Private Practice

Season 1 Episode 2

In Which Sam Receives an Unexpected Visitor

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 03, 2007 on ABC
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Two couples are involved in an unfortunate baby switch and the doctors must handle and solve it. Sam treats a client that may upset Naomi. A grandmother goes to extreme lengths to stop her son killing himself with alcohol, but her plan backfires.

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  • Baby switching.

    This was a very poignant episode and very scary too. Two couples find out that their babies were switched in the hospital. As the show progresses we find out that it was one of the baby's fathers that actually switched them, after he found out that his child had a deadly illness. Once the crew gets on the situation, they find out what had happened and the reason behind the father's need to carry out the switcharoo. We see the crew of the Wellness center come together and work as a team, a very cohesive team. In addition we're introduced to Dr. Charlotte King who is the chief of staff at the local hospital. This was a very interesting and well written episode. Kudos to the writers.moreless
  • Violet struggles with getting through her ex's birthday. Cooper and Pete set Sam up to meet a stripper. Addison, Charlotte, and the team have to deal with a situation involving babies that were switched in the hospital when they were born.moreless

    The episode starts out with the team going to Addison's house to spy out her windown at Sam who lives next door. Cooper and Pete send a stripper named Ginger over there. It appears that Sam is interested in staring at her behind as Naomi walks in to find her friends spying on Sam. Apparently Sam was more interested in the fact that Ginger had a skin condition. Addison gets protective of Naomi, and she tells off Pete who she is mad at and maybe even a little jealous because he was treating Ginger. Naomi confronts Sam about it and he tests exactly how jealous she is. Later, she tells him she wants the next woman he dates after her to be as good as or even better than her. I think Naomi and Sam are really good together, and i think it would be great if they just got back together. Violet has to deal with the fact that it's Allen's birthday, and they are no longer together. A bike shows up at her office which we find out she apparently ordered last year when they were together to come for his birthday this year. After finding out she paid six thousand dollars for this custom made bike from Italy, Naomi tells her she needs to let go. When Naomi can't give it away she brings it by Allen's to give it to him, and finds out that his wife had already bought him one. She then decides to destroy it while being comforted by Cooper. I think Cooper is an idiot a lot of the time, but then we see his human, compassionate, real side. It makes it hard for you not to like him. This episdoe we got to see Cooper get a little emotional over something other than a girl. So, the team has to deal with a hard situation. After learning of a baby, Emily's condition, we find out that she really only has about five years left to live because she has an incurable disease. The father seems very cold towards his daughter. After blood work is run to see which parent passed it down to her we find out that they are not the biological parents of Emily. At first i thought the father might have had something to do with it. After getting together with Charlotte to try to figure out what happened, we find out that two babies were switched in the nursery when they were born. The real father of Emily, Mr. Stenson had found out that his daughter was sick, so he switched the babies in the nursery when his wife was sedated. The team has to re-unite the babies with their real mothers and that was a really emotional scene. I can't imagine how hard that would be. After learning that the team at Oceanside Wellness makes house calls, Sam has to deal with a patient named Dave, who is sick, then his son Stevie winds up being sick. They live with Dave's mother. When i saw how Stevie acted towards his father i thought that Stevie might be trying to kill him, until Stevie walks into Oceanside very sick, with his grandmother. We find out that Dave's mother has been giving Dave a mushroom that acts as a form of Antibuse, which makes you very sick if you drink alcohol. Apparently she was trying to get her son to stop drinking. Sam decides not to call the police, and tells Dave instead that he has a rare allergy to alcohol. Another great episode.moreless
  • The scene with the moms was really touching

    A woman brings in her child and Cooper says that it has almost five years to live. They take some exams and they find out that the illness wan not taken from any of the parents , since it was a genetically transmited disease. Addisson figures out that the baby was switched in the nursery room at hospital. They track the other African American girl who was at that time at the nursery, whose parents were helped by Naomi to get pregnant. At first they thought that the switching of the babies was by mistake but then they find out that the husband of the couple that couldn't have babies, switched the babies after birth because while he was holding it it started having seizures and he was afraid that it would die after the 250K dollars he gave for the birth of it. That man gets arrested and then the mothers, according to the California law, switch back the babies crying and telling each other tricks about each baby.

    Cooper hires a stripper to go to Sam's house so that they have fun from Addisson's house which is next to his. Sam shows that he's not interested in her but from the view in the window it seemed as if he was looking at her ass. Naomi finds out and doesn't talk to Sam because with the fact that he was dating a stripper it showed what kind of women he liked, and she was his ex-wife.

