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  • Just A Nightime Soap Opera - Disgusting

    Too much sex. Too many swapping of partners. More emphasis on the sex lives of the doctors than on medicine. I had never seen this show on TV. I have viewed it on Netflix. Weakly written. Lousy script. Simple dilemmas with poor resolutions. Not a show for children, to be sure. These adults depict immaturity yet they are supposed to be well-educated professionals. Blah!
  • What I learned from Private Practice

    You need to give people the freedom to choose

    You need to give them the space they need

    To let them make Wrong choices

    You need not to assume that you understand

    You need to know when to push and when to give them room--to be willing to do both but not selfishly but for the sake of others

    Just because you know the answer you don't need to say it

    Just because you know and can see inside you don't need to say it

    Just because you can see what's going to happen you don't need to say it

    Just because you can help you don't need to help

    Give people the room to process life differently, to respond differently, to see differently and respect their perspective

    Separate a difference of opinion from personal relationship

    Respect others

    Do not look down on their decisions

    Respect them by following their wishes, doing as they ask, considering counsel, not taking concerns lightly

    Don't let passion and opinions override respecting others
  • Miss this show

    I loved this series, I would have liked to see at least one more season
  • Season 6 was fantastic

    This season was the best season Private Practice has had. Great way to end this wonderful show :)
  • Glad this is over

    Thank you for ending this series, it has been horrible from day one, yet I had to endure it because other people had nothing better to do except watch this trivial doctor personal drama. I need a negative sign to go with the 1.
  • Now it's getting downright silly!

    I am surprised that medical advisors on the show have not stepped in on the premature baby issue. There is no way that the first triplet born at 23 weeks would now be that robust baby that they are showing! Most babies born at 23 weeks do not survive. Those that do are on ventilators in the NICU for weeks and weeks. They remain small and nearly all will have multiple medical issues. Writers need to stop perpetuating the idea that having a preemie baby is no big deal.
  • I'm Fine!

    This episode which aired on Dec. 11th was the absolute best. If you didn't see it, I highly recommend that you do!
  • Where`s Amelia?

    I can't believe that we see almost no Amelia anymore! She is the most interesting character on the show! She used to be in almost every episode for at least a few minutes and now we are lucky to see her make a quick appearance on an episode. She was the main reason I watched the show, and I would gladly watch a show with her as the main character. I will be extremely dissapointed if I don't get to see her character every week. Here's hoping she gets transferred back to Seattle Grace in Gray's Anatomy!
  • What's with the white hat?

    Addison's baby is really cute, however the child is never seen without a white hat. There must be parents affiliated with the show who know that no baby wears a hat 24/7, indoors and out...especially in California! It's not like the child is living in an igloo. Take off the hat!!!
  • I need more amelia!

    well that most recent episode was really terrible, why would you focus an episode all about sam when he is the most boring character? i need more amelia sheperd in my tv life! she needs to transfer to greys anatomy
  • One of the best shows ever.

    Great everything. Excited about it being over this season and upset at the same time.
  • The best show in ages!

    The best TV show in ages. Private Practice is amazing, Shonda Rhimes really knows how to write a show and how to touch every fan. In my opninio, Private Practice is ten times better than Grey's Anatomy.
    The team is great, Paul, Tim, Amy, Kate, Audra, etc, they are just the best cast on the history of television.

    All the stories are touching. The caracters are wonderful, they have a great chemistry togheter. The recurring roles are always a great cliffhanger, because you know that, eventually, they will come back to another special story.

    Shonda deserves the best prize for this show!
  • question

    on the episode of Tim Daly's funeral they are in Addisons bathroom and I noticed a loofah sponge that I use to be able to buy at Walmart. They told it was discontinued. Where did you get that ? Best scene ever.
  • It's official, season 6 is the last one

    Is sad that now that I'm enjoying PP again, they are pulling it out of the air. I just hope they give Addison and Jake, and, Cooper and Charlotte a great finale, they are my favorites.
  • Season 1 = 10/10, Season 5 = 1/10, Season 6 = we'll see

    Season 1 with Chris Lowell was fantastic. Then, each season declined and Addison's character got more annoying. Where is the Addison from Grey's Anatomy? Amelia's character was a pointless addition - just another dysfunctional and immature doctor. Benjamin Bratt as Jake is the only good thing about the show. They need to kill off Addison and Amelia, and the original Naomi (Merrin Dungey) should return to run the center.
  • a fan for years

    I have not gotten through the first new show for season after 2 days. The jumping from person to person time to time is awful. If the next episode isn't better I am all done. Insane! Just tell the story from start to finsh. How boring is this Season opener!
  • hoping it comes back on

    love this show!!
  • season premier....I've seen better, but it was decent. I have a real problem with some of the stupidity in this episode...they need to hire a better medical personnel to help them with their writing.

