Private Practice

Season 3 Episode 21


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 29, 2010 on ABC

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  • What a powerful, heartbreaking episode.

    In this episode of Private Practice, the following happens. As Violet files for joint custody of Lucas, everyone has to take sides. As the battle starts, the truth about everyone past is brought up. But as the episode ends, and emotions run high, we see Pete being granted full custody of their son. This was a real powerful episode, which was packed with emotion. Although I wasn't surprised when Pete got custody, I was shocked at how much of the past was bought back up. We also learned that when Violet went to New York she went to therapy. And it was because of this therapy that she felt ready to be a mother to Lucas.
  • Intense Like hell

    Alot of people don't like Private Practice , Yeah it's not as hard hitting as the first couple of season's of grey's anatomy but this one is really really hard hitting one of the most intense episode you could ever watch on TV . you just stop by and ask your self how could we have got in here ?

    Amazing episode any way and Private Practice really deserve being widely watched the characters are really human and amazingly written and the format of this episode in particular is really strong , more episodes like this one and PP is gonna be a big Hit
  • Things gets personal!

    I really liked how this episode just focused on the characters we know, it was needed for such an important event. It was hard to watch at times with everyone taking a side and things getting extremely personal. It was emotional and intense. We all know the right choice was to pick Pete...Violet obviously needs more time.

    I liked the ending scene with Violet and Addison where the former acknowledged Addison's part to play with Pete. It was nice that relationships weren't completely destroyed. In fact one seems to be getting better as Charlotte and Cooper take a step at mending things. I really wonder where things will go from here. With only two episodes left things are bound to wrap up but what will happen to everyone?
  • Powerful episode

    For fans of daytime TV there is a great trial going on on General Hospital, so seeing a courtroom here on Private Practice was like a double dose of action.

    I was entertained by this episode. No annoying patients and their problems, no weird kids eating couches, and no unbelievable miracles done by a small doctor's office: just a great story of love and compassion between the show's central cast.

    It is inevitable that Pete and Violet will end up together, but at least the show is going to make them work at that, not just throw them randomly back together, so I have to give props for that.