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ABC (ended 2013)





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  • A show that me and my girlfriend love watching together, it's characters and it's plots are always really good.

    Private Practice is a good addition to Grey's Anatomy, a show that I always watch before I watch Private Practice, due to the different emotions that the shows evoke. Most Private Practice episodes bring a tear to the eye, whereas most Grey's Anatomy episodes are fast-paced, with a really good storyline - not to say PP doesn't have a good storyline, that'd be wrong.

    However, this years season hasn't been as much of a tearjerker. I think they've tried to have a more linear storyline compared to last year, where most of the plots were different each episode with a hint of a consistent plot behind it. This time every episode has a lot of references to a plot that will eventually lead towards something big perhaps in the final episodes or a few upcoming episodes.

    I'm excited to see what else the producers of this show bring to it, because I'm not going to stop watching it, and I don't think I ever will.