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  • season premier....I've seen better, but it was decent. I have a real problem with some of the stupidity in this episode...they need to hire a better medical personnel to help them with their writing.

    Good show, but being in the medical profession it was irritating..if not disturbing to see the doctor (Addison) come out to ask her "friends" if they should save her uterus! I can tell you from real life long experience....they don't ask! (at least not in this situation) Doctors save lives and tell your family later the pt may not have children. It's a sad part of the circumstances, but they do everything in their power to save (all) of the patient if they can't they fix what they can to keep you alive.

    AND the stupidity was the doctor and her friends actually saying..If we/you save the uterus Violet will die. So what should the decision be?

    HOW can you use a uterus if you are dead? When would saving the uterus be an option if you die? Stupid Stupid Stupid writing and they should be paying attention to these things.