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The Other Side of This Life (Parts 1 & 2)

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The Other Side of This Life (Parts 1 & 2)
Addison leaves the dreariness of Seattle for the sunshine of Los Angeles, hoping to leave behind the drama and start anew. Unfortunately, she finds that no matter where she goes, drama always seems to follow. Meanwhile, both Meredith and Cristina cope with family issues.

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  • I don't know what 'Jumps the Shark' means and that sums up this pilot - I had absolutly no idea what it was doing. Released as a couple of Greys episodes, many viewers also had no idea that it was a pilot for a forthcoming spin-off series.moreless

    Addison Shepherd is a gynecologist at Grey's hospital in Seattle who has arrived at a private medical practice in California. She is old friends with some of the staff there and is there to try and get pregnant. Not in the usual way of course but artificially. The show is mainly a vehicle for introducing the new cast and as that is done we discover that Addison is in fact barren and will not be having children after all but the good news is that she is offered a job in the practice. As a couple of Grey's episodes this was a disaster but reviewing it as a potential new show in its own right, well, maybe. I'll see how it goes but I doubt that it will get into a second series, I just can't see the potential for catchy storylines here.moreless
Kate Walsh

Kate Walsh

Dr. Addison Montgomery

Chandra Wilson

Chandra Wilson

Dr. Miranda Bailey (backdoor pilot only)

Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo

Dr. Meredith Grey (backdoor pilot only)

Eric Dane

Eric Dane

Dr. Mark Sloan (backdoor pilot only)

Isaiah Washington

Isaiah Washington

Dr. Preston Burke (backdoor pilot only)

James Pickens Jr.

James Pickens Jr.

Dr. Richard Webber (backdoor pilot only)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • The languages spoken by Ava during surgery were spanish, french and german.

    • When George enters the elevator, he presses the button for the 5th floor and Izzie is waiting to get off at the 4th. Although, when the elevator opens on the 4th floor, George gets off and she stays on it.

    • When Ava was in surgery, she said "Alex, ich brauche die nächste Karte. Das ist noch das Haus." Translated from German, that roughly says "Alex, I need the next card. This is still the house."

    • The song that plays when Addison is in the elevator apologizing to the elevator voice is called "Your Song" by Kate Walsh. Addison's portrayer is also named Kate Walsh but it's not the same person.

  • QUOTES (52)

    • Addison: I just never thought about it... What the dream would be if... I couldn't have my dream.
      Naomi: Empty office.
      Addison: Yeah, what're we doing? I thought we were going to lunch, what're we doing still sitting here?
      Naomi: We are doing what I do when I get depressed. Just wait. (looks at her watch) What time do you have?
      Addison: It's five to one. You know, I'm glad that I can't have a child. With my luck I'd probably have a kid with two heads... It's actually better. I'm grateful that I don't have to think about it, the option is off the table.
      Violet: (walks in) What time do you have?
      Naomi: Five to one.
      Addison: You people are obsessed with time.
      Violet: (sits down) Here he comes. (Dell walks in shirtless, carrying a surf board)
      Naomi: Hi, Dell. (they all stare for a long moment)
      Violet: Have a nice surf.
      Dell: I'll see you guys after lunch. (leaves)
      Addison: (laughs) You two should be ashamed of yourselves.
      Naomi: Admit it, you feel better.
      Violet: And if not, there's another showing in an hour. And it's wet.

    • Violet: Therapy sucks.
      Pete: Said the shrink.
      Violet: No, I mean my particular brand of therapy might actually be full of crap. People talking about their problems endlessly, telling people to think positively, visualize their destiny...
      Pete: It doesn't work?
      Violet: I think positively, I visualize my destiny, and look. Just look.
      Pete: What am I looking at?
      Violet: Me, and my pathetic miserable existence. He left six months ago. He was a loser! Do you know he peed a little bit every time he coughed? Like an incontinent old woman. He smelled like pee. And there I was in the car crying, and I am a serious feminist. Not to mention, my no sex couple, it turns out it was a hormone thing. In the old days we would've talked and talked and talked as Paul got sicker. My profession is becoming irrelevant. Maybe it's a good thing.
      Pete: People should just tell the truth to the other people in their lives.
      Violet: They can't. If they could, we'd all be healthy.
      Pete: Like me.
      Violet: You're not healthy, you're in denial.
      Pete: I am not in denial.
      Violet: You're in denial and you're angry. You're the angriest man I know.
      Pete: Is that why you won't sleep with me?
      Violet: You're in denial, you're angry and you use sex as a weapon to deflect it.

