Season 1 Episode 17

All About Betrayal

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 10, 2009 on The CW
All About Betrayal
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Rose tells Sage the truth about who their grandfather is, causing a confrontation between Laurel and the twins. Meanwhile, Will's dad decides to start a new magazine and Megan wants to contribute to the first issue, but the editor-in-chief is much harder to please than she anticipated. Also, Marco goes to drastic measures to win Keith back.moreless

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    Verry god
  • All About Betrayal


    All About Betrayal was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Privileged and I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of character development as the main characters each dealt with their share of drama. Rose and Sage are still not really talking and it was interesting to watch their interactions through the episode. Megan and Will deal with getting jobs for Will's father's new magazine and Laurel has some questions to answer. I thought the scene where Sage forgives her was so awesome and touching. Will is sick of fighting with Megan and makes it known. Marco tries to win Keith back and discovers something shocking but in the end he gets his man back the old fashioned way. This was a great build up to the season finale and I look forward to watching it!!!!!!!!!

  • The episode continues on from last weeks nicely with Sage telling Rose her secret, Megan and Will still bickering and Marco working on getting Keith back.

    This was another really good episode with everyone havinga part to play. Laurel returns and everyone now seems to know her secret that Miles fathered her daughter and not her husband. Now Miles has had a heart attack and is gravely ill and Rose wants to see him whereas Sage does not. This is the first time the girls have ever been divided so strongly on anything in their lives and it came as a shock to both of them. Meanwhile Megan's hopes of writing for Will's father's magazine are dashed and Marco finally asks Keith to marry him in a really touching scene towards the end. This is a lovely show, I hope it makes it to another season.moreless
  • Megan and Will continue to fight; Rose gets upset.

    Oh Privileged. You're far superior to 90210 that show is coming back next year and you might not be.

    It's a shame as Privileged is able to put a unique spin on a seemingly endless array of teen dramas that CW spits out. The characters are original and likable and they manage to have a believable, and not ridiculous gay character, something Gossip Girl also fails in.

    We learned that Rose can be powerful despite seeming so fragile, figuratively and literally before. This was Lucy Kate Hale's best performance on this show and hopefully she gets another gig next season if Privileged doesn't make it.moreless

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    • Keith: I did the math and it turns out Smirnoff vanilla vodka is cheaper than artificial insemination.

    • Marco: (to Keith) I finally know what I want and I'm not afraid to ask for it. (He gets down on one knee.) Will you marry me?
      Jennifer: Cheap trick!
      Keith: (to Marco) Come on You're kneeling on your bad knee.

    • Marco: (to Jennifer) I'm sorry. Could you speak up? I'm having trouble hearing you over the ticking of your biological clock.

    • Marco: I could watch you eat all day.
      Jennifer: Okay. I have to know. What is this?
      Marco: That, my dear Jennifer, is crab cake with Japanese eggplant and lemongrass drizzle.
      Jennifer: I wanna lay down on a bed of it and roll around. But that's not what I was talking about.
      Marco: Oh?
      Jennifer: I know you don't like me, so why would you invite me here and stuff me full of grass drizzle?

    • David: How old are you, Megan?
      Megan: 23. I'm almost 24.
      David: You're too young to be coasting on your connections. At your age, you should be working your ass off. Dreaming big and failing even bigger.
      Megan: Oh. (laughs) I'm a big old failure, don't you worry.
      David: You know failing is what your twenties are all about and if you only do what you're good at, you'll never grow.
      Megan: How old are you?
      David: I'm a prodigy so it's different.

    • Rose: I'm fine with it if you are.
      Sage: I'm fine with it.
      Megan: Fine with what? Okay I hate it when you girls get all spooky twin mind reader on me.

    • Marco: Waiting for distraction is not a plan.
      Megan: Well it's less fattening than your turtle plan.

    • Megan: I got to tell you, Marco, though, this doesn't seem like much of a plan.
      Marco: It's better than your plan to deny, avoid and pretend that everything's hunky dory with you and Will.
      Megan: Okay. I didn't pretend like everything was hunky dory, we just both agreed to disagree.
      Marco: Really? Is that what happened last night?
      Megan: Technically. We both agreed the other was being a butt-face.

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