Private Practice

Season 5 Episode 9

The Breaking Point

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 17, 2011 on ABC

Episode Recap

Amelia arrives through the doors of the rehab clinic with Addison at her side supporting her. Amelia's roommate at the clinic is a young woman named Hailey, and as they suffer through detox together they begin to bond. Amelia doesn't want to have anyone visit her because she's ashamed of herself.

During a group therapy session, Hailey complains that Amelia isn't sharing very much. She tells Amelia that Ryan's death wasn't her fault. Ryan chose to take the drugs, and Amelia has a tearful breakthrough. Hailey is nearly finished with her stay at the clinic, and reminds Amelia to allow her friends to visit.

The first person to see Amelia (after 32 days) is Sheldon, and he points out that even though getting clean is hard, Amelia will be able to get through it if she takes it one day at a time. Nine days later, Amelia and her friends are all gathered in a room together. Amelia promises that she won't hurt them again and she finally wants to move forward.

Meanwhile Pete and Violet are still struggling with their one-on-one relationship when Lucas isn't around. Sam says that Pete's doing very well after his surgery. Pete warns Sam about Addy's determination to have a baby, and now that Violet is involved, a baby seems a certainty.

Addison wonders about her future with Sam as she continues with the fertility treatments. When she collapses, however, Sam starts to worry whether all this will be worth it. Jake says that Addy will be fine, and they can try again after she rests for a few days.

Cooper has a young patient named Tobey, who has complications due to lupus. The boy needs both a stem cell match and a new foster family, and Cooper wants to focus on caring for Tobey. This turns out to be difficult because Mason is in his first play and Cooper wants to be there in the front row with his camcorder. However, Tobey asks Cooper to be with him during a procedure. Cooper realizes that if he stays for Tobey, he'll miss the play.

Mason is upset when his dad didn't show up at the play. Cooper explains that Mason has a lot of family and friends to support him, and Tobey has no one. So he chose to stay with Tobey because the boy doesn't have a family. Mason later talks to Tobey at the hospital and he assures the boy that he'll be okay because his dad fixed him.

Sam warns Addy about going through further fertility procedures but she's already gotten two more embryos implanted in her uterus. If this treatment doesn't work, however, she promises that she won't try again.

Violet realizes that Pete is still in love with his first wife, and he'll never be fully able to love her. Violet wants to leave him, but they should still try to keep things together for Lucas at Addison's Thanksgiving gathering.

On day 50 of Amelia's treatment, she finds out that Hailey had a relapse, but she'll help her old roommate get clean. The doctors have all gathered at Addy's place to celebrate Thanksgiving, and Amelia arrives as well. Addison is missing from the table because she's waiting for the results of a pregnancy test. But is she pregnant or not?