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    First of all, welcome to the Private Practice forum on I expect that before you submit things you are unsure about, you refer to here. Now, I will cover certain areas of submissions.


    When submitting summaries for FUTURE episodes, I will only accept it if it has a source from where you got the info from. When editing a summary that has already aired, a source isn't needed. Also, if the episode you are editing has an episode before it that hasn't aired yet, keep it as clean as possible. By clean, I mean don't make it very spoilery and keep it basic. Even if the episode is the next to air, keep it pretty 'clean', and don't give TOO much away concerning it. Don't make the summaries too long and don't plagiarize, I will check.


    In my experience, people writing recaps don't focus on spelling and punctuation, as they are focusing on getting everything right. One spelling or punctuation mistake, and I will reject and get you to resubmit. The only time I will EVER fix anything wrong submitted is when a person under the level of 5 submit it, and I will also make sure to leave a comment instructing them not to do it again. Don't skip major scenes, don't submit a transcript and when you can submitting a summary and recap at the same time, do it. It could be considered gaming if you submit two things that can easily go in the same initial form.


    When submitting things, make sure you have the formatting correct. This table will help:

    As you probably will know, TV show, movie, book and song titles all need to be in italics or " ".


    There are two important rules to remember when submitting quotes. One is formatting. Here is the perfect example of a rightly formatted quote:

    (Addison hits Jackson.)
    Jackson: Ow.
    Addison: Idiot! You divorced Naomi?
    Jackson: Look, just mind your own business.
    (She hits him again.)
    Jackson: Ouch.
    Addison: Moron. She's my best friend.
    Jackson: Stop hitting me on top of my head.
    Addison: Did you cheat?
    (She goes to hit him a third time, but he grabs her hand before she can)
    Jackson: Ok. Two things I learned way back in kindergarten. One: keep your hands to yourself. Two: he who smelt it, dealt it.
    Addison: That makes no sense.
    Jackson: Yeah. (pause) You cheated! You cheated on your husband with his best friend. There, smelt it, dealt it - it works.
    Addison: You're using fart logic!

    Actions in brackets are italicized, peoples names are bolded and (although it's not in the quote) if you need to use empasis in quotes, italics, underlining and possibly bolding can be used. The other rule is, the quote has to be worth it. By that, I mean the quote should be 'worth it'. Personally, I'll accept quotes that are funny, pivotal and noteworthy. The following quote is more of a plot component, rather then a noteworthy quote:

    Naomi: You want to have a baby?
    Addison: I want to have a baby.

    It may be known as 'important', but it's not a quote that can't be explained through the summary. Also, if you are submitting a quote where it only has one person talking, reference if they're talking to anyone and in the case of PP, indicate if it's a voiceover.


    Allusions, per guidelines, are references to other tv shows, movies and other things similar (books, songs etc.).


    Goofs are one thing that continually gets contributed as part of trivia. And that's completely fine. Other examples of trivia is when two actors who appear in an episode, have appeared together before. Any awards and nominations the episodes were given, can also go in the trivia.


    In the notes, you can submit the music in the episode (all in one post), when the episode aired internationally (all in one post), the first appearance of a character that is going to appear from then on, the last appearance of a character that has appeared for a few episodes, a regular who didn't appeared in this episode and if the episode is apart of an episode arc (e.g. part 1 of 3). I will not accept notes like:

    In this episode, we find out that Addison wants a baby.


    In this episode, Violet and Cooper kiss.

    I will not (and I mean WILL NOT) accept notes that are based on what happens in the episode and viewer-based discoveries. The only exception is if a main character gives birth, finds out they're pregnant, marries or dies.


    First of all, I will choose TC's. I may choose not to have them, but regardless, don't ask me or you will have less of a chance. And, the forum conduct will be posted in another topic. If you have any questions, PM me. Don't submit a request to delete something you think violates the guidelines, because I have obviously allowed it, and it would be a waste of your and my time to submit it. Although, if you are sure it violates guidelines, I will review it.


    I don't control the news, videos, pictures, downloads, similar shows, DVD or the banner. If you have any questions concerning any of that, go straight to the staff or pass the info to me and I'll pass it onto the staff.

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    Oh, and because the first episode is starting in the fall, I will start taking submissions for the first episode* in mid-July, unless you have a reliable source beforehand. * First episode of Private Practice, you can submit to The Other Side of This Life at the moment.
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