Season 1 Episode 11

All About Love, Actually

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 01, 2008 on The CW
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All About Love, Actually
Megan decides to punish Rose for planning to cheat on her final by grounding her. Meanwhile, Laurel rekindles an old flame, Charlie has doubts about living with Mandy, and Marco gets a new partner in the kitchen.

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  • All About Love, Actually


    All About Love, Actually was a superb episode of Privileged. I enjoyed watching this episode because it showed a lot of the characters development and depth. It was great that Rose wanted to make things right by Megan and in the end she did. Sage was great in her behavior towards Luis, and it was fun watching her in action, though Luis handled her pretty well. Lorel had some surprises and things got complicated with her and Miles. Megan and Will's relationship hit some bumps and came through in some big ways. Charlie had his fair share or trials with his girlfriend as well and every thing just flowed nicely. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!

  • A good episode was lots of great dialogue and character development.

    Privileged is not a show that spends much time in the limelight but it often has some really great writing and some great characters. This episode was no exception. There were some great scenes between Sage and trainee chef Luis. I particularly enjoyed all the business with the cassoulet. It is quite clear that Sage fancies him.

    Megan and Will's relaionship got over the hiccup of Brazil happening and then not happening and Laurel rediscovered her old flame Miles who also happens to be Sage and Rose's grandfather though they don't know it yet. Charlie also seems to be settling down too. I'm waiting for next week's episode now to see where all this is leading.moreless
  • Not the Privileged we once knew.

    "Sorry honey, I don't do bunny."

    Remember how Privileged was during its pilot episode? Now look at how quickly everything has changed. Will and Megan have already been together and broken up, Charlie has a girlfriend, Rose attempted to cheat on a test and Laurel is fawning over an old flame.

    Freeze frame! Laurel, the hard-ass no nonsense boss is drooling over a guy like a schoolgirl? Charlie was just obsessing over Megan and now he's ready to move in with a new girl? Sage was funny here, but the Spanish guy, young rich girl gimmick has been done to death and reminded me of Brooke and Felix from One Tree Hill. It seems like just about every show on The CW is stealing from OTH nowadays.moreless
  • Privileged finally returns to form here as Megan grows weary of Will's casual style, Laurel connects with her old secret Miles and Charlie tests his relationship with Mandy.

    This started out as one of the fall's top new shows. It hit a formulaic and predictable bump in the middle of the road but here Privileged hit a stride and was great to watch. Particularity, I've grown to love the character of Mandy - she's unique, strong, and a good person. The scenes with her and Charlie were great. It was interesting the way Sage reacted to being attracted to someone - it was just her evilness to the extreme! Anne Archer continues to be brilliant as Laurel and I hope she'll be able to receive some critical acclaim. Megan finally had a storyline that worked, mainly because her character is much more enjoyable around the girls, but Will was okay. I do grow tiresome of his issues though.

    Still everything worked here, as some concluding and opening plots made this episode light and heavy with some great acting and some solid developments. If you've been frustrated with the series as I have of late do not fear because it seemed to be back to form.moreless
  • I so didn't see that coming.

    Ok, Ok, so the last episode all the ideas I had about how the season was going to were proven very false in this episode. That does happen sometimes. Charlie and his girl are so perfect for each other, they make me smile. I love the new cook boy he is going to be so perfect to pair with the girls. I think I see where that is going but sense I was proven so wrong last week I will keep that to myself. overall this wasn't the best episode but it filled my crave and left me wanting more.moreless

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  • QUOTES (12)

    • Sage : (as Luis is butting in in her conversation with Marco)Excuse me, are you talking to me?
      Luis: Hi, I'm Luis.
      Marco: He's new.
      Sage : (shocked as Luis is stretching out his hand to her) And now you want to touch me. Do you understand the concept of boundaries, Louis?
      Luis: It's Luis.
      Sage: It's irrelevant.

    • Luis: (to Sage) Hey, those are nice earrings. I bet you could feed a tiny nation with what they cost. But they look nice on you.

    • Sage: Wow. What's that smell?
      Luis: Four hours of prep work, six hours marinading and five hours of slow cooked lamb, rabbit and sausagey goodness.
      Sage: Did you say rabbit?
      Luis: Classic cassoulet. It's what you wanted, right?
      Sage: Yeah, but I didn't know that meant you'd be cooking Thumper for dinner.
      Luis: What?
      Sage: Sorry honey. I don't do bunny.

    • Megan: Lying and cheating is way worse than getting a D.
      Rose: I know. Sage said the same thing.
      Megan: See. You've reduced me to siding with Sage.

    • Sage: I get really mean when my blood sugar's low.
      Luis: What's your excuse for the rest of the time?
      Sage: I heard that.
      Luis: I said it loud.

    • Sage: (to Rose) You'll have to talk to me eventually. You might need my bone marrow some day.

    • Sage: (talking about Luis) Fire him immediately.
      Marco: I know you're bored and fighting seasonal depression but you can't just fire willy nilly.
      Sage: Yeah, but he's making me feel bad about tiny nations and it's not my fault.

    • Sage: (to Luis) Oh good, you're here. I've got some bags in the car that need fetching. Hello? Bags are waiting.
      Marco: Sage, you know that there's a whole separate fetching staff.

    • Luis: Nice to meet you.
      Sage: I wish I could say the feeling is mutual, but I hate lying.

    • Rose: (talking about Megan and Will) Get out! Are you guys a couple?
      Megan: Uh uh. No. We are not sharing. You want to know why? Because you are grounded from all things, including gossip, chit-chat, delightful banter. You are grounded from banter.

    • Megan: Sage, you can leave. I need to scream at your sister in private.

    • Megan: Hey, Charlie, what do you think of long distance relationships? Charlie: I think they're pointless. Megan: Well tell me how you really feel. Charlie: I mean the whole point of being in a relationship is to be with the other person. Megan: Fine. I'll call you back when I've a better counter-argument. Charlie: Can't wait!

  • NOTES (3)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Latin America: March 4, 2009 on Warner Channel
      United Kingdom: September 27, 2009 on E4
      Philippines: October 16, 2009 on ETC
      Czech Republic: January 25, 2012 on TV Nova
      Slovakia: January 16, 2013 on Doma

    • Although credited, Kristina Apgar (Lily) didn't appear.

    • Featured Music:
      "So Damn Lucky" by Dave Matthews.
      "Lost Time" by Maria Taylor
      "Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop" by Landon Pigg
      "Think Awhile" by Cary Brothers


    • The title of this episode alludes to Love, Actually, the 2003 movie by Richard Curtis which follows the love lives of eight very different couples in the weeks before Christmas.

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