Season 1 Episode 18

All About a Brand New You!

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 24, 2009 on The CW

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  • Major character development throughout the episode, which one the season finale, and perhaps even the series finale.

    So, I finally sat down and watched the season finale of Privileged, which I Tivo'd a week ago, and never got the chance to watch.

    Marco and Keith got married, happy ending there.... I just didn't really get the fact that just a couple of episodes ago- Marco wasn't ready to get married, and now- he proposed and got married as quickly as he can? Doesn't seem right. Seems too much of a fairy-tale storyline to me.

    Rose is growing up- I don't like it. It's boring. The whole purpose of the show was to show us these twin girls who are filthy rich, acting like filthy rich twin girls, and how Megan has to do with it. I don't like the distance that's growing between Rose and Sage, it's upsetting. I like them two together, spoiling it up, with that crazy beautiful room they have together. This just doesn't add up. Sage and Luis break up. I kind of liked this. I liked the fact that although Sage is only 16 years old, and this IS her first boyfriend since.. ever.. she's not putting herself down for him, and not letting go of her beliefs and standards. I would have done the same thing, though I do think she was a little harsh on him- He only told her the truth, and was very nice about it.. She could have done it better, but then again- she is 16, and this is how 16 year old behave, so it's normal and ok to me,

    I'll just stop right here and say that this episode up until the end- was probably the worst episode of Privileged ever made. It was lacking style, interest, fun, humor and anything, actually.
    I did like Kathy Griffin there, she was pretty funny when she said "Seacrest out", as she left the house, knowing how Kathy Griffin always makes fun of Ryan Seacrest...

    The whole Will- Megan thing was long, boring and.. almost nothing. I was drifting off all the time.
    Yeah, yeah, they have a big fight, they don't talk, they avoid each other, no they don't, they like each other alot, they love each other, he has work to do, no he doesn't, yes he does, she doesn't like the fact that he's slacking off.. he hates her for criticizing him.. and they're done.
    No surprise there, kind of wanted it to end between them in some point, because I got SO bored out of everything..

    The ending was a big surprise, I know I was shocked..
    But thinking about it, it has been done.

    It kind of feels like the writers just got sick of the show, and wrote this in their sleep. No work was done here, it's very different from the show itself so far, so fans- like me- don't and won't like it, I don't see why they didn't think about it before filming and airing this thing.

    The only thing I liked was the ending, and also- I just know that if they will have another season- they'd probably make this whole thing boring again.

    I'm left with a bitter taste in my mouth, and maybe I won't be here to watch the second season... And it's a pity, they had so much potential.