Season 1 Episode 13

All About What Lies Beneath

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 06, 2009 on The CW
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All About What Lies Beneath
Megan finally confronts her mother without any sugarcoating about how she really feels about being abandoned. Meanwhile, Sage and Rose plan a charity event for Cuban refugees as an excuse for Sage to spend more time with Luis. Also, Charlie goes back to school, but Mandy becomes jealous when she learns that he will be studying with Megan. Finally, Megan learns that Lily is being held in prison.moreless

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  • All About What Lies Beneath

    All About What Lies Beneath was a great episode of Privileged and I really enjoyed watching this episode as Sage tried to interact with Luis having mixed results, Megan confronted her mother, and Charlie got a wake up call from Mandy. Marco had some great character development as well when his boyfriend Keith tried to persuade him to take a chance to make his dreams come true. It was great how Rose came to Sage's rescue in speaking. Sage makes a confession to Luis. Every thing played out in a fun way and I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!moreless
  • Privileged is starting to lose its luster.

    Sex in the supply closet? Am I watching Grey's Anatomy? Well, at least they admitted where they got it from on the broadcast but that still doesn't make this a good episode.

    Privileged started off with so much promise because it was different than anything else on the CW. It was a fresh spin on the wealthy, let's throw a party everyday shows the network is famous for, but now it's just not as appealing as it once was.

    Yeah, there are still some funny lines but the addition of all these new characters and really awkward writing just make watching this show not as fun as it once was.moreless
  • Love for sage finally.

    I am glad to see that sage is finally involved with a boy it is always rose boy drama it is nice to see sage in the mix. I think her and the boy are so totally cute together. I am glad that megan finally told off her mother, she needed. what the hell is she thinking. people don't peace out for years and come back like nothing has happened. Her an will finally, they are so cute together and the mom was making me really mad with all the bad stuff she had to say about him. It was heartless.moreless
  • Megan finally gets together with Will, the girls throw a charity benefit for Cuba, Sage finally gets together with Luis. It's all happening!

    This was a really good episode of Privileged. Plenty of humour as well as drama made this a very enjoyable episode. Sage and Rose decide to throw a benefit for Cuban refugees which they manage to pull off despite the dastardly machinations of Mrs Bennington, a rival benefactress. Marco had a nice sub plot with Keith and the potential cafe. I was so glad he decided to stay and although it was sad he broke up with Keith it was probably for the best. Megan worked things out with Will thanks to a visit to a hospital supply room and is starting to accept her mother. The show ended with news that Lily is in jail. I can't wait for what happens next!moreless
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Ignacio Serricchio


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Near the start of the episode, Marco is watching an episode of Friends. Christina Pickles (Judy Geller from friends) is a guest star in the show. Surely this does not make sense.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Megan: That was much better than being pressed up against a bedpan.
      Will: Absolutely. But if you did want to put on a nurse's outfit, I would not object.

    • Luis: (to Sage) Usually when you like someone, you ask them out to the movies, you compliment them. You don't throw a $10,000 a table event and boss them around for 3 days.

    • Megan: Things get a little hot when you leave them in the pressure cooker.
      Marco: You're speaking kitchen. Cute.

    • Sage: (to Luis) We have a situation with one of our guests. Apparently shellfish will make him die, which, judging by his wife, would probably be a blessing.

    • Megan: Charlie! Yay! Let's apply to some colleges. You can stop me from having sex in inappropriate places.
      Charlie: Glad to be of service.

    • Megan: I sustained a head injury trying to whore it up, as per your instructions, and as a head trauma victim, I thought it would be appropriate to have supply-room sex with Will.
      Marco: Trashy. That's so Grey's of you.

    • Keith: Megan! You can kiss Marco's breakfast buns goodbye.

    • Mrs. Bennington: Taking on the role of benefactress isn't like throwing on one of your ridiculous little dresses. Many of us spend months preparing for our event.
      Rose: Really? Because I've been doing this, like, two days and we're pretty much good to go.

    • Rose: Sage and I are planning this benefit luncheon and we want Luis to be in charge of the menu, for reasons that I can't really get into right now, but can you make sure that he doesn't totally like ruin it?
      Marco: Supervise without taking any credit. It's what I live for.

    • Sage: (to Rose) Using a party to get a guy? It's retro but with a twist.

    • Rose: We need to discuss what you're going to wear down to dinner.
      Sage: I'm not putting on some outfit for Luis. This is stupid. It's never going to work, Rose.
      Rose: Well sure it is. We just have to get you two in the same room so you can talk about stuff without all the bickering.
      Sage: The bickering was all we had. Without the bickering we're just two people who live in the same house. Except he doesn't actually live here.

    • Sage: What happened? You were down there forever.
      Rose: Nothing happened. (referring to Luis) But he did make you a smoothie. Isn't that sweet?
      Sage: He only did it because he had to. It's an obligation smoothie, it wasn't a love smoothie.

  • NOTES (6)

    • Christina Pickles (Mrs. Bennington) also worked with Joanna Garcia (Megan) in the season 5 episode "Love And War" of Party Of Five.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Latin America: March 21, 2009 on Warner Channel
      Australia: June 11, 2009 on Fox8
      United Kingdom: October 11, 2009 on E4
      Philippines: October 30, 2009 on ETC
      Czech Republic: January 27, 2012 on TV Nova
      Slovakia: January 18, 2013 on Doma

    • Although credited, Kristina Apgar (Lily) and Anne Archer (Laurel) didn't appear.

    • Sharon Lawrence (Shelby) received the "And" credit.

    • Featured Music:
      "Get What I Want" by Bitter:Sweet
      "Here With Me" by Jennifer O'Connor
      "When You Were A Millionaire" by The Eames Era
      "Asi Me Gusta" by The Latin Mambo Orchestra
      "Amor Cronico" by Cucu Diamantes
      "Antojo De Amor" by Trio Los Magos
      "Salsongo" by The Latin Mambo Orchestra
      "Mambo Dance" by The Latin Mambo Orchestra
      "Ooh Oh" by Keri Noble

    • As of this episode, there is a new and longer opening presentation with footage from past episodes that includes the regular cast, except for Michael Cassidy (Charlie) and Kristina Apgar (Lily).


    • Marco: That's so Grey's of you.

      Marco is referring to Grey's Anatomy, the ABC hospital drama where most of the interns have had sex in a supply-room at some point or another.