    • Bailey (to George who is laying in one of the clinic's beds): You sick, O'Malley? (he sits up and she feels his forehead) You feel fine. Now take an aspirin and get off my clean bed.
      George: You've been married a long time, right?
      Bailey: O'Malley, I do not have time to answer --
      George: Do you have doubts about your marriage? I know it may be insecurities, but really serious doubts?

    • (Bailey pulls back a curtain in the clinic, finds Burke there)
      Burke: Dr. Bailey, I was... um, looking for some privacy and I thought nobody would come looking for me down here so...
      Bailey: No problem. Take your time.
      Burke: Dr. Bailey, (she turns around) you've been married for a long time, do you think it's a problem that one person is more... ready?
      Bailey: O'Malley!
      George (pulls back curtain): Yeah?
      Bailey: Come here. (George walks over there) I want the two of you to talk to each other. I want you to talk to each other and I want you to leave my marriage out of. And I also want you to leave my clinic out of it and by that I mean, get out. I need the space, I need the peace and quiet and I need it now.

    • Burke: So, I hear Callie's going to be a bridesmaid.
      George: Yeah.
      Burke: Would you say that you were the one who need more urging to get married?
      George: I hadn't really been thinking about it... It just seemed like a good idea at the time. You and Cristina have been together for awhile.
      Burke: You got married pretty fast.
      George: So, in theory, it's better to know someone well, or pretty well before getting...
      Burke: Still there are no guarantees.
      George: I don't believe in divorce.
      Burke: Neither do I.
      George: Is it possible, do you think, to love two people at the same time?
      Burke: I'm still hoping it's possible to love one.

    • Callie: Hey. So, it's not going to be too weird, right? Me as a bridesmaid.
      Izzie: No, no. No, it's fine.
      Callie: 'Cause I can tell Cristina.
      Izzie: I said it's fine, really, no worries.
      Callie: So, did George tell you that he's thinking of transferring to Mercy West?
      Izzie: Yeah. Sounds like a good idea.
      Callie: So, we're fine?
      Izzie: We are. Fine. We're fine.

    • Addison: I'm starting to think that L.A is like New York, but with a beach.
      Pete: Why do you think we moved here? (Pete and Addison gaze at each other for a moment)
      Sam (clears his throat): Pete, isn't it time for some refills? (they hand him their glasses and he leaves) Okay, Pete is my friend, but...
      Addison: Why are you warning me about him? Is he a serial killer, is he a felon, what? Is he secretly my ex-husband's best friend?
      Sam: His wife died eight years ago.
      Addison: Now I feel shallow.
      Sam: He's a good guy, he just can't connect with women. You want someone who's gonna be there and Pete's not that guy.

    • Naomi: Hey, ex-best friend. Hey, ex-husband.
      Addison: You are drunk.
      Naomi: Ten more minutes and I start dancing and I require company. (she leaves)
      Sam: I don't think that I've ever seen her drunk before.
      Addison: Sam, did you cheat on her?
      Sam: Over the years there have been temptations, but no, I didn't.
      Addison Alotta fighting?
      Sam: Hardly ever. Honestly, it was bad, what I did. I have no good reason, I woke up one day and I couldn't do it anymore. It wasn't even a choice. I had a thing you know, I'm burning it all down. I left her. And I don't know why. I don't know why. What kind of a person does that?
      Addison: Hell if I know. And I did it too.