    Pete treats the stripper the next day, whose name's Ginger, who came in for needle tratment. Addisson gets jealous and Pete realises that she cares about him.

    Violet gets the bike she ordered for her ex-boyfriend, the year after, on his birthday. She doesn't know what to do with it because it cost 6K bucks. She first offers it to Cooper but then invites him at her house to help her destroy it with a hummer.moreless
  • Second show better as well!

    Really good show and that it will only get better. As it shows two couples. With a baby switch. And that they want this problem solved. Before you know what breaks loose.

    Violet, I really like as she is that someone who can really solve problems. All of life's problems except for one person. That is herself. Meanwhile, a grandma desparately tries to get her son off of alcohol. But it backfires on here. As you feel for the grandma a lot. Like I said before, both this show and Grey's Anatomy are two different shows. But from the same producer. Addison, really carries herself in this show very well.moreless
  • Great medical cases, with a mystery eliminte

    I loved this episode. The medical cases they had to deal with were so interesting. I loved the baby switching storyline. This is such a fascinating concept to deal with and it got even better because one of the babies was sick. I enjoyed seeing how each parent reacted to the news. It was also a great storyline because they made it into a mystery of what happened. Some of the parents were acting wierd and it could have been any of them, or even someone else. It all fit together nicely and I liked how we got to see that the one Dad really did care. The other major medical case was interesting. I just love how it is done in the form of a mystery and we have to wait to find out what is causing the Dad and the Son's symptoms. I loved how the Grandma looked suspicious but she was really trying to save them. I also loved how the doctor wasn't truthful to them to help stop them from drinking. The stripper plot also helped this episode. It just added a funny, light touch to it. The whole bike storyline was also good and it got you to feel for the characters.moreless
Audra McDonald

Audra McDonald

Dr. Naomi Bennett

Kadee Strickland

Kadee Strickland

Dr. Charlotte King

Kate Walsh

Kate Walsh

Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery

Timothy Daly

Timothy Daly

Dr. Pete Wilder

Amy Brenneman

Amy Brenneman

Dr. Violet Turner

Paul Adelstein

Paul Adelstein

Dr. Cooper Freedman

Dorian Harewood

Dorian Harewood

Duncan Stenson

Guest Star

Sean O'Bryan

Sean O'Bryan

Dave Walker

Guest Star

Barbara Eve Harris

Barbara Eve Harris

Melinda Stenson

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • This episode marks the second person from Prison Break to be on the show. Paul Adelstein whos plays Cooper, and Barbara Eve Harris, who played the woman who's husband switched their baby were both on Prison Break.

    • Music featured in this episode:

      Leave Me Alone by Frank Popp Ensemble-The song plays at the beginning of the episode as Addison, Cooper, Pete, and Violet wait for Sam's surprise to arrive.
      Same Mistake by James Blunt-The song plays as the mothers meet their babies. Addison and Charlotte show their emotions as they recount the day's events.
      Hope for the Hopeless by A Fine Frenzy-The song plays as the episode comes to an end. Cooper comes to check on Violet and she finally decides what to do with the bike. Addison is outside with Naomi, while Sam sits in the window above.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Pete: Oh, god. I am a wreck. Long day.
      Addison: I just sent a man to jail for trying to get rid of his own kid, but... your day sounds really hard.
      Pete: I didn't know.
      Addison: Oh, no. Of course not. You spend the entire day dealing with the perils of aromatherapy and uh... your stripper.
      Pete: I know you don't believe me... but... I like my women real. Real skin, real breasts, real lines around their eyes that mean that they've really lived and had pain. You show me that woman, and I'm interested... and not in a slippery way. (gets up to leave, but stops) And, Addison... I think it's great that you take care of Naomi, but who takes care of you?

    • Addison: Do what?
      Dell: Speak at my mid-wifery class. I told my teacher about Naomi and she called you a primal life giver.
      Naomi: Yeah… I think-- I think I have something that night.
      Addison: Come on, do it. It might give you a boost.
      Naomi: I -- I don't need boosting. I'm fine. (walks away)
      Addison: I'll do it. I love talking to mid-wiff's.
      Dell: Uh… actually, I think we're goon on OB's.
      Addison: Actually, I'm a double board certified, uh, neonatal surgeon. (Dell nods) One of the best in the world… (Dell starts to get up) With a specialty in genetics. DNA…
      Dell: Well, yeah, maybe… if someone drops out.
      Addison: You can't get more primal a life giving than DNA.