    Good show, but being in the medical profession it was irritating..if not disturbing to see the doctor (Addison) come out to ask her "friends" if they should save her uterus! I can tell you from real life long experience....they don't ask! (at least not in this situation) Doctors save lives and tell your family later the pt may not have children. It's a sad part of the circumstances, but they do everything in their power to save (all) of the patient if they can't they fix what they can to keep you alive.

    AND the stupidity was the doctor and her friends actually saying..If we/you save the uterus Violet will die. So what should the decision be?

    HOW can you use a uterus if you are dead? When would saving the uterus be an option if you die? Stupid Stupid Stupid writing and they should be paying attention to these things.
  • Immature, selfish, disloyal, sexually craven people. They can all go to Hades.

    It's like 6th grade homeroom. But the twelve year olds have adult bodies. So instead of kisses and giggles they exchange STDs and warts. In other words, this is incredibly shallow and immature tripe. To repeat the metaphor, its what a twelve year old who watched too many medical dramas would write if they made their own. Here's some advice, talk to people who actually work in medicine. I promise that the work is more dramatic and interesting than you could ever write about a bunch of self obsessed sex addicts. This seems like it could be a good rule for writing shows. Personal drama is always intense and gripping for those involved. But to everyone else it's like pulling out a big string of baby pictures. Get away from us with that!
  • Doctors with too much time on their hands.

    I keep wanting for this show to be better and I feel the more the writers try to make it more interesting the worse it gets. The first season was too boring and the third season has plots that are beyond ludicrous. They had a nice balance of things for a while but it was completely destroyed by the latest season. The mix of humor and comedy that Shonda Rhimes is known for is not quite pulled off in this show that relies too heavily on some of the characters for comedy and the others for drama. All the scenes with Violet are getting very hard to watch and I really hope the show goes in a lighter direction. Naomi is the one character who constantly delivers no matter how tiresome her and Sam's drawn out love affair lasts.
  • Better than the Original

    I know, I know that makes me sound insane, but hear me out. Grey's Anatomy is a terrific show, and was my must see show of the week, but after the first phenomenol three seasons, things began to get overloaded. Espicially the humoungous cast, which is a burden sometimes to try and follow the stories when there are so many of them. Then I heard Kate Walsh's Addison Montogomery would be getting her own show, set in the sunny City of Angels. And thus a back door pilot was shown on Grey's. I immediatly fell in love with the quirky, yet lovable cast of characters, Amy Brenneman's outwardly collected, yet secretly neuorotic Psychiatrist Violet Turner and Paul Adlesteins' Porn obsessed yet geuniunly nice Pediatrician Cooper Freeman for example. Yet as the series went on I realized that the medical side of the show was much more developed than Grey's.
    After three years, the show finally is in a place where, outside of ratings, needs to be associated with Grey's as the storylines are much more original and intruiging.
  • The new season begun with a bang. It was unbeliable how much was going on, in each of the characters lifes. I am afraid, that is us much of a summary your going to get out of me. You just need to watch the first episode online. Just know, its good.

    I LOVE IT!! i mean, i could not believe when the episode was over, and with such and end. I also hope we will be seing Dell soon. I felt so bad for him, i mean he tried to hide away Naoimies secret as long as he could, and in the end he just gets into more trouble. poor guy. Now changing directions, i just need to say, i sometimes want to kill Addison, i mean she had Pete in the palm of her hand. and 'SWAT' guy is not us cute as Pete is. But instead, she pushes him away!! argggggg! ...........any way, great beggining for an incredible show. i am looking forward to next week!
  • Come on guys, this is not Gray's Anatomy - so stop comparing it to that. It stands on its on, and the dynamics of it are completely different from that of Gray's.

    The new season episodes are great! Much more complexity in the characters, much more irony, realistic nuances, and realistic situations between characters. The focus is not about the technical aspects of medicine as how Gray's potrays it (as a marriage of surgery tv and sitcom) but rather about relationships between the characters, within a context of .. a Private Practice. It could be any practice, and this happens to be one about medicine. I really love the new episodes The characters are alluring, plot is thicker, less glitz than the first ones, much more subtle and realistic. Keep it up guys! A+!!
  • The work and loves of a group of doctors in a Los Angeles private medical practice.