    • Burke: You know, all that I trust you crap, you've been pulling that on me since I was this high.
      Jane: Preston, language.
      Burke: No. I trust you is code for 'learn for your mistakes.' This is not a mistake.
      Jane: I never said that it was...
      Burke: Cristina never knows what is good for her. It's who she is.
      Jane: Preston.
      Burke: She hates change. I need, I have to and that's how it was with the dating and with the moving in.
      Jane: And I'm pleased for you.
      Burke: Look, I am going to make her happy, Momma. The wedding is s huge step and she's begin a great sport, you know why? Because she will be happy, someday.
      Jane: If you are so sure, why are you yelling at me?

    • George: Izzie, look...
      Izzie: Look, I don't want you to go, to Mercy West. I don't want you-- it's not fair. I know that we can't help what happened and I know that we didn't-- I stood in that bridal shop with your wife and I smiled and I talked and I felt like-- that's not fair. I don't want you to go to Mercy West because I'm losing my best friend and that's not fair. It's just not fair. (Izzie starts crying, and George turns to her and she cries on his shoulder. George nuzzles her face and they kiss, then George pushes her away)
      George: We can't.
      Izzie: I know. (the elevator doors open and Callie is there)

    • Alex: I got the limes.
      Izzie and Meredith: Limes!
      Alex: So, what're we drinking to this time?
      Izzie: Friends, crappy friends.
      Meredith: Family, crappy family.
      (they all take a shot)
      Alex: Again?
      Izzie and Meredith: Again.

    • Addison: You're ugly and old.
      Naomi: I'll miss you too.

    • Naomi: Addison.
      Addison: Naomi. Suprise! (hugs her) I got lost like, eight times. I smell like someone who's been driving in a car for two days and I think I just had some sort of psychotic break in your elevator, but um... suprise!
      Naomi: So what do you want, Addison?
      Addison: I miss you.
      Naomi: Really? Because I haven't heard from you in over a year, unless you count the Christmas card which was... nice.
      Addison: I know, I know. I'm sorry about that.
      Naomi: I left you messages on your pager, I emailed you. I had some really special conversations with your voicemail.
      Addison: Can we just let this go? I've been having some really rough times lately, okay? I got divorced.
      Naomi: So did I.
      Addison: Oh, my god. You and Sam?
      Sam: Addison. (they hug)
      Addison: Hey, it's so good to see you. But your face is every where. (picks up his book) Body Language. Hmm.
      Sam: Yeah, it's just that I... I had a few thought and wrote 'em down and...
      Addison: And now you're the common man's medicial goru.

    • Violet: I have to go rescue Cooper.
      Sam: What did Cooper do now?
      Violet: What does cooper always do?
      Sam and Naomi: A woman.
      Violet: I can't believe this. I'm his colleague not his chauffeur.

    • Pete: Who is that red head with your ex-wife? She's hot. Possibly insane, but hot.
      Sam: Don't even think about it.

    • Addison: And I'm not getting any younger, you know. And I always planned to have one it's just...Well, now clearly a man is not in the cards for me. I mean this is Addison, post-McDreamy, post-McSteamy and I just have to...
      Naomi: Wait, what?
      Addison: Forget it. Let's just never 'Mc' anything. A baby, that is my answer. Find a sperm donor have a baby. That's my new dream, a baby.
      Naomi: A baby's not really an answer, it's more like a crying, puking, non-answer.

    • Cooper: Have you ever thought about plying your trade in sunnier climes, Addison?
      Violet: Sunnier climes? Now, we see why he has to type to pick up women.

    • Pete: You should be celebrating.
      Sam: Celebrating? I just got a divorce.
      Pete: You got a tiny little dog, and you cook it chicken and you talk to it. That's not normal.
      Sam: Hey, take it easy. I'm alone 'cause I chose to be. It's, it's -- it's a choice.

    • Naomi: Addison, I did everything exactly the way I was supposed to. After college, I didn't date anyone but Sam because I knew he was the one. I never had sex with anyone but Sam because cheating is wrong. I had a baby because that's what you do why you get married. I never made a single mistake. I did everything right. And then Sam comes home and says that he wants a divorce. So, all those photos that you're busy admiring, all those are reminders of all the stuff I didn't do. I'm 38 years old and I don't know how to have fun. That's not lucky. That's sad. (breaks the dish she is drying) So, just shut up about lucky.
      Addison: Poor, sad, dried up, Naomi.
      Naomi: Shut up.
      Addison: Poor, little special, talented doctor-girl. (Naomi laughs) Let's make a made for TV movie, about the poor little, dried up, special girl who has no fun.
      Naomi: I could put you out. You'd have to sleep in the car. (sighs) I just wish that I could be a little more like you.
      Addison: What? An adulterous bitch, who forgot to have kids?

