Season 1 Episode 18

All About a Brand New You!

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 24, 2009 on The CW
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All About a Brand New You!
Megan and Will avoid each other. Rose decides to ditch her and Sage's annual plans for Spring Break, and Sage and Zach becomes upset. Sage has troubles dealing with Luis's thoughts against gay marriage. Marco and Keith hire a very sassy wedding planner.

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  • All About a Brand New You!


    All About a Brand New You was a superb episode, season and series finale of Privileged. I really enjoyed watching this episode as Megan and Will are drifting apart and they fight which leads to growth and development for them and their relationship, or does it? The cliffhanger in this episode was funny and I wish there were more episodes. I liked Rose singing at the wedding, and when Megan and Laurel joined the dancing. Sage made a big decision and Rose has started growing more independent. I enjoyed watching this series!!!!!!!

  • Major character development throughout the episode, which one the season finale, and perhaps even the series finale.

    So, I finally sat down and watched the season finale of Privileged, which I Tivo'd a week ago, and never got the chance to watch.

    Marco and Keith got married, happy ending there.... I just didn't really get the fact that just a couple of episodes ago- Marco wasn't ready to get married, and now- he proposed and got married as quickly as he can? Doesn't seem right. Seems too much of a fairy-tale storyline to me.

    Rose is growing up- I don't like it. It's boring. The whole purpose of the show was to show us these twin girls who are filthy rich, acting like filthy rich twin girls, and how Megan has to do with it. I don't like the distance that's growing between Rose and Sage, it's upsetting. I like them two together, spoiling it up, with that crazy beautiful room they have together. This just doesn't add up. Sage and Luis break up. I kind of liked this. I liked the fact that although Sage is only 16 years old, and this IS her first boyfriend since.. ever.. she's not putting herself down for him, and not letting go of her beliefs and standards. I would have done the same thing, though I do think she was a little harsh on him- He only told her the truth, and was very nice about it.. She could have done it better, but then again- she is 16, and this is how 16 year old behave, so it's normal and ok to me,

    I'll just stop right here and say that this episode up until the end- was probably the worst episode of Privileged ever made. It was lacking style, interest, fun, humor and anything, actually.

    I did like Kathy Griffin there, she was pretty funny when she said "Seacrest out", as she left the house, knowing how Kathy Griffin always makes fun of Ryan Seacrest...

    The whole Will- Megan thing was long, boring and.. almost nothing. I was drifting off all the time.

    Yeah, yeah, they have a big fight, they don't talk, they avoid each other, no they don't, they like each other alot, they love each other, he has work to do, no he doesn't, yes he does, she doesn't like the fact that he's slacking off.. he hates her for criticizing him.. and they're done.

    No surprise there, kind of wanted it to end between them in some point, because I got SO bored out of everything..

    The ending was a big surprise, I know I was shocked..

    But thinking about it, it has been done.

    It kind of feels like the writers just got sick of the show, and wrote this in their sleep. No work was done here, it's very different from the show itself so far, so fans- like me- don't and won't like it, I don't see why they didn't think about it before filming and airing this thing.

    The only thing I liked was the ending, and also- I just know that if they will have another season- they'd probably make this whole thing boring again.

    I'm left with a bitter taste in my mouth, and maybe I won't be here to watch the second season... And it's a pity, they had so much potential.moreless
  • This was a nice episode to end the season, though horrible cliffhanger if it's the end of the series.

    This was a nice episode to end the season, though horrible cliffhanger if it's the end of the series. I have really enjoyed watching this show and seen the many ups and downs over the months. This episode did a lot to tie up certain loose ends but then went and created a whole load more. If the show is cancelled, which seems to be on the cards at the moment, it had a really awful ending. Just when things seemed to be working out for Will and Megan, she goes and wakes up with a virtual stranger after the wedding. Here's hoping.moreless
  • Cliffhanger!

    Megan sleeping with some random Irish guy. That doesn't sound like Megan. This is my second episode I have watched of Privileged. And this was a pretty good finale considering the big cliffhanger. Now everything's up in the air. Will they cancel the show? Who knows.The two sisters, I like the smaller one better. The bigger one is more of a snob. Sorry I don't know the names of all the characters. I like how Kathy Griffin made a special guest appearance. She really livened up the episode. I don't think they should cancel this just yet. Maybe have it go on for another 2 seasons.moreless
  • The conclusion of Privileged.

    Don't let the "To Be Continued..." text fool you, this show will not be back next season. And just maybe that is for the best.

    Privileged restored our faith in Joanna Garcia after her awful stint on the even worse Welcome to the Captain last season, and created in a new star in Lucy Kate Hale. Hopefully the two of them can get new shows next season, with decent writers.

    Privileged had a lot of promise in its first few episodes but quickly navigated toward generic teen drama plots and became as predictable as it was low-rated. To end the season with a gay wedding, something Desperate Housewives did last year, was just the final straw for this show really not knowing what direction to go in.moreless

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    • Rose: This is a survival kit
      Megan: Oh i'm gonna hate this story, aren't it?
      Rose: You know how I moved in to my own room about a month ago after I found out you guys all lied to me about different stuff?
      Megan: You decided to kill us and leave our bodies in the woods?
      Rose: Wow, that's super dark megan

    • Rose: You know, this personal growth stuff is so stressful. It's hard figuring out the kind of person you want to be.
      Sage: Frankly I don't know why we started trying. Things were a lot easier when all we did was shop. I blame Megan.

    • Olivia: Alright. Now listen, Gays, and listen good. The only reason I signed on for this shindig is because when I met you two, you both seemed so stupid happy, it actually restored my faith in love again. If I wanted to participate in a crap-tastic marriage, I would go to my parent's house for dinner.

    • Marco: You're not listening to the rhythm.
      Keith: It's hard to dance properly when somebody stuck shrimp onto the menu without telling me.

    • Rose: The brochure says that I need to prepare my stomach for the foods I'm going to be eating in the wild.
      Zach: Oh, like berries and stuff?
      Rose: And maybe even antelope. Which is not the same thing as canteloupe. I was really bummed when I found that out.

    • Megan: The ability to make people think is a powerful gift, Sage. And you're a really strong person with an intelligent point of view and, I don't know, you could really affect people if you tried.
      Sage: I don't need bullet points to get people to agree with me. I have a black Amex card for that.

    • Marco: The rabbi's performing a ceremony for two men. Doves are the least of his concern.
      Olivia: Three days, guys. Three days here.
      Megan: Okay, well personally, doves don't feel religious to me. But I would worry about the poop factor.

    • Marco: What is the problem?
      Keith: I'm not saying that doves aren't beautiful. I'm just saying they're not practical. Right, Olivia?
      Olivia: Not if you want the fireworks too. I can do doves. I can do fireworks. I can't do both at the same time. I had to learn that the hard way.

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