Private Practice

Season 6 Episode 13

In Which We Say Goodbye

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 22, 2013 on ABC

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  • disappointed

    this was not the best ending this series could have had, i was so very disappointed in it, nothing really happened, everything felt rushed and forced, like Voilet's patient, totally unnecassary part of it, had we known the girl for the 5 years she was in therapy then it would have been much more moving.

    Sam and Naomi was so unnecessary and in my eyes really hated that part....

    no i loved the ep before this one much better, they should have made that the end imo....
  • Joy and Life's Journey - Private Practice!

    WOW, I wasn't expecting this amazing series to end so soon. All in all, the episode was a great wrap up of the the series as some of the clichs us fan have been expecting have finally come true - Naomi and Sam getting back together, Adison finally happily married to Mr Right and Sheldon finally finding "The One". I love the way the episode wraps up with the book Violet wrote being called "Private Practice" because this series is about people's journey through life. Loved this episode and so sad to see this series end :(