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The Correct Use Of the Forum

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    If you thought the submission guidelines were strict, take note of this. The forum is essentialy one of the most important places of the guide and it's important that it's well looked after. So here are the rules:

    • Don't post spoilers in the titles.
    • Make sure that if your topic contains spoilers, put a spoiler warning in the title.
    • Don't abuse other users.
    • Make sure you don't post a topic that has already been posted.
    • Don't swear, and if it's in appropriate context, make sure you obscure it as per guidelines.
    • There will be several 'specialized' topics that will be stuck to the top of the forum page to prevent repeated topics. If you ignore this repeated times, action will be taken.
    • No games in the middle of a season. You have a 'Fun/Games' forum for that. When the show isn't showing, games will be allowed (but a max. of 2).
    Any other rules will be added and repeated forum offenses will be noted and action will definitely be taken.
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