Season 1 Episode 15

All About the Big Picture

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 20, 2009 on The CW
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All About the Big Picture
Will encourages Megan to distance herself from her family's problems and introduces her to his parents. Meanwhile, Rose and Zachary encounter a bump in their relationship when he discovers a picture of her, Sage, and Pete Wentz hanging out at a nightclub.

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  • All About The Big Picture


    All About The Big Picture was a perfect and entertaining episode of Privileged and it was fun to watch this episode as Marco made a business proposal to Laurel and Sage made an important decision about her and Rose's celebrity careers, while Megan was torn between her family and Will. It was really interesting to watch the story play out and I thought it was well written, the characters had a lot of development, and it ended well. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!

  • A really enjoyable episode, well written and acted.

    Privileged is a personal favourite of mine and yet so many people hardly know it exists. The characters a well-drawn and this episode was a fine example of that. One of my favourite characters, Marco, was really good here. Not only did he deliver his usuual wit and sarcasm with aplomb but he also showed his heart-warming side when he talked about the restaurant that he and Keith were to have opened together. Mehan and Will still have their ups and downs, much as to be expected when their backgrounds are so different. I hope they can be happy together. Rose and Sage are also growing up and becoming a lot more thoughtful and less spoilt rich brats. Privileged is well worth a watch.moreless
  • Without a doubt, this episode of a downward spiraling series has proven that Privileged still has its spark, as for the second straight week I thoroughly enjoyed the episode.

    What is it about Privileged that we once liked? Was it its quirky tone, its flawed characters or its ability to smoothly mix comedy and drama? After about 6 episodes or so, Privileged talked the talked but didn't walk the walk. It became so absorbed in relationships (Megan and Will, Sage and Luis, Rose and Zach, Charlie and Mandy) that it lost focus on Megan's family drama, Megan's relationships with the girls and several sub-characters that added entertainment and depth to the show (Notably the merely seen Lily and Laurel).

    But finally, Privileged has seemed to end the loll. Megan's mother leaving was something hugely important to the series as it brought back Lily and we saw the father tempted to going back to old drinking habits. Although Sage and Rose are still stuck in a boy plot the series has now proven to be able to make it work, at least partially. Laurel is still heavily underused, as we see so much more of the Megan's father now.

    Privileged's drama here stopped being so over-the-top and was more subtle, real and heavy, then a simple breakup that was turned into the end of the world. The quirky and subtle comedy is enjoyable, and so for now, Privileged is once again on my what-to-watch.moreless
  • Love the way their true colors showed.

    I am glad that rose and sage picked there boys over the parties. I liked how you saw sages really colors when she said she wanted to make money on her own and take care of her and her sister. I felt so bad for megans sister and not being able to see her mom before she left. although I am glad that she is gone cause i really didn't like her. I felt bad for megan's boyfriend her really likes megan and her just thought that he was helping. I liked this episode a lot it was good light drama.moreless
  • Rose and Sage experience trouble with their relationships.

    Is this the final episode of Privileged? I certainly hope not as this is one of the most entertaining programs on The CW with compelling characters and drama.

    Privileged has the unique ability to being tell hilarious, topical jokes one minute and the next switch a super serious family/relationship trouble moment. Desperate Housewives is the only show I can think of that has a similar presentation style. The Will and Megan relationship is also one of the rare items on TV where the viewer actually roots for their happiness. Other shows have you cheering for the bad guys but not Privileged.

    Dave Franco continues his guest stint on the show, and while not as talented as his brother his dorkiness is starting to grow on me a little bit.moreless

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    • Megan: Cancel the check!
      Will: The bank's closed.
      Megan: You're a billionaire, isn't there a special number you call?
      Will: Yah it's 1-800-im-rich.
      Megan: That's not even enough numbers.

    • Megan: Sage, when I was your age, my biggest concern was trying to get Ethan Hawke to marry me. The Realty Bites Ethan Hawke, not the "I left my wife for my nanny and haven't showered in ten days" Ethan Hawke.

    • Will: I'm sorry I told you to ditch your family. The woman I fell in love with could never give up on anybody.
      Megan: Did you just?
      Will: That's right, I love you Megan Smith. Deal with that.
      Megan: I love you too.

    • Will: Lily showed up here and she was asking questions about your mom, which I answered and then... she kinda kissed me.
      Megan: She kinda kissed you?
      Will: It wasn't that kind of kiss, it was more like a kiss of gratitude. Like in 'The Godfather'.
      Megan: A mafia kiss.
      Will: Sort of. You really had to be there.
      Megan: Oh yeah, I'm sorry I missed that.

    • Marco: (to Megan with glee) Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to rub my good news in Rami's face.

    • Megan: Don't give me the face. I cannot handle the face right now.
      Marco: I thought you were going to let your family go it alone for a while.
      Megan: That was the plan.
      Marco: I liked that plan.
      Megan: Me too. The plan was very free and I felt like a little bird.
      Marco: Be the bird. Fly to your boyfriend's house and meet his parents and have a good time.

    • Marco: What is going on here? I'm loving that dress.
      Megan: Really? This is the fourth one that I've tried on... I'm meeting Will's parents tonight and I want to look respectable. And cute. Well, and hot. So, respectably hot cute.

    • Zach: I think I'm finally ready to say that Sean Connery is my favorite Bond. I've been flip-flopping about this for a while, but last night confirmed it.
      Rose: I like Hugh Jackman.
      Zach: He never played Bond.
      Rose: I'm just saying that I like him.

    • Sage: (talking about Luis) He named a quiche after me.

      Rose: So romantic.

    • Lily: Mom was here all this time, you never once called me?
      Megan: I did call you. You were on your honeymoon with your drug-dealer husband, remember?

    • Jordanna: Okay, seriously? What's happening? (to Rose) You're dating a math-lete. (to Sage) And you won't even make fun of him.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Latin America: April 4, 2009 on Warner Channel
      Australia: June 25, 2009 on Fox8
      United Kingdom: October 25, 2009 on E4
      Philippines: November 13, 2009 on ETC
      Czech Republic: January 31, 2012 on TV Nova
      Slovakia: January 22, 2013 on Doma

    • Although credited, Michael Cassidy (Charlie) didn't appear.

    • Pete Wentz was credited as a "Special Appearance". He's the first actor to receive that credit.

    • Featured Music:
      "Cryin' Shame" by The Happy Problem
      "Least You're Breathing" by Chris Trapper
      "Shiny On The Inside" by Leona Naess
      "Gotta Work" by Amerie
      "Last To Know" by The Eames Era
      "Do It Better" by Imperial Teen
      "Kickin' Back" by Music Box
      "Irish Goodbye" by Maria Taylor
      "With You" by Natalie Walker
      "Happy Ending" by Mika