Private Practice - Season 5

ABC (ended 2013)




Episode Guide

  • Gone, Baby, Gone
    Episode 22

    As the other doctors rush to her side, Amelia faces a hard decision when she goes into labor. Pete and Violet finally come to realize what they mean to each other. Addison has to make a decision.

  • Drifting Back
    Episode 21

    Pete's decision about a patient has far reaching effects. Jake gives Amelia support to prevent her from misusing drugs again. Sheldon and Violet work together with a family troubled about the father's change in sexual appetite. Addison and Sam strive to figure out their situation.

  • True Colors
    Episode 20

    The team treats an illegal immigrant who self-induces her pregnancy which will allow her child be to be a U.S. citizen. Violet and Cooper help a young girl and her parents deal with her gender identity disorder. Before they start dating, Violet wants to continue therapy with Pete. Cooper continues with Mason's abrupt attitude towards him.

  • 4/24/12

    Violet and Pete decide to give counseling a try. Amelia receives some news that causes her to retreat from her colleagues. Addison fine tunes her life to let in a new man. Mason gives Charlotte and Cooper cause for worry. A relative of one of her patients makes Violet suspicious.

  • It Was Inevitable
    Episode 18

    Cooper and Charlotte try to prepare Mason for the inevitable when Erica's medical condition quickly deteriorates. Violet and Pete discover they still have feelings for each other. Addison urges Amelia to welcome her pregnancy. Sheldon and Jake work with a pregnant woman who is in jail for killing two of her children.

  • The Letting Go
    Episode 17

    When Sam insists Corinne be released from the hospital to his care at home, Sheldon warns him he's in over his head. Pete treats Scott when he shows up in the ER badly beaten. Amelia has to decide what to do with her pregnancy. While visiting his daughter at college, Jake gets the third degree about his love life. Erica's health takes a down turn.

  • Andromeda
    Episode 16

    Corinne's mental condition is making it close to impossible for Sam to take care of her. Amelia has news that will alter her life in a substantial way. Addison and Jake continue their playful exchanges. Cooper refuses any ideas to seek outside help for Erica's care.

  • You Break My Heart
    Episode 15

    Cooper and Charlotte take Erica to Seattle Grace, Derek, Amelia and Lexie then explain the procedure that could save her life. Scott wants to advance his relationship with Violet. When Sam and Jake argue about a patient, Addison is caught in the middle. Erica explains to Mason about her tumor, who starts to get scared his mother might die and runs off. Sheldon offers some advice to Sam regarding his sister, Corinne.

  • Too Much
    Episode 14

    Sam finds Corinne, his estranged sister, in jail. He brings her to Sheldon for help since she is heavily medicated. Erica starts treatment for cancer and refuses to let anyone tell Mason. Things between Violet and Scott start to heat up.

  • The Time Has Come
    Episode 13

    A friend of Sam's is in need of Sheldon's counseling for PTSD. Cooper and Charlotte are forced to look at their future after Erica and Mason are involved in a car accident. Pete further struggles with life after marriage especially after he finds Violet kissing Scott. Addison and Jake attend an unforgettable medical conference.

  • Losing Battles
    Episode 12

    Violet is visited by Joanna(someone she met in the airport) all battered and bruised, saying that her husband David did this to her. Cooper wants Erica to be prepare her will for Mason's future, if something should happen to her. Sam takes Sheldon to a place hoping they both can get a date. Jack introduces Addison to some potential surrogates, but none meet her expectations. Amelia gives Erica her input by saying for her not to have the chemotherapy treatment. Joanna tells Violet that she wants to kill her husband for doing this to her. Addison turns down Amelia's offer to be her surrogate. Violet gets struck by David and she wakes up to find Joanna stabbing him. Addison tells Jack she wants to focus on something other then having a baby.

  • 1/12/12

    Newly single, Pete, Violet, Sam and Addison, each deal with their new lives in various ways. Addison begins to question how much she wants a baby. Violet is considering accepting a date offer. A night at a local bar is in the works for Sam and Pete. Charlotte is faced with an ethical dilemma after Amelia discovers a secret about Mason's mother. Sheldon holds firm against pressure to rubber stamp a cop suffering from PTSD.

