Private Practice

Season 2 Episode 6

Serving Two Masters

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 19, 2008 on ABC
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Addison treats two pregnant women who unwittingly share the same husband; Violet confronts Charlotte about her liaison with Cooper; Dell reveals a special woman in his life.

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  • Fair, but there were far better installments this season.

    I'm going to be frank with you, there were some parts of this episode I didn't really take to. Still I definitely loved the opening scene, you could definitely tell that Addison was hot for her cop lol... and that 'I love you' was sweet. You can't expect that they were doing all that dirty work in vain. Finding Sam a date. I think it's cool that he wants to get out there, but what's his rush, it's obvious he still isn't over Naomi. Maybe they should find Ginger again, remember the stripper... I mean the entertainer from Season 1 Episode 2 (In Which Sam Receives an Unexpected Visitor), but I guess that Sam actually wanted someone real. I still don't understand why he and Naomi broke up, they can't really break Maya's heart twice.

    Violet and Cooper seemed closer than ever. I think that they are both using their 'friendship' to cover up something more. Cooper is always telling Violet that she could tell him anything and vice-versa. That only spells that they're beyond the miles of friendship and I keep saying that Violet and Cooper transcend the friendship stage.

    This episode finally mentions Addison's old life (Grey's Anatomy). She reveals her 'trust issues' with respect to the phrase 'I love you' and what comes with it. Things got amusing when she started following Kevin around like she was some sort of cop herself, but she sure was obvious with it, she still ended up getting caught. Derek is brought up, I was wondering when her old life was going to be brought up. That ending scene where she admitted that she couldn't commit to the three words he wanted to hear didn't really impress me. What's with Kevin and his SWAT shirt, it's become an icon in the entire show, can't he change before he goes over by his girlfriend. We've already established that he is SWAT. The way Dell acted, it was no surprise he was expecting something, but the whole idea of his daughter was completely absurd and I really didn't take to it. If anything, that could have played of completely differently. Charlotte, setting up her own business, I guess it was okay, but I think I'm actually getting fed-up of the whole Cooper-Charlotte relationship.


    *Two women married to the same man, both pregnant at the same time. Okay, I liked it. What I didn't like was how Addison stuck her nose into it. I know that she is a doctor, but that twisted issue wasn't her job to fix. I understood that the reason why she overstepped was because her history of affairs. If you didn't know the wife who had complications with her pregnancy also starred in a Grey's Anatomy episode (Where the boys are, Season 3 episode 7). The actress' name is Alexandra Holden. *The Alzheimer's patient was a sweet touch, but it became corny when 'everything worked out in the end' sort of like a fairytale ending, not that I didn't like it, it was just too plain and obvious.

    Favorite Scene(s)

    *Everyone teaming up on on Violet to find out the truth about Charlotte and Cooper. Played off beautifully.

    *The beginning scene between Kevin and Addison. Did you notice that there was a similarity in the scene when Kevin placed Addison on the counter. It was identical to the way Pete placed Addison on the counter in the opening scene 'In Which Sam Gets Taken for a Ride' Season 1 Episode 7. *Addison following Kevin and the entire scene where she gets arrested. Addison definitely did not where those handcuffs well and shouting 'I'm a doctor' really did not help her case, it only made the scene much funnier. This was not a bad episode, but there were far better installments this season.


    Two out of four stars

  • Worst episode in series history.

    Private Practice has been hit and miss this season. The show is fun and a refreshing change of pace from the majority of medical dramas now and previously on TV. But this kind of episode is inexcusable. The only positive I can write about is that it actually progressed quickly. The hour seemed to fly by and some of the interactions were mildly amusing but everything just felt rushed. The scenes at the bar were pointless, Dell having a kid was borderline jumping the shark as was Addison falling Kevin and the big Cooper and Charlotte relationship revealing was not made into the big deal it should have been.

    Two thumbs down for this Private Practice.moreless
  • Addison and Kevin broke up and got back together and there was a lovely scene with Dell and Betsy.

    There were good parts to this episode especially the opening scene with Kevin and Addison and Cooper in the bar and the scene afterwards where everyone guessed about him and Charlotte. I also particularly loved the scene with Dell and his daughter Betsy which I felt was very heart-warming. The scene where Addison was stopped by the police was also quite entertaining.

    The medical stories were not quite up to par. The bigamist story was quite weak and the alzheimers one was not particularly memorable. I was glad that Addison and Kevin managed to sort out their misunderstandings. I hope they can now move forward in future episodes.moreless
  • Addison and Pete deal with two pregnant women fathered by the same guy. Dell is a dad.

    This was an substandard one hour of drama. I really don't understand how Shonda's team can pull off a deadly story sometimes and a miserable one other times. Though this one was close to being watchable, what didn't make sense was that the subplots were barely related to each other.