    • Cristina: I need you over here.
      Burke: For what? So, I can see you in your dress... before the wedding?
      Cristina: Do you think that I'm wearing this? (Burke looks at the dress, which has a lot of ruffles)
      Burke: It's very feminine.
      Cristina: Exactly. Do you know that your mother booked a church that sits 200 people? And how do you like the bridesmaids? Huh? Friggin' stupid, cotton candied-colored, bridesmaids. (Callie, Izzie and Meredith all turn to stare at her) No offense.

    • Naomi: Addison, I'm sorry. I did all the tests. There is no fertility potential here.
      Addison (laughs sarcastically): Ahh. Ok, this is good. This is ahm, this is just... perfect.
      Naomi: Addison.
      Addison: I have a great guy, I don't have a baby, because I'm focusing on my career. Then I have the other guy and I don't have his baby because he's not the great guy. And now I don't have the great guy or the other guy and I'm finally ready to have a baby but I can't. That is so... exactly what my life is.
      Naomi: Addie, there are other options.
      Addison: Yeah, I know about the options.
      Naomi: I´m so sorry. I know how much you wanted this.
      Addison: It's okay. I just ahm... I just didn't realize that I was out of time.

    • Naomi: Dell, are you...
      Dell: Asking you out on a date? Yes.
      Naomi: You can't ask me out.
      Dell: Yes, I can.
      Naomi: No, you can't.
      Dell: I asked.
      Naomi: You''re a fetus. You could be my fetus.
      Dell: Coo-coo catchoo, Mrs. Robinson.
      Naomi: You can't use The Graduate as a defense. You can't use a movie that was made before you were born as a defense.

    • Addison:'re the quack.
      Pete: Uh, I went to med school. I'm also a licensed herbalist, and I spent five years in China learning alternative medicine.
      Addison: Like I said... quack.
      Pete: C'mere, unless you need to go tell someone that you saw Goody Johnson with the devil.
      Addison: Okay.
      Pete: Lie down on the table.
      Addison: Why?
      Pete: I want to show you that I'm not a quack.
      Addison: I'm not taking my clothes off.
      Pete: Did I ask you to take your clothes off? (Addison pauses, and then lays on the table. He lifts up her arm) You're carrying some serious tension in your shoulders and above your right eye.
      Addison: What do you mean?
      Pete: Blocking some serious emotion. Hang on.
      Addison: What are you doing? (Pete starts to put acupuncture needles in her faces) Ow. (puts in another needle) Ow. (puts in another needle) Ow.
      Pete: Stop saying 'ow', it doesn't hurt. Okay, I'm done.
      Addison: Wait, wait, wait. Where are you going? You can't leave me here like this.
      Pete: Lie still. Breathe. You're going to feel a rush of emotion. A release of psychic pain. (leaves)
      Addison: Hello? Hello? I don't feel anything.,. except stupid for letting some cute, hippie boy put needles in my face. Hello? Yeah, Pete, this isn't working. I don't have any psychic pain. I'm great. Barron, but fan-freaking-tastic. You can come back now, I'm not feeling any rush of emotion... or anything... I don't feel...anything. I don't feel anything at all. (starts crying) I don't feel anything at all. (starts crying harder) I hate L.A..

    • Sam: Good news. Uh, Paul's lack of sex drive comes from a hormone imbalance.
      Violet: So Paul still likes sex?

    • Bailey: She's got a fever, and I think I hear a small murmur.
      Thatcher: A heart murmur?
      Susan: Don't be dramatic. At least it's not the hiccups.

    • Addison: You two should be ashamed of yourselves.
      Naomi: Admit it. You feel better.
      Violet: And if not, there's another showing in an hour, and it's wet.

