Private Practice

Season 4 Episode 11

If You Don't Know Me By Now

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 06, 2011 on ABC

Episode Recap

Addison and her mother are having a conversation about Bizzy's lover, Susan. Susan is suffering from late stage ovarian cancer, and Addison tells Bizzy that she can't do anything. One slap in the face from her mother later, and Addison reconsiders. Addison calls in oncologist Dr. Rodriguez to help with the patient, which might be a little awkward considering his burgeoning feelings for her. They find out that the cancer has metastasized to Susan's liver and they agree that there's really nothing else they can do to help. Once again, Bizzy won't take no for an answer.

Bizzy admits to Sam that she wanted Addy's help because she trusts her daughter's skills as a surgeon, but she'd never tell that to her face. Sam convinces Addison to go ahead with the surgery. Addison and Rodriguez work on the patient together, and the operation is a success. Bizzy is still stingy with the thanks, and Naomi tells Addison to directly go to her mom and ask for a thank you. Bizzy, however, has some shocking news for Addy. She's divorced Addison's dad and plans on marrying Susan.

Meanwhile, Pete deals with a patient (Cory) who has been in a near-fatal car accident. His brain is swelling and Pete needs to relieve the swelling to keep Cory alive. However, Cory is a brilliant engineer and the procedure to stop the swelling might affect his brain. Cory's wife wants to protect his mental abilities, so she refuses to allow Pete to do the procedure. However, Cory's girlfriend, Janel, wants to go ahead with the procedure if it would save Cory's life. Cory crashes and Pete has to stop the swelling or risk killing his patient. After the surgery, Cory is not the same man his wife knew.

Ever since the attack, Violet has been writing a memoir trying to deal with the experience, and everyone thinks that her book is fantastic. It starts Violet wondering if she should get it in print, so she plans on going to New York to meet up with publishers, and Pete fully agrees.

Cooper confesses to Sheldon that he wants to have sex with Charlotte. He plans on suggesting the idea to her with a meal of fried chicken. However, Charlotte once again struggles with intimacy. But Coop understands, and they share the rest of the fried chicken.