  • Are You My Mother?
    Episode 10

    Cooper asks Charlotte's help on how to punish Mason after catching him shoplifting. Violet offers to move back into the house so Peter can find a place nearby. Addison gets a visit from a social worker to make sure her place is safe for the arrival of a potential baby. Jake breaks the news to a patient that she's unable to produce viable eggs ruining her chances of having a family with her partner. Amelia returns to the practice and sees how she hurt Sheldon while she was abusing drugs. Addison rushes to the hospital after learning that the woman who's baby she's adopting is in labor. Charlotte takes Sheldon to the shooting range to take out his frustrations. Cooper sits Mason down and sets some ground rules in his punishment. Jake consoles Addison after her potential adoption falls through.

  • The Breaking Point
    Episode 9

    Addison collapses suffering a side effect of the fertility treatment. Cooper unintentionally disappoints Mason when he's late arriving to watch him in his play. Violet and Pete both agree that their marriage is over. Sheldon visits Amelia and urges her to take it one day at a time. Addison promises Sam that the next treatment will be the last one. Amelia is shocked to see Hailey return soon after leaving rehab. Charlotte brings Mason to the hospital and Cooper introduces him to his patient Toby. Everyone gathers at Addison's house for Thanksgiving, even Amelia, as Addison waits patiently for the outcome of her pregnancy test.

  • Who We Are
    Episode 8

    The gang at Seaside Wellness intervene and stage an intervention for Amelia who shows up after being on a 12 day drug binge with her boyfriend Ryan. Cooper treats a patient who's suffering from lupus. Pete confides in Sam about his future with Violet. Amelia agrees to go into rehab after waking to find Ryan had died from an overdose.

  • 11/10/11

    Amelia's drug addiction spins further out of control as she plays hooky from work with a new fling, starts writing pill prescriptions for herself, and has a run-in with the cops; Addison and Jake are at odds when they must make the impossible choice between donating their patient's organs or saving the life of her healthy, unborn baby; Violet begins working at Seaside Wellness again, and Cooper, Charlotte and Mason begin to form a family bond, much to Erica's chagrin.

  • 11/3/11

    In her progress toward motherhood, Addison makes a decision on a sperm donor. Charlotte's past comes back to haunt her while Amelia's behavior continues towards recklessness. Cooper has to deal with parents who are giving their child drugs to control what they think is ADHD. Trust issues keep Pete from accepting Violet back into his life.

  • Step One
    Episode 5

    Without Sam's knowledge, Addison starts her in vitro fertilization treatments. Amelia is at odds over what to do when her friend Michelle wants help ending her life. Sam and Violet have their hands full with a patient won't take his anti-psychotic meds.

  • Remember Me
    Episode 4

    The tension between Violet and Pete reaches breakinpoint. Meanwhile Addison and Sheldon have a couple who's pregnant, but don't have any short-term memory due to an car accident, and therfor don't remember she's pregnant. Sheldon tries heping the husband to cope with his "new" wife. Cooper and Charlotte tries to comprehend the big news regarding Coopers past. And Addison is worried how Sam is going to respond when she's starting with the hormones to help her, get her baby.

  • Deal With It
    Episode 3

    A woman without a uterus goes to Addison and Jake for help having a baby. Amelia, who seems to have her life back in control, treats a patient with Parkinson's who can't seem to stay faithful to her husband. Violet finds attending a mommy group isn't helpful with coping to be a stay-at-home mom.

  • Breaking the Rules
    Episode 2

    Cooper is determined to save a patient, whether or not it means breaking the rules.

  • God Laughs
    Episode 1

    While Violet is nowhere to be found, the rest of the doctors work together to save Pete's life after he suffers a heart attack. Addision wants a baby so she decides to meet with aspecialist, only she runs into Jack Reilly, the mystery man she kissed. Sheldon is determined to help with Amelia's alcohol problem.