    • Addison: Hey, is that stripper still in your office?
      Pete: Entertainer, not stripper. And yes.
      Addison: And she's been in there all day… Why?
      Pete: We're tryin' a few different techniques.
      Addison (laughs): Ooh, yeah. I'm sure you are. Oh, you know what, Naomi… does not need Ginger thrown in her face.
      Pete: Naomi is a big girl. She can handle it.
      Addison: She doesn't have to. That's why I'm here.
      Ginger: Pete, is it supposed feel tingly?
      Addison (mocking her): 'Pete is it supposed to feel tingly'…. You know what, go… do take care of your poor little stripper girl and her tingling.
      Pete: Entertainer. And why are you so angry at me? Cooper's the one that---
      Addison: I-- I -- I am trying to take care of my friend and Cooper is bad. But you're worse. And you know why? Because you're slippery, yeah, you walk around pretending to be all soulful… But you don't take the heat, you just do whatever you wanna do and you evade, evade. Evade.
      Pete: Do you need me to kiss you again?
      Addison: No!

    • Addison: What are you people doing in my house?
      Cooper: I told you. It's a surprise. It's a surprise for Sam.
      Addison: You know about this?
      Pete: Sadly, I do.
      Addison: If it's a surprise for Sam, then why aren't you at Sam's house?
      Cooper: 'Cause, that would ruin the surprise, now wouldn't it?
      Addison: Wait, wait… what're you doing?
      Pete: Cooper thinks that Sam's in a rut.
      Addison: Well, I am not in a rut, okay? And in fact I have plans.
      Pete: You have plans, with who?
      Addison: With Naomi.
      Pete: Oh.
      Cooper: You invited Naomi here? Oh, see… that's-- that's no good.
      Addison: Well, it's good for me. It's good for Naomi. Naomi is my friend. And you people I barely know.
      Cooper: The thing is that Naomi kinda steps on the surprise.
      Violet: What kinda surprise is this?
      Cooper: One named Ginger.
      Addison and Violet: What?
      Violet: I'm outta here.
      Cooper: She's about to ring his doorbell.
      Violet: Okay, five minutes. (they all run to the window to watch Sam and see what happens with Ginger) Cooper, how do you even know how to find a stripper?
      Cooper: Ginger is not a stripper. She's an entertainer.
      Violet: What does that even mean?
      Cooper: Mm, still tryin' to figure it out.
      Addison: Sam is not like you, Cooper. He's not interested in…
      Pete: I think Sam is.
      Addison (walks closer to the window): Sam and a stripper, who knew. (someone turns the lights on)
      Cooper: Hey, it's just getting good could you… (turns and sees Naomi)

    • Sam: You do know that you have an office here, right? It's next door.
      Naomi: I am asking because I'm curious, not because I care. What's her name?
      Sam: Who's name?
      Naomi: The girl. The girl, Sam.
      Sam: Ginger.
      Naomi (laughs): Her name is Ginger?
      Sam: Hey, I did not name her. I didn't hold her up to the moon and do the whole Kunta Kinta thing. This isn't roots. Her name is Ginger.
      Naomi: Did you sleep with Ginger?
      Sam: Are you asking because you're curious?
      Naomi: Yes.
      Sam: Yeah.
      Naomi: Samuel!
      Sam (laughs): No, I didn't. I just wanted to see what curiosity looked like. It looks an awful lot like jealously.
      Naomi: I am not jealous.
      Sam: Oh, yes you are.

    • (watching Cooper with a baby)
      Sam: Look at him… How is that guy and the guy that hired me a stripper the same person?
      Pete: He's Cooper.

    • Ginger: Hey, Coop.
      Cooper: Hey...Ginger. I didn't recognize you in... I didn't recognize you. (hugs her)
      Addison (looking on from another room): Tell me that is not the girl from last night.
      Violet: Cooper's bringin' 'em to work now?
      Naomi: Oh, my god. That's it. He's just crossed the line. (Sam hugs her) Sam just hugged a stripper!
      Violet: Well, at least with Cooper you know what you have.
      Addison: Well, now, let's just all calm down. Sam is not a dog. He never was. This could be a totally innocent explanation for this.
      Naomi: What-- what, for stripper hugging? Gimme one. Gimme one.
      Addison: Well... (sees Ginger talking to Pete) Like she's here to see the real doc. Oh, oh, would you look at him. He's all like 'I'm a doctor, my touch heals.'

