Private Practice

Season 5 Episode 5

Step One

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 27, 2011 on ABC

Episode Recap

Amelia's old friend Michelle has Huntington's Disease. Previously, Michelle had made a deal with her to end her life once the disease progressed and Michelle is ready to put the plan in action. Amelia goes to Sheldon and Pete separately for advice on how to handle the situation. Pete tells her it's illegal in California to help someone end their life and advises her not to do it.

Amelia feels obligated to help her friend and goes through with the plan. She brings Michelle syringes for lethal injection, but the attempt tries when Michelle has a bad reaction to the first injection. Amelia ends up calling 911. Pete attends to Michelle at the hospital and Amelia goes home distraught. Sheldon comes over infuriated that she involved him in her crime. This isn't going to help her with her drinking problem.

Michelle survives and Amelia asks her to move in with her. Amelia makes a deal with Michelle that she'll stay sober if Michelle doesn't commit suicide. Michelle seems to agree, but then Amelia comes home to find that Michelle overdosed on pills and is dead. Amelia swallows a few of the leftover Oxycodones with a glass of wine.

Violet's former patient goes off his meds and into psychosis. Feeling helpless, his mother just pins her phone number to his jacket so that she'll be informed if he gets into trouble. Violet vents to Pete that she's going to fight the medical board on her suspension.

Addison starts the in-vitro fertilization process. She doesn't want to tell Sam, yet, and Jake is giving her hormonal injections that but her on an emotional rollercoaster. She finally tells Sam her plans to conceive, and he says he doesn't want to raise another child, but he supports her decision.

Erica tells Coop that she doesn't want Charlotte in their lives, but Coop says that Charlotte is just being protective. Mason asks Coop if he's his dad, and Coop confirms. The episode ends with the two of them watching cartoons together.