    • Mark: What's in L.A.?
      Derek: What?
      Mark: For Addison. Any idea...what she might be doing there?
      Derek: Naomi and Sam are down there, I guess. I don't know. You all right?
      Mark: We were gonna try. We were gonna make a go of it... as a couple. She bet me I couldn't go 60 days without having sex.
      Derek: Oh, let me guess. You couldn't do it.
      Mark: No, she couldn't. She didn't want to be with me. I thought she did. I thought she might. But she didn't. And I caught her... you know...
      Derek: Sleeping with somebody else? Oh… that must have been so hard for you! Not that I can't relate.
      Mark: So I told her I did it.
      Derek: You told her you did it?
      Mark: I told her I lost the bet. I told her I slept with someone. I figured if she didn't want to be with me, she shouldn't have to feel guilty about it.
      Derek: Selfless. That's...out of character.
      Mark: Yeah. Anyway, uh... I was just wondering if you knew what was in L.A.

    • Cooper: Sexyboobs316.
      Pete: Are you...dude, are you crying?
      Cooper: No.
      Sam: You better be crying about that car and not over sexyboobs315.
      Cooper: 316. 316.

    • Violet: So Paul and Kathy, I gave them an assignment. I told 'em to do it. He didn't rise to the occasion.

    • Meredith: Susan's really on you to talk to me, huh?
      Thatcher: I got to admit, I'm envious...that she's getting to know you, and I'm not yet. I think she may be faking these hiccups.
      Meredith: To in the same place?

    • Cooper: Then Rick implanted some more of his own for good measure.
      Violet: Before he decided he was gay.

    • Sam: Did you hear that?
      Pete: What was that?
      Violet: Did I just hear?
      Man: I'm the father of that child!
      Man 2: No, I'm the father!
      Carol: If it's anybody's baby, it's mine!

    • Addison: So, other than project baby. I'm here strictly on vacation. I'm here to read trashy novels and go to the beach.
      Naomi: Okay, nobody over 30 goes to the beach. You should stay here at the practice, hang out. See how we work. It's more fun than a stuffy hospital. And we have an empty office.
      Addison: Nay, are you trying to lure me?
      Naomi: Look, maybe. We do have sunshine and cute boys.
      Addison: Speaking of which, cute boy behind the desk is tracking you with his eyes.
      Naomi: No he's not.
      Addison: Oooh, cute boy wants Naomi.

    • Izzie: I switched my hours at the clinic so I can go to the bridal shop. Yay!
      Cristina: Did she cheer? She just cheered.
      Izzie: Someone's not being very brid…
      Cristina: I am not a bride. I am a surgeon.
      Meredith: Don't tease the caged animal.
      Izzie: You're not excited? I'm excited. I love weddings. Weddings are all about hope and the future.
      Callie : Ok. I rescheduled an A.C.L. repair, but I wanna be clear: I will not be wearing pink or baby blue. I do not do flowers in my hair. And I will never be seen with a bow on my ass, Ok?
      Cristina: See? She's got the right attitude.

    • Cooper: Have you been crying?
      Violet: Where's your car?
      Cooper: You've been crying.
      Violet: Where's your car?
      Cooper: You've been crying!
      Violet: You wanna walk?!
      Cooper: I met a girl at a bar. (Violet laughs) Okay, on the internet. And she borrowed my car. (they laugh)
      Violet: Cooper, did you file a police report?
      Cooper: Hey, she might bring the car back. She was gorgeous and hot.
      Violet: Alright, Cooper. So you meet a strange woman on the internet again. You bring her back to your place to have sex with her again. And she steals from you again. What does that suggest to you, about you?
      Cooper: That I'm an optimist. That I believe in magic. That there is a soulmate out there waiting for me. (Violet starts crying again)

    • Kathy: I am a sexual person. I'm a normal sexual person. I like sex. I need sex. And he won't do it. He
      won't have sex with me. He just... won't.

