the show.

    This was another enjoyable epiosde of Private Practice. I am still holding out hope that Cooper and Charlotte can sort themselves out as their affair is in such a mess at the moment. Violet seems to be making her own way with what she wants for her pregnancy and is not particularly interested in which of Sheldon and Pete are the father. Naomi and Sam still seem to want each other but are unable to really see their true feelings. I felt sorry for Addison who seems so unlucky in love. This time with a married man who was also the husband of one of her patients. Surely it's now time for all these relationships to move on?
  • I don't understand the low ratings ...

    Really this episode wasn't bad at all.

    In fact, it was pretty good. There are so many new developing story lines, progressions. That being said however, there was one annoying part of this, it kept on updating the viewers on 'one month later'.

    Other than that, Addison is getting into trouble as always, Naomi is immersing herself into Sams relationship.

    Cooper and Violet have the usual Cooper and Violte thing going on. Cooper runs into the same thing with Charlotte time after time, but their moment is quite touching. All in all, this was a nicely played out episode, worth the watch =)
  • Addison falls for a cardiac surgeon, Sam tries to straighten things with Sonya, Pete and Violet treat an abuse victim.

    Well we had a lot of stories here, and for most part the episode was a drag. However, it had it's moments - there were a few good and poignant scenes spread across the tale.

    Addison encounters a very strange doctor, who appears to be attracted toward her, but doesn't make the first move. At the end, much to her surprise she discovers him to be the husband of the her miscarriage patient. I liked the scene where that doc wants to cheat on his wife with Addison, but she walks out. Sam's storyline was nerdy - I don't understand why they make look so pathetic. Taye Diggs is a good actor for sure.

    And again, we have the usual Cooper-Violet touchy scenes, and Pete and Sheldon still loitering around Violet like a dog. Charlotte had a couple of scenes that were worth mentioning. I did like the story of the girl with a tumor in the heart. As I mentioned before, this one had its moments, but certainly not a powerful drama as it was before.
  • Just in need of some 'Finishing' touches.

    Finishing went out with a unconvincing "Finishing" from Addison.

    No pun intended, but Kate Walsh (Addison Montgomery) always plays her role as Addison well. Of course Addison was the reason I started watching Private Practice. Still I liked this installment, but there were a few unpolished scenes.


    Charlotte and Cooper's relationship is just too sappy. The only thing between them is Charlotte's constant crying outbursts "Stop Loving Me!" and Cooper's reassuring "I will not stop Loving You!".

    It's all good, but the sappiness is just not meant for this pair, who lost the heat and chemistry they shared before they became so committed to loving each other. I actually miss the Charlotte with the whip, that used to make me laugh.

    Pete and Sheldon are becoming overshadowing, no mean to favor one over the other, but Sheldon's role is being overused. I actually liked Sheldon when he didn't go all sex-crazy with Violet. I have no idea who to feel sorry for.

    Violet who has the constant voices of Pete and Sheldon hassling her to get a paternity test. She lives with Cooper (who she calls her best friend) and has him speaking to her tummy, giving him more responsibility than he should have.

    Sheldon who once admitted that he could not ever have a girl like Violet, but when they actually end up together, he ends up a possible father to Violet's child and has to endure another man look after her.

    Pete, who once lit a flame between him and Violet causing him to lose his old flame; Meg and is caught in the same problem Sheldon has, well the latter half.

    Or wait what about Cooper, he is living with his best friend, taking care of the child that could be for two different men and at the same time he wants his girlfriend to be okay with it and we are talking about Charlotte.

    This is turning into a soap opera. I guess Cooper takes the cake.

    Private Practice needs to straighten out that part of the show, or pretty soon things would be in knots.

    The 'one month later' gap was a new take for the series. It is the quickest way to cut a long story short.

    All of the cases were compelling and the reveal that the doctor was Addison's patient's husband was a little surprising. I found myself wondering how come I didn't catch on to it sooner.

    The fact that there were no names between them and as soon as he found out Addison's name, he bailed.

    "Oh wait, she's my wife's doctor" probably crossed his mind and even though his wife just had a baby, he still tries to come one to Addison. I wonder if Addison learnt anything from the Derek-Mark triangle she had. Then again she does get to play Mark's role in it. Do you think she would do it? She did struggle to answer his Finishing or Starting question.

    Overall, a few tweaks and touch-ups needed, but Private Practice still manages to pull off another good episode.


    Two and a half out of Five Stars

  • A progressive three months jump that wasn't really believable, but still somewhat saved by Amber Benson's guest appearance.

    Although it is true that Private Practice episodes seldom ever really impresses me, I thought this one was particularly bad.
    First, the 3 months jump? Could have been a neat idea when it comes to the cases they are working on, they needed some time jump for the little girl and for Violet's case, but it didn't work out so well. I didn't believe it, it doesn't seem at all like 3 months passed. First, they hair are all the same. I know it seems superficial, but in real life, and in normal tv life, girls hair changes in three months, especially when it's short, like Addison's, Charlotte's and Sonya's. Ok, so they could have went and got the same haircut again, but it being the exact same each month, it's just no believable. It shows a lack of attention to detail and made it fall flat for me.

    Addison's storyline also fell flat for me. Even before it was revealed who he was, I had no excitement at all in Addison having a new love interest. There is just something broken, it doesn't work anymore. And then of course when it is revealed he's her patient's husband, that was the culmination. A dead end. Which, at least, it's what it's seemingly going to stay, which is good. For a moment there I thought Addison was going to become the mistress, and that would have been jumping the shark. So, kudos for not going there.

    Naomi and Sam's storyline was of no interest whatsoever to me so I'm not even going to mention it.

    Violet's personal storyline was so obvious to me. I mean, for weeks now I was wondering why the hell Pete and Sheldon didn't ask for a paternity test yet. And the fact that she is procrastinating to do it is so selfish, I don't understand how they don't get more mad. I personally would have went and at least try to get a court order. It's really not fair to them, leaving them in the dark like that. They have a right to know. I'm liking Violet less and less with each episode.

    Cooper's case was interesting, as always when a child is dying. It's always sad. But I'm just getting tired of all those ethical dilemma, episode after episode. I know that is the basis for this show, and it was interesting at first, and it would be interesting from time to time, but every single episode, it's starting to take its toll. They are always so obviously presented too, I mean, every episode you can say "this is this week's dilemma".
    Though I did thing the young girl was very good, very convincing and she made it easy to feel for her.

    All that being said, there are still two highlights to this episode.
    The first is Amber Benson's appearance. Her acting was flawless, as usual, and she really made us feel for her character. That last scene in the courtroom was absolutely perfect. Very powerful, she really delivered. (But then again, she always does. You can't go wrong with Amber Benson.)
    The second is the last scene between Cooper and Charlotte. I find so many of the great emotional scenes are between those two. I am constantly impress by Kadee Strickland's skills. It was a very poignant scene, when she begged him to stop loving her. (Though I do think their storyline doesn't make much sense in that episode. It would have, if it was in a normal episode, but there is no way their relationship didn't evolve at all in 3 months before culminating in that scene. Cooper wouldn't have given up so easily.)
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