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  • Season 1 Episode 9: In Which Dell Finds His F...

  • With this episode being the season finale (due to the writers' strike) the first season of Private Practice ended up having the same number of episodes as the first season of the show it was spin-off from, Grey's Anatomy.

  • Music featured in this episode:

    Can't Get You Out of My Mind by Sonya Kitchell
    - The song plays as the episode comes to an end. Cooper and Charlotte decide what their relationship means, Dell confronts Naomi about his feelings, and Addison shows up at the police station.

    This Sun Will Rise by Brendan James
    - The song plays as Addison and Naomi attempt the procedure on Geoffrey and Cathleen. Wendell tells Sam and Dell he wishes that he fought more in life.

    Ride Your Pony by The Meters
    - The song plays at the beginning of the episode. The guys work on Maya's school project at the beach and Cooper steals Charlotte's list of dads.

  • Addison used the same bandana as the one she would use in Seattle Grace during the testicular sperm retrieval procedure on Jeffrey.

  • Season 1 Episode 8: In Which Cooper Finds a P...

  • Goof: The disease in the convent is initially diagnosed as typhoid fever and all the symptoms correspond. However, later at the hospital, Sam refers to the outbreak of typhus which is a completely different disease caused by another vector.

  • The convent where Sam and Naomi went is the place where the Maroon 5's "She Will Be Loved" Music Video was filmed. (In the video it was supposed to be a Mansion).

  • Joy Lauren who plays Darcy, the pregnant girl in this episode and gives birth to a girl, also plays a pregnant teenager on another ABC show - Desperate Housewives where she gives birth to a boy who she also gives up for adoption.

  • Music featured in this episode:

    Tell Me by Sharon Jones - The song plays as the day begins in the office. Dell notices everyone acting strange. The women are talking behind closed doors as the men watch from the kitchen.

    Crazy 'bout You Baby by Ike and Tina Turner - The song plays as Cooper meets his internet date at the bar, Dell gets info from the infectious disease specialist, and Pete tries to find out about Addison's date.

    Learning As We Go by Leona Naess - The song plays as Sam and Naomi leave the hospital together. Addison leaves Pete at the office and arrives at Sam's door.

  • Season 1 Episode 7: In Which Sam Gets Taken F...

  • Goof: In the opening scene in which Pete and Addison are making out there is a close-up of her foot running up the back of his leg. In it she is wearing a kicky pair of very high-heels. Just a few scenes (which we are led to assume is very shortly after their kissing encounter) later at the front desk when Pete watches Addison walk away she's in a rather boring little pair of black flats.

  • Music featured in this episode:

    Good Thing by Fine Young Cannibals - The song plays at the beginning of the episode. Pete tells Addison that he thinks they should stop kissing. Dell enters and lets them know that patients have arrived.

    You Have Been Loved by Sia - The song plays as Susan has a panic attack in the birthing tub. Addison climbs into the tub to comfort her.

    A Place We Used To Know by Tim Myers - The song plays as Addison supports Susan in the tub. Sam convinces Kelly to calm down so he can deliver the baby.

    Prelude by The Cinematic Orchestra - The song plays as Sam delivers Kelly's baby and Addison delivers Susan's.

    You'll Come Around by Monkey - The song plays as Addison introduces the newest addition to station 422. Sam hands Kelly's baby to Damon, Susan thanks Pete for his help during the delivery, and Patrick finally disciplines his boys.

    Say It's Possible by Terra Naomi -The song plays as the episode comes to an end. Cooper arrives at Addison's house, Pete arrives at Violet's, and Sam arrives back at the office to see Naomi still there.

  • Season 1 Episode 6: In Which Charlotte Goes D...

  • We learn that Dell was abused as a child, but it is not explained any further.

  • For a patient that had a parent with Huntington's disease and wants to be tested, he/she needs to have a psychological evaluation before even having the test.

  • The mud on Charlotte's forehead keeps changing between shots.

  • Music featured in this episode:

    Turn My TV On by Van Hunt - The song plays at the beginning of the episode. Naomi prepares for her date, Addison greets a drunk Pete at the door, and Dell does his morning routine.

    Lord, How Long? by Tom McRae - The song plays as Cooper gives his testimony. Marlyn looks for comfort in Sam. Sam discusses the case with Cooper outside of the courthouse.

    All We Are by Matt Nathanson - The song plays as everyone gathers for drinks at Sam's house and the episode comes to an end.

  • Season 1 Episode 5: In Which Addison Finds a ...

  • In this episode we learn that Addison comes from Conneticut.

  • Music featured in this episode:

    Mas Que Nada by Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 - The song plays at the beginning of the episode. Pete joins Addison in the elevator. They have an intense conversation.

    Little Black Sandals by Sia - The song plays as Violet meets with Allan near the beach. She returns to the office and discusses her feelings with Sam. Addison tells Maya and Naomi the results of the surgery. She recommends that Naomi has a talk with Maya about sex.

    Look What You've Done To Me by Sheila Skipworth - The song plays at the end of the episode as Addison checks out Pete's hand. She rushes home and finds the showerhead.

  • When one of the women says that she doesn't want Dell to examine her because he is about 5 years old he replies that Beethoven wrote his first symphony when he was 5 years old.
    Beethoven didn't do this, maybe he meant Mozart, who was a child prodigy.
    He only said it to prove that age doesn't matter and it actually did the trick.

  • *** Spoiler Alert***

    It seems odd that when Addison was giving Maya a test for STD's she didn't notice that Maya was still a virgin. True enough, though Maya could well have done Horse riding or any other physical sport well known to cause the hymen to not be intact.

  • Season 1 Episode 4: In Which Addison Has a Ve...

  • Music featured in this episode:

    How We Do This by The Brand New Heavies -The song plays at the beginning of the episode. Addison walks next door to Sam's house with two cups of coffee. Sam prepares for his live TV debut.

    Sunchild by Thief -The song plays as Michael confesses that he is in love. He and Cooper make a pact to "spill their guts." Violet paces outside of Naomi's office.

    There's Joy To Be Found by The Thrills - The song plays at the end of the episode as everyone gathers at Addison's house. Dell and Pete sit outside, Cooper and Violet talk about Allan, and Naomi and Addison have a serious conversation on the beach.

  • Season 1 Episode 3: In Which Addison Finds th...

  • Goof: Sam mentions to Addison that Pete's wife, Anna died 8 years ago. When Pete visits her on the cemetery on the anniversary of her death, we see that her gravestone says Anna Wilder Beloved Wife 1961-2001. So she died in 2001. Therefore 2007 is the 6th anniversary of her death.

  • Music featured in this episode:

    Save You by Matthew Perryman Jones-The song plays as the episode comes to an end. Pete yells at his wife's grave, Violet deletes a saved message, Cathleen and Geoffrey thank the doctors, and Addison wakes to the sound of thunder.

    The Mischief Of Cloud 6 by Pepe Deluxe-The song plays at the beginning of the episode. Addison bolts upright in bed to find that it is raining in Los Angeles. Cooper finds Violet listening to saved voicemails in her office. Addison comes into the office soaking wet.

    Good Girl by Chrisette Michelle-The song plays as Addison, Naomi, and Violet discuss Cathleen's sexual problem over cake

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