    • Callie: Oh, hi.
      Cristina: Hello.
      Callie: Some one have bones that need resetting? (Cristina mumbles something) Excuse me?
      Cristina (forced): Bridesmaids... my mother and Burke's mother have been talking on the phone and now, they are here, with me.
      Cristina's Mom: To plan the wedding.
      Burke's Mom: Cristina led us to believe that you´re friends. (Callie laughs but quickly realizes that they are serious)
      Callie: ...Okay, I guess. (Cristina's mom goes to measure under Callie's arms with a tape measure) Oh, wow...wait (Cristina laughs) What are you-- are you? You're actually asking me...
      Cristina: To be my bridesmaid, yeah. (Cristina mouths to her 'I'm so sorry." and Callie mouths back 'I'm gonna kill you.')

    • (Pete enters the elevator with Addison, she starts laughing)
      Addison: I'm sorry. It's just, where I come from elevators tend to be this kind of aphrodisiac, you know? People get on them and they just get all horny. (smiles, Pete looks weirded out) Oh, no, no. Not that I'm talking about you and I. No. I'm just saying that it's a relief to be on a not horny elevator, you know? You just get on and ride, without the sex. (Pete gets off the elevator) Oh my god. I'm becoming a crazy freak. I'm becoming a crazy, inappropriately, chatty freak.
      Elevator Voice: Becoming? Seems like you're already there.

    • Chief: The police haven´t found anything on our Jane Doe.
      Derek: Oh, I believe she calls herself Ava now.
      Chief: Yes, well, she doesn´t seem to be getting her memory back
      Derek: Now that the rest of her medical problems are taken care of, I´ll see what I can do.
      Chief: That´d be great, thanks.
      Mark (walks by): Anybody seen Addison?
      Chief: Oh, she´s gone.
      Mark: Gone?
      Chief: She took a leave of absence.
      Mark: Why? I mean, did she tell you why?
      Derek (looks at Mark in a suspicious way): What did you do to her, Mark?
      Chief: She didn´t give me a reason.
      Mark: Did she tell you where she was going?
      Chief: All she said was she needed some time to be happy and free, if I recall correctly. Excuse me. (The Chief leaves, Derek looks at Mark again and leaves also, and Mark just stays there)

    • Cristina: Good morning mother. Good morning Mrs....mama. everyone...everyone doing here so early?
      Jane: Early? Darling, by the look of the calendar we should have been here six months ago.
      Helen: She doesn't understand what goes into planning a wedding.
      Burke: Breathe. Sip then breathe.

    • Cooper: This is nice, huh?
      Violet: It is.
      Cooper: Yeah.
      (Cooper tries to kiss Violet, but she backs away)
      Violet: Oh, no. No, that is not nice.
      Cooper: What? You said 'Be a man.'
      Violet: I commend you, you're making an effort. But I am your friend. You can't be a man with your friend.

    • Addison: When no one else is around, the elevator kind of.... talks to me.
      Pete: Hi Tilly.
      Tilly: Hi Pete. (Addison looks confused)
      Pete: It's Tilly. She works security. Camera is right there.
      Addison: Oh, (laughs) hello Tilly.
      Tilly: Hi, I get my kicks whenever I can.
      Pete: You going home?
      Addison: Yeah.
      Pete: Did you get what you came for?
      Addison: I honestly, don't know.
      Pete: Do you want me to kiss you again?
      Addison: I think not.
      Pete: Because of the elevators where you come from? Those horny aphrodisiac elevators?
      Addison (laughs): Yeah, that and I'm not interested.
      Pete: Oh. (long pause) You're interested. (gets off the elevator)

    • Meredith: The dream is this - that we'll finally be happy when we reach our goals - find the guy, finish our internship, that's the dream. Then we get there. And if we're human, we immediately start dreaming of something else. Because, if this is the dream, then we'd like to wake up. Now, please!

    • Meredith: When I drowned, it was different for you than it was for me. Something happened to me, and I really don't know how to explain it without sounding like... I just feel different - I wanna be better at everything, and I wanna let you in. I swear.
      Derek: Did you practice that?
      Meredith: With hand gestures, but I dropped those. Just, now is not the time to give up on me, okay? That's what I'm saying.
      Derek: Okay.
      Meredith: Okay.
      Derek: Yes.

