Private Practice

Season 2 Episode 5

Let It Go

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 05, 2008 on ABC
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Violet must choose whether or not to break the law for a friend, while Addison's choices as leader of the practice may place Oceanside in peril.

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  • A very revealing episode !

    In this episode of Private Practice the following happens. After Mia catches her mother and father in bed together they lie to her and tell her that they are getting back together. We also learn that Charlotte and Cooper are taking HIV tests so that they will only have to use one form of contraception. Addison realise that after $487,000 the practice will be out of the danger zone. We soon learn that egg retrieval is being done on a 17 year old newlywed so that she will get her dying wish of having a baby. Addison doesn't think that it's a good idea. She has a chat with the Husband Nick who is also in High School. He soon freaks out about the whole fatherhood thing. In this episode it is confirmed that Violet was raped in the past, which was hinted at in the previous episode. We soon learn that Sam and Naomi own another floor in the building. Which just happened to be their first practice. Because Nick no longer wants to be the father the young girl now wants to use a sperm donor in order to get herself pregnant. After Naomi and Addison have a talk Naomi agrees that she can't get the young girl pregnant, by a sperm donor. Soon the husband turns up and they both begin to cry, when she reveals that she doesn't want to die. Sam asks Naomi to move back in, but she says no. She tells him that they have to let go of each other. Cooper gets the results back from the HIV test. At the end of the episode we learn that Addison has leased out the spare floor which the practice owns. We learn that Pete's wife died before she could quit smoking. Naomi has t tell Mia that she and Sam will not be getting back together.moreless
  • Addison and Naomi have a difference in opinion over a dying child.

    I'm baffled by some of the low scores for this episode. This certainly wasn't the greatest episode in series history but it was well-written and opened up the door for some new storylines in the show.

    The actress portraying Jenna was brutal and I think that hurt this installment a little bit. I am a Sam and Naomi shipper so I'm hoping this split is only temporary but Private Practice does need to focus on giving them different storylines.

    I'm glad that the Addison and Naomi fighting seems to be over. It reminds me of Season 1 of One Tree Hill with the seemingly endless string of Brooke and Peyton arguments that were exactly the same every time.

    One aspect missing from this episode was an innovative case. I mean they just flat out said this girl was dying. There was no mystery or nothing special about it.

    All those flaws taken into account this was still a very fast-moving hour and a strong episode of television warranting the decent rating it got.moreless
  • Naomi tries to fertilize a dying 17-year old. Addison does administrative chores. Sam and Naomi contemplate getting back together.

    Well, If I give a reasonable try and recall the stuff that happened in this episode, I get an epiphany that nothing really happened. On the other hand, if I try to read between the lines and look at literal and metaphorical references, well something did happen that will take the story forward.

    Barring all the making-out scenes which make up 90% of the story, we are left with a good 10% of what we can call drama. So in this 10%, we got Addison trying to run the practice, get it out of the bad economic mess that Naomi and Sam had created. Well that's pretty obvious where they had got that inspiration from (Obama trying to pull America out of the mess that Bush had created, get it?). Well, even otherwise the crew had literally tried to cash out from the current politics buzz with the Kara Wei story line. Story-wise, there wasn't much to list down, except that some revelation that she was Violet's best friend. And, we also get to know that Violet had been raped in the past. So, as another development, we see Violet and Cooper renewing their friendship on the backdrop of this plot.

    The only medical case was that of a 17-year old, who wanted to get impregnated using the sperm of her teenage boyfriend. We also hate Addison for her pushing her opinions strongly on the others. An OK episode if we consider this as an occasional filler. But definitely, not something most medical drama lovers would necessarily approve of.moreless
  • What a way to end off your Wednesdays, with a special dose of Private Practice; Nice episode.

    Look who's finally taking charge, in the bedroom and the workplace and a little of both in between. It looks as though Addison's finally on top of her game this episode. Kevin has taken on the role of the official 'boyfriend supporter' who could now lend his time for his new girlfriend. Looks like there's not much SWAT cop cases :). It's good to see Addison mixing it up. Though her time at work isn't all that simple, with Naomi still at odds with her and what's with Naomi and Sam.


    (After a long heated time in bed Maya walks in on Naomi and Sam)

    Maya- "Are you guys back together?"

    ....Of course they had to say yes lol.....

    I thought it was nice that they finally brought Maya back, I was beginning to wonder where she was. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Addison in charge seems a bit funny to me and a bit unfair with respect to Naomi and Sam. Imagine this, Naomi persuades Addison to join the Practice and Addison soon takes it over, she handles it well though some of the members easily try to undermine her

    "Stay out of this Addison"

    Hello you're talking to the boss you elected, only Pete could get away with talking to Addison like that. I must admit in that split second I didn't like him that much.

    What about Charlotte and Cooper, wow they spend everyday on top each other (in the literal sense). It seems like Charlotte is wearing Cooper down a little, when does he get the chance to breathe lol. Probably when they talk dirty to each other lol, that was funny, strange but funny. Seems like we are getting to know a more sensitive side to Charlotte, quite unexpected.

