Private Practice

Season 6 Episode 9

I'm Fine

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Dec 11, 2012 on ABC

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  • A beautiful side road, with Sheldon

    Well that was simply gorgeous. How nice to just focus on the one character just this once, instead of the often chaotic rush of all the others. I was gripped by the secret life Sheldon maintained in the radiography waiting room, the struggle between heart and head over his instincts about Nick, and his tender and gentle comfort to Sarah. It was a stunning episode, completed by such a poignant final scene in the waiting room.
  • Gone Baby Gone?

    I was very dissapointed with this week's episode. Last week was the first interesting episode in a while, when Charlotte gave birth to a premature triplet, and the other two plus herself were in life threatening danger! I was looking forward to the episode on Charlotte and her babies all week. I started to watch the episode, and then bam! there's Charlotte running around the hospital, only a month or so pregnant. It wasn't until then that I realized they went back about seven or eight months in the show to talk about none other than boring Sheldon. The Sheldon episode was the biggest letdown from this show in a long time compared to the drama they could have had with Charlotte. What a dissapointment. This episode went back when they really needed to be going forward.
  • The Sheldon-centric episode!

    I thought this is a great episode. Well its great that they did get back to Sarah Nelson's story. I was starting to wonder if it was going to just leave it at that. At the beginning, i thought the episode concept would be like previous week where Cooper was the focus as well as the narrator and his thought process was expressed to the tv audience through out. It is not. This story focus mostly on Sheldon, how he constantly works using his instinct, making him 1 of the better shrinks out there, and his strength in handling the cancer that he is experiencing. Thoroughly enjoyed the episode! Well done PP!