Season 1 Episode 5

All About Friends and Family

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 07, 2008 on The CW
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All About Friends and Family
Laurel gives Megan the task of chaperoning the twins' pool party, thus forcing her to cancel plans for a spa weekend with Jacob. Meanwhile, Charlie confesses to Marco that he is in love with Megan, and Megan is convinced by Rose to invite Lily to the pool party.moreless

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  • All About Friends and Family

    All About Friends and Family was a superb episode of Privileged and I really enjoyed watching this episode because Megan had a lot of character development and the story was fun and had some surprises and revelations. It was interesting to see how things went down with Megan and Lily and in the end who was really right ended up being a nice twist. It was great to see the bond between Rose and Sage as well, and the way Megan envies their relationship. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!

  • The show was okay, but slightly boring and a little disappointing.

    I love the clothes, I love the scenery, I love the characters, but the plot is getting boring quick. The premiere was funny and entertaining, but from then it has just been going down hill. The show was a good and semi-original story, but needs to make things more interesting. Joanna Garcia was really great on Reba, but her character on this show now is lacking uniqueness and is too dull.I am really hoping the show picks up its pace a bit otherwise I do not think it will last much longer. I like the show, but hoping for a vast improvement soon!!moreless
  • The girls have a pool party.

    This show is starting to get really good. It's as simple as that. The conflict between Lily and Megan is as good as pretty much anything else on TV right now. The supporting cast does a tremendous job with Marco and the funny butler being standouts. Sage is such a great, cocky personality yet it looks like she might be developing a soft side as she let Megan stay in the room with them at the end without her usual grilling. And of course Rose is just incredible with her balance of maintaining a high lifestyle while still being down to earth.

    I didn't like the spiking the drink storyline. That seems to be done on too many shows, and is something better suited for Gossip Girl than Privileged. I did like the clash between Charlie and Will. We're seeing signs of defensiveness from Will getting upset at Charlie simply hinting at the possibility of him knowing more about Megan than Lily. In the final scene we saw that he doesn't really care about Lily and resorted to getting drunk just to deal with her (that's my take on it, I may be reading too much into it).

    I was actually planning to begin this review with "Did anyone actually think Lily stole the bracelet?" Then when I heard Rose say she was going to put off calling her friend until tomorrow it became obvious. That's the kind of character development that makes this show great. Instead of sticking to generic plot twists they took a fresh spin on things.

    A good episode overall, although was Lauren Conrad's cameo really necessary? Why would she go to a pool party with 16 year olds?moreless
  • Sage and Rose throw a pool party that ruins Megan's spa weekend with Jacob and her relationship with Lily in one swoop.

    Hands down, the best episode of the series so far. The "twist" in the final scene was the best of the series so far (and added an element of story mythology to the show that it was heretofor lacking) and made every viewer realize that each character was not quite who they thought they were. I think the interesting thing about this series is how lame Megan can be with her sister, Will, and Charlie. I really find Jacob Cassidy to be the worst possible love interest for her on both a professional and personal level but it looks like things may be coming to a head on the next episode. Kudos to the writers for having the Baker twins watch the "Gilmore Girls." That was pretty cool.moreless
David Giuntoli

David Giuntoli

Jacob Cassidy

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Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad


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Rizwan Manji

Rizwan Manji

Rami, The Butler

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    • Original International Air Dates:
      Latin America: December 6, 2008 on Warner Channel
      United Kingdom: August 16, 2009 on E4
      Philippines: September 4, 2009 on ETC
      Czech Republic: January 17, 2012 on TV Nova
      Slovakia: January 8, 2013 on Doma

    • Music Featured (in order when aired):
      "Yellow Dress" - Daphne Willis and Co.
      "Ca Plane Pour Moi" - Nouvelle Vague
      "No Bad Mind" - Jana Bent
      "Ooh La La" - Lissa
      "Common Reaction" - Uh Huh Her
      "Oh Boy" - Duffy
      "Don't Let Go" - Pacha Massive


    • At the end of the episode when Rose and Sage are on their bed watching TV and eating popcorn after Megan leaves, Rose turns on the TV and you can hear what they're watching. It's "Gilmore Girls" episode 7.03 "Lorelai's First Cotillion" when Rory Gilmore is on the phone with her boyfriend Logan when he's in London.

      Ironically, "Gilmore Girls" was a series on The CW. Producer and writer of "Privileged" Rina Mimoun was also a co-executive producer on "Gilmore Girls" as well.