    Looks like Cooper and Charlotte's relationship is putting a dent in Cooper and Violet's friendship. Still when Violet said she was happy that he was with Charlotte, I saw a hint of a 'more than friends' between them. They must always tell each other everything, and they're always huggy huggy and lovie dovie lol. I just don't buy the just friends act. Best friends don't attempt to sleep with each other (Last season, if you were wondering), wait I wonder if Charlotte knows about that and how okay is she with Cooper and Violet's friendship. It might not be a problem now, but I'm sure some conflict would happen between these three, would it be Charlotte asking Cooper to cut all friendship ties with Violet, that's what usually happens.

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Favorite case(s)

    They seemed to only have one case this week, most of the episode was taken up with couples and a lot of sex in this episode. The case with The dying seventeen year old wanting to have a baby was touching, she had a lot of chemistry with the cast. Addison seemed like the outsider here as it was like the patient grew on the others and left Addison out of the circle. At first I thought Addison was being a bit too pushy, then she sounded like she was being an objective doctor, unlike the others. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Pete and Meg finished where they left off last episode, I actually like Meg for Pete, she's actually cool. Even though she's on her way out, I hope she finds her way back to the practice, probably become an additional cast.

    I thought the Violet 'old friend' plot line was used to bring up the issue of Violet's assault, which was hinted in the last episode between her and Addison. I wonder if we would here more of that or if Cooper knows? Still I didn't like Violet's friend, though what would you expect of a politician, always try to cover up your dirty tracks so it wouldn't spoil your image, it didn't surprise me when she shredded the documents in the end. It gave Violet a chance to snuggle in Copper's arms.

    The ending with Maya was very sad, you know how it is when you hope mommy and daddy are getting back together and it turns out to be a bis joke. Poor Maya, already planning their re-marriage.

    I liked this episode, it was actually okay to me. Though they had far better earlier episodes.

    It's good that we got to see a little more of Kevin.

    Hey maybe they should merge some of his 'Cop life' into the show, just an idea.


    Two and a half out of four stars

  • what!pete-violet?private practice is getting disappointing,dey shud hav done thngs mre dffrnt instead of the coupling that they are doing..cooper shud be w/ violet,addison mst be w/ pete not with the swat guy,trngle between dell,naomi,&sam mst be revivedmoreless

    Im not against with this show.... i love this show , im a big fan of this show but wats happening now??? this show is getting experimental too much... this is not good! seeing pete and violet sleeping together what kind of a sick coupling is that, ill definitely get very upset when this thing wont stop between them becoz instead making pete fight for what he feels for addison instead this show gives pete experimental flings. In my own opinion the writer must go directly to the point on what pete should do... what is he waiting for, Addison getting married with the swat guy? hah! everything was ok for me about cop and doctor thing then pete being friend of addison, its cute but not gud for a long run.. If i were the writer make pete stop going around the bush if at the end he will end up with addison becoz the excitement is already loosening up for this show.....

    Viewers are getting tired of going round and round the real event that shud be happening ryt now ....

    -sam and naomi is no fun if theres no love triangle which is dell .... so dell step up ur game to get naomi back on being crazy on u ... then pls expand sam/naomi's daughter role in the show coz its as if they dont hav daughter anymore....

    -violet and pete is so not gud together pls ..... its so annoying that they are both in bed .... that is a worst duo if u combine them , all i liked etween the two is just their friendship but now this uh-oh not gud! worst episode of Pp!

    - addison pls let ur eyes open with the real thing ok!moreless
Chris Lowell

Chris Lowell

William "Dell" Parker

Taye Diggs

Taye Diggs

Dr. Sam Bennett

Audra McDonald

Audra McDonald

Dr. Naomi Bennett

Kadee Strickland

Kadee Strickland

Dr. Charlotte King

Amy Brenneman

Amy Brenneman

Dr. Violet Turner

Paul Adelstein

Paul Adelstein

Dr. Cooper Freedman

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    • (Addison and Kevin lay naked together, eating noodles on the floor)
      Addison: So if I lease the fourth floor then Sam and Naomi hate me, but if I don't the Practice may go under.
      Kevin: So you lease it right?
      Addison: You make it sound easy.
      Kevin: I lead guys everyday, need to make tough decisions, sometimes that means pissing of a friend for the good of the group.
      Addison: I want people to stop being pissed off.
      Kevin: Well, you need to decide if you wanna be a good friend, or a good leader?
      Addison: You're smart, I don't like that.
      Kevin: Yes, you do. (Addison smiles) You want me to eat noodles off your back?
      Addison: Yes, please.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Ming-Na (Kara) also worked with Paul Adelstein (Cooper) in the season 8 episode "Bygones" of ER.

    • David Sutcliffe received the "And" credit.

    • Music Featured in this episode:
      "Burning Down The House" by Talking Heads
      "Hit It and Quit It" by Funkadelic
      "Crash" by The Primitives
      "Be The Only One" by Holly Palmer
      "Burn Brightly" by Sonya Kitchell

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Finland: December 2, 2008 on MTV3
      The Netherlands: February 9, 2009 on Net 5
      Latin America: February 23, 2009 on Sony Entertainment Television (aka Canal Sony)
      Norway: March 3, 2009 on TV2
      Australia: March 12, 2009 on Channel 7
      Germany: April 22, 2009 on ProSieben