    • Addison: So, do you wanna talk about Sam's… well, it's not Sam's…
      Naomi: If you wanna say it, just say it. Sam's stripper. Sam's stripper! So, Sam's single and I'm single… so single. And single people move on.
      Addison: Yeah.
      Violet (walks in with a bike): Sorry. I can't look at this in my office all day.
      Naomi: You bought a bike?
      Violet: Yeah, it's custom built, it's from Italy, and Allan is never getting his hands on it, ever. I don't care if it costs $6,000.
      Naomi: You bought Allan a $6,000 bike?
      Violet: I... I ordered it last year. It just arrived today... on his birthday.
      Addison: Oh, brutal.

    • Pete: Addison is mad at me because Cooper hired a stripper.
      Violet: I'm ignoring the stripper. Today is a day for ignoring things. I am all business today.

    • Naomi: No Ginger. She can't be her. Ginger can't be her.
      Sam: Okay, you're gonna have to translate from freaked out language to normal people language.
      Naomi: The first woman that you date after me-- She has to be ... Look, she cannot be some stripper with clear platform shoes and a suspious skin condition.
      Sam: Eventually, Naomi, I am going to start dating.
      Naomi: I know that.
      Sam: And when that happens you do not get a say in who I date.
      Naomi: I. Know. That.
      Sam: So...
      Naomi: So...fine. Date. But it can't be Ginger.
      Sam: And we're back to crazy.
      Naomi: Hey, I'm a catch. I do the New York Times crossword puzzle in pen. I... eat vegetables, I have a very good sense of humor and I don't do pilates 'cause I think it's fun. I mean, have you seen me? If you date Gigner after you're with me... I mean, if she is what your choosing... If-- If, if your big dream is rashy skin, strippers. Then what-- what...
      Sam: ... What was I doing with you.
      Naomi: Yeah. You know what, forget it. (gets up and walks to the door)
      Sam: The next girl I date will be amazing. She will be beautiful, she will be intelligent, and she will be rash free.
      Naomi: She'll be better than me?
      Sam: She will be way better than you. Okay?
      Naomi: Okay. That's sweet, thank you.

    • Addison: I'll get you a tissue
      Dr. Charlotte King: I'm fine
      Addison: It's okay. It's been a big day.
      Dr. Charlotte King: Montgomery, I'm chief to over 200 physicians. You call this big day? This place is making you soft.

    • Gloria Walker: Stevie, close the door honey
      Stevie Walker: I'll leave it open so next time dad passes out no one's gotta break a window to get in.

    • Dr. Charlotte King (to Addison and Naomi): This hospital's been 124 years building its reputation. I'm not gonna ruin that by chatting with you.

    • Sam: Hey man, what were you thinking?
      Pete: It's a long sad story
      Cooper: Did you do the thing were she... (Addison and Naomi and Violet enter the room) ... uhm could be pneumonia...
      Violet: You're not foolin' anybody, Cooper.

    • Sam: You have something.
      Ginger: Thanks. You're sweet too.
      Sam: No, you got something right here.
      Ginger: Huh?

    • Violet: I think that I may need to borrow some tools. The frame is still in one piece. The wheels came off and the chain...but I think I may need a blow torch or a hacksaw. Do you have a hacksaw? (Violet is hammering the bike)
      Cooper: Is this helping?
      Violet: Yeah. Yeah, actually. It's very therapeutic. Oh, damn it. I am so full of crap.I went over to Allan's with the bike. But he'd already gotten one...from Cami. (sobbing) I guess he told her the bike story, it took him three years to tell me the bike story. They've been together, what? A day? And he told her the bike story. I'm an idiot.
      Cooper: No, you're not.
      Violet: Yes, I am. I'm an idiot, he's married, it's over, he's married. It's over, I am idiot.
      Cooper: Violet, you're not... you're just... you're, uh, you're just honest. That's your fatal flaw. It's my favorite thing about you.
      Violet: All right.
      Cooper: Come here. (puts his arm around her)
      Violet: You want to help me run the bike over with my car?
      Cooper: Absolutely.

    • Naomi: Look at him, sitting up there with that dumb little dog.
      Addison: Well, if you want, we could... I mean, you want to go and say hi or... or you could just look a little longer.
      Naomi: Yeah, the last one.
      Addison: Okay.

    • Violet: Cooper, how do you even
      know how to find a stripper?
      Cooper: Ginger is not a stripper.
      She's an entertainer.
      Violet: What does that even mean?

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    • This is the first episode the title of which is "In Which Sam ..."

    • This is the first episode the title of which is "In Which ..." someone other than Addison.

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