    I love Grey's Anatomy so was interested to see how this spin off would succeed. I watched season 1 in a couple of sittings and am now enjoying season 2. It is nice to see a group of fortysomethings deal with the problems in their professional lives as well as their love lives.

    Obviously Addison was an established character from Grey's Anatomy and was the main reason I started watching this but the other doctors at the practice have engaged my interest too. There are a lot of medical shows on TV right now and this is definitely one of the better ones.
  • Needs to go.

    I think Shonda's time would be better spent on Grey's alone. I have given this show a good go but it is rubbish. In the first season it was okay, intriguing and the thought of Addison and Pete was amusing. Now the characters are whiny, themes and stories are unrealistic and frankly just same old same old. Please cancel ABC and bring back Cashmere Mafia or another show that empowers women!!!! I do not see the appeal of this show and think it needs to go. Other really witty shows are being canceled. Addison without surgery is just not right.
  • Private Practice is Awesome!

    Private Practice is a very talented show. Its different from others because its less people but there caring Doctors who arent't always about who's with who. They show alot of caring towards patients and eachother. I really like it. It's one of my favorites. Adison is great. She's preety and fabolous. I don't like how people knock the show. They probally never gave it a chance. But hey people like what they like. This seasons get better and better. This show has alot if heart. I love shows like that. it's amazing how really great actors they are. A Big Fan, Winny look alike :)
  • A show that me and my girlfriend love watching together, it's characters and it's plots are always really good.

    Private Practice is a good addition to Grey's Anatomy, a show that I always watch before I watch Private Practice, due to the different emotions that the shows evoke. Most Private Practice episodes bring a tear to the eye, whereas most Grey's Anatomy episodes are fast-paced, with a really good storyline - not to say PP doesn't have a good storyline, that'd be wrong.

    However, this years season hasn't been as much of a tearjerker. I think they've tried to have a more linear storyline compared to last year, where most of the plots were different each episode with a hint of a consistent plot behind it. This time every episode has a lot of references to a plot that will eventually lead towards something big perhaps in the final episodes or a few upcoming episodes.

    I'm excited to see what else the producers of this show bring to it, because I'm not going to stop watching it, and I don't think I ever will.
  • Three female doctors, three male doctors, one midwife, and one chief of staff come together for an addicting and entertaining show about a private medical practice.

    I love this show!!! Kate Walsh is a amazing actress who brings life to the screen. Also, the intertwined love interests leave viewers wanting more. A divorced couple, a couple hiding their relationship, a relationship with people from different worlds, a date of two similar people, sex with other characters' siblings, a mysterious man of eastern medicine, the relationships of neighbors, the swat guy all make this a lovable and enjoyable show. Although the show is a spin-off from Grey's Anatomy, the show takes on its own personality. While some sets are at the hospital, most of the show is showing the interactions between the characters versus treating the patients.
  • I love this show, I know it's spin off of Grey's but I love it a little more than Grey's Anatomy. Kate Walsh, Audra McDonald and the cast are perfect. I love it and can't wait for more episodes. Please watch Thursdays @ 10

    Love it, please watch Thursdays @ 10. This is the best show I've seen in a long time. I advise everyone to watch. You will love Audra Mcdonald and Kate Walsh. Season 1 was " DA Bomb" and Season 2 is " off da change". I love it, I record it on my DVR and I sit here and rewatch, hope I don't sound like a Private Practice Stalker, but the show is good and I love the story lines and friendships this show has to offer. Kudos to Shonda Rhimes for coming up with another great show. I absolutely Love it!!!!
  • Addison, from Grey's Anatomy, has gone to join a Private Practice with old school friends.

    I absolutely love this program, all the characters are different, they each have they're own personalities. Although I love Grey's as well, it's nice to get a spin-off that actually works! Can't wait to see who is the father of Violets baby, my money is on Pete. Hope Charlotte and Cooper get their relationship sorted, they seem to be right for each other and although I can see where Charlotte is coming from by saying Cooper can't have a female best friend, (that should be Charlotte), Cooper is a very caring man and has been friends with Violet for a long time and she needs his help. Keep up the good work, I usually end up crying after each episode.