    • Meredith (crying): We did... everything that we could.
      Thatcher (crying): You... you said that it was... really simple.... the simplest thing.
      Meredith: It was.
      Thatcher (slaps her): Shut the heck up. It was the hiccups.... She trusted you.... I trusted you. (Meredith turns and leaves)

    • Addison: You work with your ex-husband in a shrine for your ex-husband.
      Naomi: It's actually a good book. And we're friends. And we stayed friends after we divorced. It's very healthy. We're healthy.
      Addison: What happened between you and Sam?
      Naomi: Addison, you and I were close in med school, but it was a long time ago.
      Addison: Oh, Naomi. Come on, you can't stay mad at me forever. I know you.
      Naomi: You got fat.
      Addison: I did not!
      Naomi: Your hair is hideous.
      Addison: It is not!
      Naomi: And you're getting really, really ugly.
      Addison: Aww, I missed you too.
      Naomi: So why are you really here?
      Addison: You're a fertility specialist, one of the best.
      Naomi: You wanna have a baby?
      Addison: I wanna have a baby.

    • Mark: Go ahead. I would love to have an excuse to lay you out.
      Alex: I didn't do anything.
      Mark: Well, whatever you didn't do sent Addison running for the hills.

    • Violet: Cooper, you're blocking the caffeine.
      Naomi: He's blocking the caffeine.
      Violet: Cooper, if you move, I'll give you a cookie.
      Naomi: Hey, did something go wrong with Lisa's surgery?
      Cooper: No, we handled it. Addison is uh… excellent, pretty excellent.
      Violet: Only because you sighed twice. What's the matter, Cooper?
      Cooper: I don't go to hookers, I don't go to strip clubs. I meet women on the Internet, who want to meet me. So I like them a little younger and little dirtier. Is that wrong? (Naomi and Violet just stare at him) It's wrong?
      Naomi: You need to meet a grown-up. You need to date someone your own age.
      Violet: Someone without a porny internet name and perhaps no criminal past.
      Naomi: A nice girl.
      Violet: A reliable girl.
      Naomi: Someone who you can have a relationship with.
      Violet: You're a respected doctor.
      Naomi: Go out in the real world. Meet a woman your own age and go out.
      Violet: Be a man.

    • (Addison hits Sam)
      Sam: Ow.
      Addison: Idiot! You divorced Naomi?
      Sam: Look, just mind your own business. (she hits him again) Ouch.
      Addison: Moron. She's my best friend.
      Sam: Stop hitting me on top of my head.
      Addison: Did you cheat? (she tries to hit him a third time. He catches her hand before she can)
      Sam: Okay. Two things I learned way back in kindergarten. One: Keep your hands to yourself. Two: He who smelt it, dealt it.
      Addison: That makes no sense.
      Sam: Yeah. (beat) You cheated! You cheated on your husband with his best friend. There, smelt it, dealt it - it works.
      Addison: You're using fart logic!
      Sam: want details, go see Naomi.
      Addison: She won't talk about it.
      Sam: Ah... Then you get no details.
      Addison: I'm on her side, you know that?
      Sam: That's why you get no details.
      Addison (puts her fists on the desk) Details!
      Sam: Woman, be quiet... (they both grin)
      Addison: I missed you.

    • (Addison is sitting in a stairwell, crying)
      Pete: There you are. I just stopped by to see how Lisa and the baby are doing. (Addison wipes her eyes) You okay?
      Addison: Yeah – I uh, had a little too much surgery today. I'm good.
      Pete: You look good. You look beautiful. Sam told me I had to stay away from you because you're Naomi's friend.
      Addison: Stop it.
      Pete: What?
      Addison: You're flirting.
      Pete: What's wrong with flirting?
      Addison: What's wrong with it? What's wrong? What's wrong is that I don't have time for it. I am out of time. I missed my chance. And now I have two eggs left, I might as well have no eggs left. I am egg-less. Naomi says she's dried up? I'm the one who's dried up --- I'm all barren and dried up. And I'm clearly wasting my time on men. I mean, I might as well take up hobbies. Like needlepoint or collecting those ceramic dolls because that's what dried up women do, they do needlepoint. They don't waste their time flirting with men who clearly just want to get laid. (gets choked up) They don't waste their time telling overly personal information about their eggs to total strangers. Oh my God, I'm sorry. (Addison stands up - but Pete grabs her) What are you doing?
      Pete: I'm going to kiss you. I'm going to kiss you with tongue. I'm going kiss you so you feel it. Okay?
      Addison (wipes her nose): Okay. (they kiss) What was that for?
      Pete: To remind you that you're not dried up. (walks down the stairs) If you need me to remind you again, lemme know. (walks out the door)
      Addison: Okay.

