Season 1 Episode 2

All About Honesty

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 16, 2008 on The CW

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  • All About Honesty


    All About Honesty was a great episode of Privileged and I really enjoyed watching this episode because it is fun to watch Megan engage with the other characters and see her quirky personality traits. It is also neat to see the greener side of Palm Beach Society and this episode delivers a sense of that lifestyle. It was fun watching Lily worm her way into Megan's world. Megan just can't stop poking the lion and I can't wait to see what will happen next. I look forward to the next episode!!!!!

  • a great second episode for this new series!

    the second episode of this show continues to show the potential that the series certainly has, in the fact that this one was better than the first. the episode continues from where the pilot left off, at the society party. Megan has a fight with her sister, which leads Laurel to figure out Megan had lied to her. Megan attemts to get back in her good-graces for the rest of the hour, while feeling guilty about treating her sister poorly. Rose and Sage attempt to get Rose and her ex back together by making him jealous over her new "boyfriend", aka Charlie.
    this episode delved deeper into Megan's past with her family, which was nice to see. you can understand Megan a bit better now that you have met her sister. and the point of a series is to sympathize and/or relate to the main character. a nice addition to the show and i can't wait to see how Megan and Lily's relationship pans out.
  • Megan's problems continues.

    Privileged may not have the mainstream popularity 90210 or Gossip Girl has, but I'll be damned if they didn't deliver another strong episode last night. With great writing, fine acting and a unique twist on a seemingly overdone plotline the CW's latest series is off to an excellent start.

    Joanna Garcia continues to excel in a role that is absolutely perfect for her. The combination of her quirky attitude to the happy mask she hides over an emotionally-troubled girl in her mid 20's everything is entertaining about Megan Smith. The twins are also as funny and as fresh as they come. Lucy Kate Hale should not expect an Emmy for her performance but she is still incredible in her role with the right mix of drama and heart.

    Whether the series only lasts for one season or many the producers have crafted some future arcs that could help it enjoy a lengthy stay on the air from the tension between Megan and Sage to Megan's family. It seems that everything Megan does has an effect on everyone else in the series, and that's the way a leading character should be. I think we're all a little bit privileged that CW is giving us such a good show.
  • Meagan overextends herself by volunteering to tutor an acquaintance of Laurel's and later conflicts with Lily when she offers Rose advice when dealing with an ex-boyfriend. Megan then intervenes when Lily and Rose get arrested for driving sans license.

    An episode that seemed to be more a continuation of the pilot than an actual episode in its own right. This episode firmly planted the show in the territory of "must-watch" for me. Anne Archer continusd to be the best passive-aggressive boss this side of my own, and expertly created that wonderful blend of nurture/menace that her character is wonderfully entrenched in currently. Megan's quick acceptance into the Baker clan was nicely explained as we discover that Laurel liked the idea of Megan but maybe not Megan (yikes!). The ending was also a nice shocker as we must all remember - never trust your hot (physically and emotionally), dumb, and criminally minded sister no matter what rich meddling scheming brat sibling makes you feel guilty about being a bad sibling. Beware Megan, beware.