Private Practice

Season 2 Episode 22

Yours, Mine and Ours

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 30, 2009 on ABC
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Violet comes to the point of having to choose between Pete and Sheldon. Dell gets concerned for his daughter when Heather comes back into town all drugged up. Meanwhile, Naomi must decide if it´s in her best interest to stay in the practice at Oceanside Wellness. Katie, Violet's patient, comes to the doctor's home and says that Violet's baby is hers. Then Cooper is right at the door when Charlotte calls and tells him that she got fired.moreless

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  • You've been looking for a drama TV series that turns into a psychic horror show in the end? Tune in! (Spoiler ahead)

    Episode recap separated in the storylines:

    Addison almost sleeps with Noah but gets paged just in time because his pregnant wife is delivering. He wants to leave his wife - who is already suspecting a romance between them - but Addison manages to stop him before he says something he wouldn't be able to take back.

    Dells ex-girlfriend shows up completely druged and wants to sell him their daughter for $10000. Dell gets the money from Sam, but in the end he doesn't pay but only uses the money to lure his ex to his appartment where he takes his daughter and sends Heather (was that his ex' name?) away. She claims that she has custody but leaves after all.

    After a mess-up in Pacific Wellcare where two embryos have been switched (most likely by Dell who also admits it could have been his fault later that ep) Naomi struggles to convince the mothers to carry each others babies (since it was the last egg for one of the women who's husband had already died) and she succeeds. But in the end she still decides to leave pacific wellcare and take William's job offer in the 4th-floor-practice.

    Which leads us to Charlotte, whose job Naomi got. This leaves Charlotte unemployed and crying in her bed. She calls Cooper who was just about to enter the house he shares with Violet when she calls him and so he leaves without taking a look inside.

    (And this is the point that got me mad.) Violet, who had just decided that she wants to be happy and that being happy would mean for her to have a relationship with Pete (she told him that she loved him and that she would speak to Sheldon about his proposal), was attacked by her crazy-patient Katie who is dilusional and thinks that Vi is carrying her child - so she wants to get it out. And for that she ordered surgical equipment online and drugged Violet.

    My Opinion:

    Normally I am a fan of open ends. They leave you on the edge and you keep thinking about the show, you can imagine how it continues and you are curious about how next season is going to start.

    But this was insane. This is a drama series. And I don't really hate horror shows, it's just that when I watch a TV drama I do not expect this. Of course that's what the writer wanted to achieve by writing this crazy episode ending, but still. It just feels completely nuts to me.

    Except for the crazy-patient-slicing-her-psychiatrist storyline I think this episode had potential (especially because I get the feeling that the characters could start moving on with their lives).

    So if you are not a sadist you might not be able to actually enjoy this episode. I for one didn't. I guess I'm just not cold-hearted enough. And I'm sorry if I missed something in the recap, because I skipped most of the Violet-parts of the episode or just listened without watching.moreless
  • That Katie is disturbing.

    God what a psycho. Violet will survive, I know that but it sure was a crazy way to end the season. I thought it was a little cliché how just as Violet chose Pete and was happy that this whole ordeal with Katie happened...just her luck. Plus it was a little contrived with Cooper just about to go in and then leaving...all the same it was a good cliff-hanger.

    The Addison/Noah stuff seemed less interesting for some reason...almost like a back story. I'll be interested to see what happens with Naomi and how she quit her job and went to the other practice, Overall it leaves you to watch series 3 premier now.moreless

    oh my god, my mother and i didn't even know it was the season finale. When i started watching this show i thought it would be like so many others but wow it really did suck me in and then my mother started to watch it too and now she's hooked as well. Good job guys i hope this will be renewed so i can find out what happens to Violet and her baby and that crazy woman. I hope to see Pete and Violet together if she survives of course and Maddison and Noah seem such a great couple except that he's gonna be a daddy soon.moreless
  • Didnt even know it was the end of season show, did not see any advertisment that was a season final? anyway wow!how bizzar and shocking

    I rushed to check online for a sneak peak of the next show not knowing it was a season finale after dropping my jaw in horror at the ending. I reckon if violets leavin the show of course she would die but i feel thats way to an extreme an exit for that show & she will be rescued just as the psycho cuts her belly cause her buddy heard Violet from outside & will check being she is due to pop the bub. all the crazy relationships wats wif that? him wif her, then not then somone else hmmm?moreless
  • Now the final scene with Violet was cold and far out creepy...

    Now the final scene with Violet was cold and far out creepy, literally gave the chills...

    When the crazy patients turn on their very own psychiatrists.

    Katie Kent played by Amanda Foreman,

    made her first appearance in What Women Want.

    Katie was already regarded as mentally unstable ever since she lost her baby and couldn't come to terms with the loss by still regarding her baby alive and well. She eventually came to terms, with Violet's help.

    Or so we thought.

    Katie did present a sense of jealousy towards Violet, because after all she did lose her baby and Violet was there having hers all well and healthy. It was as though looking at Violet bore a constant reminder of what she lost.

    On another take...

    Another main storyline: Addison and Noah.

    Remember their storyline, Addison falls for a patient's husband. Well apparently Addison still had her eyes on Noah and this time Morgan (a.k.a the wife) caught on!

    Morgan said she saw the way they looked at each other and hysterically rambled on about them sleeping together. I didn't really blame her she was the wife, a wife just knows when their husband is sleeping with another woman physically or in thought.

    It also caused Addison and Noah to face their relationship head on.

    First they had 'the talk'. They were going to be together no matter what... wait hold up-

    To Addison:

    His wife is having complications with her child and you are trying to get with your patient's husband!

    To Noah:

    Your wife is pregnant with your child and is having complications and you are trying to get with her doctor!


    Naomi was offered Charlotte's job, by Bill Buchanan :) Just kidding. William White.

    That explains why Charlotte was crying and pulled Cooper away for boyfriend time.

    Well it was a good thing for that Katie storyline, for that cliffhanger huh...

    Okay they pulled it off, I'm interested. So does Violet live to see the next season?


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