    • Addison: Hello, Elevator God, it's me, Addison.

    • Meredith: At some point, maybe we accept that the dream has become a nightmare. We tell ourselves the reality is better. We convince ourselves that it's better to never dream at all. But the strongest of us, the most determined of us, we hold onto the dream. Or we find ourselves faced with a fresh dream we never considered. We awake to find ourselves against all odds, feeling hopeful. And if we're lucky, we realize in the face of everything, in the face of life, the true dream, is being able to dream at all.

  • NOTES (44)

    • Isaiah Washington (Burke (receiving the "Starring" credit)) and Mare Winningham (Susan (receiving the "Guest Starring" credit)) received the "With" credit.

      Patrick Dempsey (Derek (receiving the "Starring" credit)) and Diahann Carroll (Jane Burke (receiving the "Guest Starring" credit)) received the "And" credit.

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    • D.W. Moffett (Allan), Tsai Chin (Helen), Parisa Fitz-Henley (Cammy), Shavon Kirskey (Maya) and Robin Hines (cute girl) are the only actors to appear only in the first part.

      Trista Delamere (clinic nurse) is the only actress to appear only in the second part.

    • International Air Dates:
      The Netherlands: June 4, 2007 on Net 5
      Italy: July 2, 2007 on Foxlife
      Latin America: July 9, 2007 on Sony Entertainment Television
      Australia: July 29, 2007 on Channel 7
      Israel: August 6, 2007 on Yes Stars 1
      Denmark: May 17 & 24, 2008 on Kanal 5
      Norway: June 24 & July 1, 2008 on TV2

    • On May 15, 2007, ABC announced that Private Practice would be a part of ABC's fall primetime schedule. The first television promotion for the series aired during the season finale of Grey's Anatomy.

    • While Merrin Dungey played Naomi Bennett in this two-part episode -- which served as a backdoor pilot bridging from Grey's Anatomy -- she was subsequently replaced by Audra McDonald when the show was picked up as a regular series.

    • Music appeared in this episode:
      * "Sea Lion Woman" by Feist
      * "Lost" by The Mary Onettes
      * "Down In The Valley" by The Broken West
      * "Message From Yuz" by The Switches
      * "Los Angeles" by The Rosewood Thieves
      * "California Sun" by Jem
      * "Not Having It" by The Adored
      * "Turpentine" by Brandi Carlile
      * "California" by A.B. O'Neill
      * "Leaving In Coffins" by Psapp
      * "Momma's Boy" by Tim Myers
      * "You Don't Have Far To Go" by Candi Staton
      * "Your Song" by Kate Walsh
      * "Ain't Nothing Wrong With That" by Robert Randolph & The Family Band
      * "Mojo Love" by Lay Low
      * "SRXT" by Bloc Party

    • This aired as an episode of Private Practice's predecessor, Grey's Anatomy.


    • Addison: Are you there Elevator God? It's me, Addison.

      This alludes to the novel, Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret, written by Judy Blume. The novel is about Margaret, a pre-teen who is undergoing puberty.

    • Pete: Unless you need to tell someone you saw Goody Johnson with the devil.

      This refers to The Crucible, an Arthur Miller play. It is about the Salem Witch Trials of the late 1600's.

    • Episode Title: The Other Side Of This Life.

      The title of this episode refers to songs by David Byrne, Peter, Paul & Mary and Jefferson Airplane.