Private Practice

Season 1 Episode 8

In Which Cooper Finds a Port In His Storm

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 21, 2007 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: The disease in the convent is initially diagnosed as typhoid fever and all the symptoms correspond. However, later at the hospital, Sam refers to the outbreak of typhus which is a completely different disease caused by another vector.

    • The convent where Sam and Naomi went is the place where the Maroon 5's "She Will Be Loved" Music Video was filmed. (In the video it was supposed to be a Mansion).

    • Joy Lauren who plays Darcy, the pregnant girl in this episode and gives birth to a girl, also plays a pregnant teenager on another ABC show - Desperate Housewives where she gives birth to a boy who she also gives up for adoption.

    • Music featured in this episode:

      Tell Me by Sharon Jones - The song plays as the day begins in the office. Dell notices everyone acting strange. The women are talking behind closed doors as the men watch from the kitchen.

      Crazy 'bout You Baby by Ike and Tina Turner - The song plays as Cooper meets his internet date at the bar, Dell gets info from the infectious disease specialist, and Pete tries to find out about Addison's date.

      Learning As We Go by Leona Naess - The song plays as Sam and Naomi leave the hospital together. Addison leaves Pete at the office and arrives at Sam's door.

  • Quotes

    • Priest: I would sneak in at night and we would...
      Sam: (Sam nods his head no) You don't have to say.
      Priest: I would sneak in at night and we would... cook.
      Naomi: Cook?
      Priest: I couldn't boil water before she arrived, never had to. But then I would see her and she was just so graceful and smart. When no one else was around, I would ask her for pointers. It's been years now, we have never touched. I know it was forbidden. She would be away on missions and I just... A part of me was always waiting.
      Sam: And the next time you can be together.
      Priest: I missed my friend.

    • (Violet is trying to explain to Addison her patient's problem)
      Violet: A trunk is a place where you might put all sorts of things, things you might have..taken or borrowed from another person...In an anatomical sense.
      Addison: Oh God!!! Where is my shoe?

    • Addison: (To Violet) Batgirl can only sleep in total darkness.

    • (Naomi, Addison and Violet are in Naomi's office talking)
      Addison: ...I was humiliated.
      Violet: Were you completely naked? Did you stand in front of him like a pealed banana while he looked over your best parts? Because I have good parts and Cooper passed on them. I have good parts!
      Addison: Damm right you do and so do I!
      Violet: I like your breasts.
      Addison: You have a good ass.
      Violet: Thank you! I like it.
      Naomi: Hey hey hey! The point is, we should not be having sex in the office
      Violet: Who is having sex in the office?
      Naomi: No one. No one! That's the point! It gets complicated, you don't know where you stand.

    • (Sam walks into the cafeteria. Pete and Coop are there)
      Sam: They are behind closed doors.
      Coop: Who?
      Sam: The women... If they are gonna talk about us, we should talk about them.
      Coop: Yeah, let's talk, let's talk smack.
      (And they just stay there looking)

    • (Addison goes to visit Sam after her very difficult day at work)
      Sam: Can I get you anything? Some tea, or wine?
      Addison: Wine... I called Naomi, but uh, no one answered
      Sam: You want to talk about it?
      Addison: (sighs) It was, um, a night, you know? Just a night, and uh, like I called Naomi and she wasn't home, and I... I just couldn't... go home yet
      (Naomi walks into the room in her bathrobe, and pats Addison on the shoulder)
      Naomi: Hey.
      Addison: (breaking down, whispers) Hey .
      (Sam quietly leaves the room as Naomi holds a sobbing Addison)

    • (Naomi and Addison are discussing the baby Addison and Pete rescued last night as part of the Safe Surrender program)
      Addison: This girl, Darcy, she carried her for nine months. I've had her for one night... one night, and the thought of her being thrown into some foster home is killing me.
      Naomi: You can't have this baby, Addison.
      Addison: (nods, sadly) I know... I named her (pauses) Batgirl.
      Naomi: (laughs) Okay, you just can't have kids.

    • (Pete, Violet and Coop are discussing Addison's date)
      Pete: Addison's date last night was with a patient of Violet's. Now Violet seems worried.
      Coop: No way. Awesome, what's the deal?
      (Violet pauses, opening and closing her mouth several times)
      Coop: Oh, it's nothing she would say. (To Violet) You know you'd say
      (Violet scrunches up her face)
      Pete: Just a hint. You don't have to tell us the...
      Violet: He calls himself Trunk.
      (Violet begins to walk away. Pete and Coop follow her)
      Coop: Okay... well, when I think ‘trunk’ in relation to a guy, that's not necessarily a bad thing. Elephants' trunks, very large... oh! Is he... freakishly large? Is he hideously...
      Violet: (enters her office) I can't tell you! (The door swings shut behind her)
      Coop: (to Pete, extending his arms) Trunk!

    • (Sam and Naomi have been quarantined for a suspected infectious disease outbreak)
      Naomi: Still don't think God's trying to tell us something?
      Sam: You don't really think we're being punished for what we did last night?
      Naomi: What, just because we may have some rare tropical, probably deadly, disease the morning after we have sex?
      Sam: Well, if we are sick... I'm glad we got some.
      Naomi: How sentimental (she leaves the room)
      Sam: That was a joke... I was joking.

    • (Addison is leaving work for her date)
      Addison: Ring me if we get a Safe Surrender call. I'll be just down the street. I've got a thing.
      Pete: A thing?
      Addison: Yes.
      Pete: Well, don't drink. Friends don’t let friends drink and save babies.

    • (Sam and Naomi are walking down to meet with their priest at his behest)
      Naomi: God's trying to tell us something.
      Sam: It's a coincidence.
      Naomi: No. We... we have sex and then the day after, our priest summons us? It's the fires of hell, Sam. We had sex!
      Sam: Just don't mention that we got a divorce. I don't need a lecture. Play it cool...
      Naomi: (mumbles in agreement) Yeah, yeah cool.
      (They reach the priest)
      Priest: Thank you so much for coming.
      Naomi: We had sex. And we're divorced.
      Sam: Ohh, Naomi.

  • Notes

    • International Air Dates:
      Belgium: March 6, 2008 on VijfTV
      Germany: April 9, 2008 on ProSieben
      Sweden: April 25, 2008 on TV4
      Israel: June 3, 2008 on YES Stars 1
      Denmark: July 9, 2008 on Kanal 5
      Norway: August 12, 2008 on TV2
      United Kingdom: September 2, 2008 on Living
      Finland: October 21, 2008 on MTV3
      The Netherlands: December 29, 2008 on Net 5
      Latin America: January 12, 2009 on Sony Entertainment Television

    • Weekly rank: #41

    • This is the third episode the title of which is "In Which ... Finds..."

    • This is the third consecutive episode the title of which is "In Which ..." someone other than Addison.

    • This is the fourth episode the title of which is "In Which ..." someone other than Addison.

    • This is the first episode the title of which is "In Which Cooper ..."

  • Allusions

    • Addison: (nods, sadly) I know... I named her (pauses) Batgirl.

      Batgirl is the name of several fictional characters, in comic books published by DC Comics.

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