    Sam getting back on dating market was a good idea. But two annoying bar scenes where he is totally uncomfortable hitting on women just doesn't prove the point. The plot involving the lady with Alzheimer's was too cheesy. The part where she suddenly opens her eyes and acts like she's totally aware of the situation looks like a scene picked out of a skit made by a 12-year old. The guy cheating on two women was a bad bad story. Dell having a kid was totally uncalled for. I am not saying this is an unacceptable development. But definitely, they could have at least built the story a little more dramatic. Finally, I liked the parts involving Addison and Kevin. The part where she spies on him and the guilt revolving around it were a good subtle way of portraying her past life where she cheated on Derek.

    This being my 50th review, I really wanted to do it on a special well depicted episode. Alas, unfortunately this is as good as it gets!moreless
Chris Lowell

Chris Lowell

William "Dell" Parker

Taye Diggs

Taye Diggs

Dr. Sam Bennett

Audra McDonald

Audra McDonald

Dr. Naomi Bennett

Kadee Strickland

Kadee Strickland

Dr. Charlotte King

Amy Brenneman

Amy Brenneman

Dr. Violet Turner

Paul Adelstein

Paul Adelstein

Dr. Cooper Freedman

Alexis Denisof

Alexis Denisof


Guest Star

Alexandra Holden

Alexandra Holden


Guest Star

Bess Wohl

Bess Wohl


Guest Star

David Sutcliffe

David Sutcliffe

Officer Kevin Nelson

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Pete is talking to Daniel after he tried to see Laura and the baby, when the camera pans to Pete, Daniel has the scrub gown hanging off one shoulder. When the camera pans back to Pete a second later, the scrub gown is nowhere to be seen, with no time for Daniel to take it off.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Pete: I am thinking we should hit a bar tonight after work. Try again. There are so many beautiful women in L.A..
      Sam: Pete, Naomi and I, we just came out of a long term relationship. I don't know if I'm ready to...
      Pete: Sam! Cooper is dating!
      Sam: Cooper is dating the antichrist!
      Pete: Well... At least he is dating.

    • (Addison is driving and talking on the phone with Naomi)
      Naomi: Hey, Addison.
      Addison: I think I may have gone too far.
      Naomi: With what?
      Addison: I followed him.
      Naomi: What do you mean you followed him?
      Addison: At first it was just a routine surveillance.
      Naomi: You are not a cop!
      Addison: I followed him to work, to the precinct which is apparently where I should have stopped.
      Naomi: Oh, God. Where - where are you now, crazy woman?
      Addison: I'm not insane. I went to the precinct. Five minutes later he comes roaring out of the parking garage in another car, a van.
      Naomi: Dit it - dit it not occur to you that he might be working?
      Addison: Of course he could be working. Only maybe he's not working. People lie. They lie and they cheat and they ruin people's lives and I'm not gonna be one of those women who gets dumped.
      Naomi: Addison - Addison, you have to be careful. (Addison pulls over, she can see the sirens and a police intervention)
      Addison: Or maybe he's working.

    • Addison: Cooper the Internet dater is in a healthy relationship and my too-good-to-be-true boyfriend thinks I'm a psychotic bunny boiler.

    • Addison: You're living a lie, Daniel. You're cheating on two women. And cheating ruins lives.
      Daniel: I'm not the one who ruined lives here today.

    • Violet: You're opening a practice here? What about Cooper?
      Charlotte: This has nothing to do with him.
      Violet: He's your boyfriend.
      Charlotte: This is business and Cooper is personal.
      Violet: It's not that simple.
      Charlotte: Maybe not for you but I am not a therapist. I don't have to talk about my feelings until everyone else's ears bleed.

  • NOTES (7)

    • Taye Diggs (Sam) and Billy Dee Williams (Henry) were both stars in the show Guiding Light. However, they never were in an episode together.

    • Alexandra Holden (Laura) also worked with Taye Diggs (Sam) in two season 4 episodes of Ally McBeal.

    • Billy Dee Williams recieved the "With" credit. It's the first time a guest actor recieves it.

    • David Sutcliffe recieved the "And" credit.

    • Music Featured in this episode:
      "Give It To Me Baby" by Rick James
      "TKO" by Le Tigre
      "Robin In The Snow" by Sonya Kitchell
      "Mad About You" by Belinda Carlisle

    • International Airdates:
      Finland: December 9, 2008 on MTV3
      The Netherlands: February 16, 2009 on Net 5
      Latin America: March 2, 2009 on Sony Entertainment Television (aka Canal Sony)
      Norway: March 10, 2009 on TV2
      Australia: March 19, 2009 on Channel 7
      Germany: April 29, 2009 on ProSieben

    • Alexandra Holden (Laura) also appeared in the season 3 episode "Where The Boys Are" of Grey's Anatomy. Although she was playing a different character (Jamie), they were both pregnant women, treated by Addison.


    • Addison: Cooper the Internet dater is in a healthy relationship and my too-good-to-be-true boyfriend thinks I'm a psychotic bunny boiler.
      Bunny boiler refers to the scene in the 1987 film Fatal Attraction where Glenn Close's character puts her lover's children's pet rabbit in a big pot of boiling water on the stove.

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