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How's it doing rating wise?

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    I learned after the rerun on 3/22 that Private Practice is moving to
    Tuesdays to make room for the creators new show but have to ask
    how is it doing rating wise?

    Is that also a factor as to why they're moving it?

    Or is it because they feel it'll do better after the Dancing
    with the stars result show?

    In my opinion, they should keep it on after Grey's Anatomy for one
    it's a spin off from it. It allows them to do crossovers which now they
    want to do it means we the viewers will have to tune both shows on
    different nights.

    Plus like it on after Grey's anatomy for personal reasons. Live with a
    family member and we watch both shows together back to back and
    i'm normally watching Parenthood on Tuesdays at 10pm on Nbc.

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